Introduction (Manuel Lamiroy)

Some weeks ago, an author was peddling his book on Facebook in which he claims that all cases of alien abduction are really cases of encounters with demons. He categorically denies that any other beings could be involved. It is a narrative that is commonly promoted on social media. But that does not mean it is true. On the contrary.

I have personally spent over 25 years investigating cases and have exchanged information with a network of researchers. I have also spent more than 15 years as an administrator of discussion forums where contactees can share their experiencers in a safe environment. The topic of aliens and demons was one of the topics that was explored in extenso.  

The consensus on the forum was that both exist, and that the beings people perceive as extraterrestrials are not demons, and vice versa. But, yes, sometimes the behavior from some of the beings encountered can lead to them being mistaken for one another. That does not mean they are the same. There are some clear differences.

  • A first difference has to do with physicality. The extraterrestrials people have encountered are usually physical beings, while demons are non-physical. (Though there have been encounters with extraterrestrials that are somehow less physical than we are). One factor that makes this clear is the existence of witnesses. There are multiple cases where an alien encounter was witnessed by other people who could see the beings as physical beings, which is not the case for demonic activity.
  • A second difference has to do with technology. Extraterrestrials use craft with advanced technological capabilities. They use implants, futuristic tools like needles that can go through the navel without leaving a mark, tractor beams … They routinely transport beings through solid matter, and possess antigravity technology. Their craft can suddenly accelerate to dizzying speeds and perform 90 degree turns and have been known to switch off nuclear missiles. None of this is consistent with patterns of behavior that are assigned to demons.
  • Many abductees mention being submitted to advanced medical procedures, which they clearly label as being medical in nature.
  • There also are many encounters with extraterrestrials which result in the contactee experiencing some kind of healing. This, too, is inconsistent with the behavior of demons.
  • Many contactees also mention that they were given an ecological message.
  • Quite a number of abductions happen to people being taken from their cars, which, again does not happen when demons are involved.
  • On the forum, we had several people who have experienced both, i.e. abductions and encounters with demons. They unanimously said they are different beings and look different in their natural state.
  • And there are of course all the cases of positive encounters.

So, to me, it is clear that the narrative that 'cases of encounters with aliens are encounters with demons' is false. Still, I thought it would be a good idea to submit the question to our panel members. No surprises there: they all have unanimously come to the same conclusion that both demons and extraterrestrials are real, and different from one another.

Read below what they each had to say.


Alien demon
Aliens or Demons - Artwork by Scott Browne

Are All Contact Experiences Really Encounters With Demons? (Barbara Lamb)

The definition of 'Demon' in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 3rd Edition is:  "An evil spirit, a source or agent of evil, harm, distress or ruin."  One's belief or lack of belief in such a being depends largely on one's upbringing (family beliefs, religious teachings, cultural teachings, and early in life experiences of trauma). I do not doubt that there are dark, negative energies and forces in existence in another dimension and that they can affect those of us who are living in physical bodies on earth.  I have heard many reports of these dark energies visiting us, appearing to us, frightening us and influencing us. I have heard that many people who devote themselves to achieving fame, success, wealth, power and control over others are influenced and aided by dark energies who combine with these peoples' psychopathic tendencies. Reportedly some of the highly successful people in the entertainment industries, in sports, in business and in government have 'sold their souls to "The Man", i.e. the Devil.'

 I have also known of demonic entities attaching to or 'possessing' individual persons, as well as harmless and well-intentioned spirits attaching to individual persons.

For many centuries it has been noted that some people have been visited in bed at night by a non-human being who has sat upon them and has done sexual acts with them (ex: incubus and succubus beings).  Even in this current century I know of a few women who were visited by a  'GOAT MAN' (half human and half goat) for sexual reasons. They describe these being as seeming to come from another dimension, almost like a hologram, and yet they can cause powerful sensations in the bodies of these women. Many other people have witnessed 'shadow beings' of various sizes and shapes, as well as 'shadow people'.

There are a few types of extraterrestrial beings who visit people and who appear to be demonic. They are unknown to the people, mysterious, and often frightening-looking. Sometimes they emit a negative energy and even a toxic scent. A good example of these beings is the Reptilian beings, who are tall, muscular, domineering, and very frightening in appearance. Even the less-imposing types of ET beings can greatly frighten the people they visit, by showing up in their personal space when they are vulnerable and unprotected in bed at night, and causing paralysis and the inability to call out for help, levitating them out of their beds , floating them through a wall and out into a craft in the sky. It is easy for these people, and for other people hearing about this, to conclude that these beings must be demonic.  

