Nadine Lalich has been a trusted member of our panel since we started our 'Ask the Panel' series.

Her new book, Evolution - Coming to Terms with the ET Presence (Alien Experiences), is now available.
(At the time of writing, only in paperback. Kindle edition will follow soon).

Here is a short video:

This is the introduction on Amazon:

It was late on the evening of June 15, 1991, when Nadine and her friend, Pamela, pulled into the empty lot of Banjo Bill Park in Sedona, Arizona. After the long drive from California, they planned to sleep in the van and then head into town the next day. Sometime after midnight, Nadine awoke to the sound of people outside walking around the vehicle. Alarmed, she quickly sat up, and a moment later, the rear door of the vehicle opened lighting up the interior. Reaching toward her was a thin grey arm and a hand with only three fingers! The terrifying experience would be the first of many to come, but it would take thirteen more years before she would find the courage to speak about it. When she did, an unexpected shift occurred: the experiences began to include a military presence.This book chronicles Nadine's experiences during her lifetime involving a variety of non-human life forms, some of which appear to be physical and others potentially interdimensional. Included are descriptions of ten different ET species, their behavior, and possible intentions. Over a dozen alien and military technologies are presented, along with descriptions of crafts, underground and underwater bases, medical and psychological testing and procedure. The book includes 50 illustrations and photos.

Until I took the time to investigate, I never knew there were thousands of other people having experiences similar to mine. Hundreds of dedicated investigators have been researching for years, and a vast amount of verifiable evidence has accumulated that I knew nothing about. In 2004, after 13 years of secrecy, I began to talk about my experiences, a difficult decision considering the negative connotations and disinformation associated with the subject. Once I accepted the fact that we are not alone in the universe, a dramatic shift occurred in my consciousness and spirituality, and I developed a profound sense of purpose. My compassion and commitment to the earth and all living beings became fiercely ignited, along with the desire to see an end to the political and military chains that stop humanity's progress. With this book, I have fearlessly shared my experiences. In doing so, I am stepping to the front line of disclosure, committed to doing all that I can to support the evolution of human consciousness which will allow us to become cosmic citizens. That, I believe, is our destiny.

Book cover 'Evolution' by Nadine Lalich
Book cover 'Evolution - Coming to Terms with the ET Presence (Alien Experiences)' by Nadine Lalic

The book is available on Amazon: