Editor's Note: Malcolm J. Brenner is the author of the novel, "Mel-khyor. An Interstellar Affair", which is a work of fiction. It is allegedly based on a true series of events that happened in 1978. We asked Malcolm to give us the story of the actual events.

A Unique, Long-duration CE3K Event in 1978
By Malcolm J. Brenner
© 2018 Malcolm J. Brenner/Eyes Open Media

If there was such a thing as a “typical” UFO sighting, it would be a brief event. Sightings of less than a minute are common, and a duration of several minutes would be considered extraordinary, even by the standards of the field.

For this reason, I was astounded to learn, in 1994, of a UFO event that lasted several days – perhaps as many as five! This particular event, which became the focus of my first major UFO investigation, started in the La Plata mountains of Colorado on Aug. 2, 1978 and may have lasted until Aug.7. While the exact duration is in question – the witness reports the typical uncertainty about time regarding the event – the origin of this report is not.

An Associated Press wire story released shortly after that date (and copied here from the Durango Herald of Aug.3, 1978) documents a widely-reported astronomical event, the entry of an unusually large object, at least 2-3 meters in diameter, into the Earth’s atmosphere around 3:15 p.m. local time. The object traveled from north to south, crossing the Arctic and Canada before entering into U.S. air space, where it apparently exploded with the force of a small nuclear weapon about 15 miles above Cheyenne, Wyoming, according to a U.S.A.F. spokesperson with the North American Air Defense Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado. No fragments of the bolide, as an exploding meteor is called, were ever recovered, although one university professor searched an area of 26,000 hectares (100 square miles) by helicopter.

Durango Herald Article
Durango Herald Article

But that’s just the beginning of a very tangled, twisted story involving a woman who claimed to have had sexual relations with a humanoid alien, and her husband, a reporter who found himself irresistibly drawn to investigating her story, regardless of its effects on their relationship. At their request, all names and many locations in this story have been changed or generalized to protect their identities. Both are college-educated and middle-class. The wife, “Jane,” was a native of the San Juan Valley in New Mexico; she worked in education. The husband, “Dick,” had moved from the suburban northeast, where he grew up, to follow a romantic relationship that failed, and subsequently found work reporting for local Four Corners-area newspapers.

Regarding UFOs, Jane had no interest in them, whereas Dick had been fascinated since childhood. In the 1950s his father, a radar engineer, kept several books by then-popular authors such as Project Blue Book director Maj. Edward Ruppelt, and contactee George Adamski, on his bookshelf. Dick’s interest in aliens was also stimulated by Robert A. Heinlein’s science-fiction novels, which vividly depicted humans interacting with a variety of aliens. But Dick had never seen a UFO he couldn’t explain.

The couple were acquainted with the author, and voluntarily provided information to him about Jane’s extended close encounter and Dick’s attempts to prove or disprove it. They were interviewed at irregular interviews over a period of several years in the mid-to-late 1990s as their relationship changed, and new elements of Jane’s experience were spontaneously recovered from her deep memory, where they had laid dormant for 16-plus years.

Jane and Dick’s relationship began in late 1993, when they met through a local liberal congregation. They were immediately attracted, and soon made plans to marry. However, about two weeks before the wedding, an incident occurred which cast their relationship into doubt.

They were watching TV one evening, a popular 1990s science-fiction show about two devoted civil servants who investigate paranormal events for a three-letter government agency. This particular episode involved an attempt in infiltrate a restricted U.S. airbase where alien spacecraft were being reverse-engineered.

Because of his history, Dick found the show riveting, but Jane fell asleep. Afterward, the couple retired to bed, where Dick wanted to talk, but Jane didn’t. Dick was musing aloud about the reportedly weird phenomenon of “alien abduction,” specifically waking up to find oneself surrounded by small, loathsome figures, the “Grays.”

Jane, half-asleep, responded by comparing it to waking up in the night to find a man in a shiny metallic suit standing at the foot of her bed.

Given Jane’s prior lack of interest in aliens, those words caused a profound reaction in Dick. At first, he couldn’t believe what he’d heard. Then, assuming his wife-to-be was a typical abductee, he pitied her.

Suddenly, in the dark bedroom, Jane sat up, fully awake and acting terrified. She begged Dick to forget what she’d just said, but he told her he couldn’t. He now wondered what actual