In my long-time work as a psychotherapist and regression therapist, I have been regressing more than 2000 people to the details of experiences they have had with extraterrestrial beings. Some of these people have had many regressions with me and the number of regressions amounts to closer to 4000 regressions. Within all of these regressions I have heard described many different types of beings, but none of the beings are described as demons. Some seem to be almost robotic, some seem to be benign and 'matter of fact', some seem to be scientifically focussed, some are medically focused, some are teaching and training people in developing special skills, some are educating people about physics, about the cosmos, about their other-planetary civilizations, about time-travel, and about star systems, and many other subjects. Some beings may look very strange to the experiencer and yet perform healings on them or warn them about a serious medical condition they unknowingly have and advise them to see their doctors back on earth. Some beings ' download’ important information and insight into the minds of their experiencers, and some beings channel information and their perspective through certain people who have that ability.  Some beings rescue their experiencers from dangerous situations here on earth. Some beings teach their experiencers how to heal other people and animals, and how to heal large masses of people after earth catastrophes.  People report that some extraterrestrials seem almost angelic, and envelope them in a very positive energy and are spiritually inspiring.

Some of the regressions I have conducted have shown that even the seemingly 'cold-hearted', ugly beings have eventually been seen to be benevolent.  For instance, the 'little grey beings' who do physical examinations and even 'rectal probes' have claimed that the proctological exam is the most effective way to determine the overall health of the abducted people. It shows how every system in the person's body is functioning, and when some malfunctioning is detected the beings proceed to fix (heal) that system. The widespread reproductive program may seem to be demonic to some people, but in the many regressions I have conducted the beings have given understandable, acceptable reasons for creating hybrid babies. The program of creating ET-human hybrids who live here on earth is a very benevolent  way of helping to raise the consciousness of the human race and improve life on earth. The implants that ETs insert into people's bodies have been viewed with suspicion, curiosity and in some cases with dread, although some people have found out that they actually help to regulate some of their malfunctioning systems, such as high blood pressure, kidney problems, poor circulation, high blood sugar, vision and hearing  problems, etc. A few of my clients are convinced their lives were saved by the ETs who visited them. One man was first visited when he was a fetus in his mother's womb. The being told him he was placing an invisible electromagnetic strip over the hole in his (the fetus') heart, to keep the blood from pouring out.  The being continued to refurbish this strip throughout the life of this man so that he could live a vigorous, healthy life.

The extraterrestrials sometimes send one of their beings to live on earth via the 'walk-in' method of soul exchange with a human who no longer wants to continue living. This is done with the full agreement of both parties, with the original person leaving his/her body and going into the spirit realm and the extraterrestrial taking up residence in that person's body.  This enables the incoming being to bypass years of babyhood, childhood, and young adulthood and carry out the benevolent reasons for coming here.

Many individuals and many groups deliberately invite contact with extraterrestrial beings, by group sky watch experiences and by individual meditations. The results of these invitations are reported to be benevolent and inspiring. Contact seems to be initiated by the beings as well, in vivid UFO sightings and the appearance of orbs and flashes of light. Many people report receiving benevolent messages from the beings, whether they are visited by them or not. 

In these experiences and in the few thousand regressions I have conducted I have never had the slightest indication that any of the extraterrestrial beings are demons.  Even though being visited by unusual, unknown beings can be very confusing, disturbing, and traumatizing and the unknown beings can seem very frightening, my understanding is that the extraterrestrial beings and demonic beings are separate from each other.

Barbara Lamb, MS, MFT, CHT is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist in San Diego, California. She currently specializes in regressing people to details of their anomalous and extraterrestrial encounters, and to significant happenings in past lives. She has received Lifetime Achievement Awards from three different conference groups: The International UFO Congress, The Starworks USA Conference, and the Conscious Life Expo in L.A. She has lectured at numerous conferences and has been interviewed on many radio programs, films, TV programs, YouTube and Beyond Belief. She has co-authored three books: Crop Circles RevealedAlien Experiences, and Meet The Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth


Demons Are Evil Spirits – Not Aliens (John Carpenter)

After investigating and researching alien abductions for 22 years, and then delving into studying the spiritual realms of heaven and hell the past 10 years, I have acquired a unique perspective.  Let’s take a look first at what makes something good or bad.  Performing over 300 hypnosis sessions with alien abductees, I tried to stay objective and study the facts and details.  I allowed the subjects to view their experiences and develop their beliefs based on how their emotions affected them.  Some felt raped and violated.  Some were traumatized and confused as in PTSD.  Others felt a great curiosity and fascination.  Still others felt spiritually evolved and grateful for having been chosen.  Yet, the details of their encounters were basically the same for the most part.  I noted that their reactions were more related to their own personalities, background, and prior influences, values, religion, or culture. 

One hundred people go to a movie theater and see the same movie at 7:00 p.m.  They all saw the same details, heard the same sounds and voices, and were exposed to the film at the same time.  Yet, if you were to interview them as they left the theater, they would most likely have differing recollections, different reactions to the film, and vastly different likes and dislikes.  “Worst film ever!”  “I loved the acting.”  “Not her best film.”  “Best romance story ever!”  “I fell asleep and missed parts.”  “Kid in front of me distracted me.”  “Some parts scared me and reminded me of growing up.”  “What a terrific message for us all.”

What I am saying here is that the human experience colors everything we encounter and leads us to form opinions which could last a lifetime.  My point is that if aliens are perceived by some as “evil” – then it becomes a short hop to next call them demons.  In all those alien abduction investigations I never perceived any cruel, heartless, evil actions by the beings.  As I tried to observe things objectively, it seemed more like how a small child might be treated in a doctor’s office.  “Hold still, it’s okay.  You’ll be going home soon.” Not being told what is going on probably comes with the same attitude: “You wouldn’t understand if we told you.”  But, since we are not five-year-old’s, we get angry that our permission was not obtained and that explanations were not given!  This destroys our trust, and we then assume that something deceptive and evil must be afoot. 

Picture the grizzly bear strolling across an open meadow when a flying object hovers overhead, making a whooshing sound (helicopter).  As it gets closer, he becomes anxious and starts to run.  Then he feels a sting, gets woozy, and collapses to the ground as if paralyzed (tranquilizing dart).  His last recollections before passing out are seeing the craft land with two beings walking toward him.  They examine his body, yet he feels strangely calm.  They place a tag in his ear and tell him he will be okay.  When he comes to, a short time later, the craft and beings are gone.  He wonders what just happened but is afraid that the other bears won’t believe him.

Were the human researchers evil?  Why did they not explain everything to the bear and get his permission?  Did they mistreat him?  Did they have evil intent?  Could the bear have understood that tagging and tracking him might lead to positive human interventions later that could help his health or his environment?  But, without this understanding, the bear cannot trust humans now and feels that they must be evil because of their actions toward him.  Get my point?

Secondly, from spiritual research, demons are evil spirits or dark angels.  Remember when Jesus was going from town to town, healing people and “casting out demons” right and left?  Little alien bodies were not flying out of these people.  Evil spirits do not fly crafts, crash them, and leave little bodies to be autopsied or put into deep freeze in underground bases.  Evil spirits are more likely to influence the actions of lost souls or unholy people – or even possess them, which then leads to the real need for modern-day religious exorcists.  At the time of an exorcism with a Catholic priest, a little alien body does not come flying out of the possessed person!  Aliens have consistently been depicted as having real bodies with skinny legs, long fingers, big heads, large eyes, and the ability to navigate our physical environment.  Abductees have punched, kicked, and slapped little alien bodies.  When was the last time you heard of anyone punching out an evil spirit or demon?

For those who encountered near-death experiences and received glimpses of hell, the demons are described as hideous spiritual beasts of varying sizes and unusual shapes.  No two demons looked alike in hell and were unpredictable in behavior.  Not one soul out of hundreds ever described anything in hell resembling any of the reported alien types.  No skinny, nerdy, Gumby types among the flames in hell.  No tall Blondes, Praying Mantis or typical Reptilian types.  Again, no two demons appeared alike nor resembled anything ever seen before.  In my research it was suggested that souls stuck in hell eventually transform into unique demon shapes because they cannot remain in human form – which are supposed to be “made in God’s image” – which demons detest.

In conclusion, remember that aliens have physical bodies that fly in physical crafts and have an agenda that remains secretive and therefore mysterious to us.  Demons do exist in hell, and evil spirits do affect our spiritual world.  There are both good angels and evil or dark angels – but all are spiritual beings, androgynous in nature, and created by God according to most religions.  It is easy to try to explain and simplify matters by combining these two realms, but it is is not logical or consistent with research in either field. 

Yes, we can still have both in our lives!


Aliens and Demons (Thomas Minderlé)

Are aliens really demons? Both are supernatural. Both are known to deceive and manipulate. Both can appear and dematerialize. Both can disguise their appearance. And both have psychic abilities. So, on the surface, it seems they could indeed be the same beings in different costumes.

But in drilling down into the data, that’s where their nuanced differences appear. Aliens and demons are two different classes of beings with some curious overlaps but also some crucial differences. 

To arrive at this conclusion, one must either have sufficient personal experience with both, or be a researcher who has studied and cross-compared the abduction literature with the fields of occultism, demonology, hauntings, and possession. In either case, with sufficient data one will recognize the characteristics unique to each type of being. 

In their most commonly encountered form, demons are non-physical opportunistic entities with extreme malice. They are one-dimensional in their motives, which is to destroy the spiritual light of their targets and feed off their suffering and lifeforce energy. 

Being non-physical, they have no need for (or ability to create) physical bodies, flying ships, or underground bases. Therefore, they don’t leave behind DNA samples, radar reflections, or ground traces. They operate exclusively on a metaphysical level, meaning occult, psychic, or magickal. They cannot be killed, only weakened and driven off. Killing means removing the soul from the physical body, and since they have no physical body, they are already in a discarnate state, already “dead” as it were. 

Aliens, on the other hand, are physical or quasi-physical beings. As such, they possess biology and technology. They are incarnated into physical bodies, hence mortal. They need clothing and shelter, vehicles for transport, bases to be stationed in. They’re known to leave behind DNA in some cases (Peter Khoury’s encounter for example), impregnate women, install implants (that have been surgically removed and analyzed by abduction investigators), share technology with willing human governments, and work side-by side with humans in deep black projects.

There are understandable reasons for confusion, however, because there are also some areas of overlap between the two. 

First, reptilian aliens are frequently described as terrifying, malevolent, blood-lusting beings who feed off our suffering and lifeforce energy. In terms of motivation, they are virtually identical to demons. The difference is that they have physical or quasi-physical bodies and technology, while demons have none. I believe they might be genetically engineered biological hosts for demons, created by a higher alien faction for control, intimidation, and suppression purposes. This is plausible given that there are evil humans who are similarly sadistic and show signs of demonic possession. Alien genetic engineering could easily create a species designed for that purpose.

Second, demons (and other parasitic nonphysical lifeforms) have the ability to hack a human host’s nervous system and induce controlled artificial hallucinations. This allows them to telepathically project images and narratives that fits the target’s belief system. In this way, they can deceive the person into cooperating and becoming a willing host to their influences. If the person is irreligious, perhaps a science-fiction narrative fits them better. 

Therefore, demons can project the image of aliens in the mind of the host. One would be tempted to conclude that all alien abduction reports are therefore demonic deceptions, but while demons can induce psychosomatic symptoms like welts and bruises, their telepathically induced hallucinations cannot induce pregnancies, widespread UFO sightings, surgical scars, or evidence of implants. 

It’s worth noting that, as some researchers have observed, certain reports of abductions involve sham medical procedures aiming to torture and humiliate. Not all, but some. These are likely either induced hallucinations, or alien abductions where energy harvesting and demonic agendas are present, i.e. reptilian alien abductions.

Third, without a deeper study of the greater multiverse outside our physical reality, it’s tempting to put all that “otherworldly stuff” into a single bin. Meaning, the quasi-physical hyper-dimensional realm of aliens may be conflated with the non-physical interdimensional realm of demons. There is an important difference.

The alien realm is like an expanded or enhanced version of our 3D physicality. Imagine still needing to eat food, wear clothing, use science and technology, but also being able to perceive and manipulate subtle energy fields, communicate telepathically, and experience time in a nonlinear way. It’s like the 1080p HD version of physical existence versus our black and white television version of it. 

The realm of demons is not physical at all. Theirs is a lower energy substrate within the nonphysical realm associated with discarnate humans and the afterlife, called the astral plane by mystics. The astral is not an environment of matter and energy, but a metaphysical environment of consciousness, thoughts, emotions, and dreamlike imagery. 

Demons from the astral plane cannot materialize on our physical plane like aliens can, but they can indeed gather enough lifeforce energy harvested from humans to build for themselves an etheric body in the nearby etheric plane. The etheric plane is the formative subtle energy field in which physicality is embedded and surrounded by. You could say it resides between the physical and astral planes. 

As humans, by default we cannot see the etheric layer of existence because our perception is limited to the physical senses. But if we are clairvoyant or in an out-of-body state, then etheric beings and phenomena may become visible, and that includes demons. For instance, some cases of hypnopompic hallucinations are actually the person waking up into a slight out-of-body state and therefore bypassing the physical brain and eyes (which act as censoring filters of perception) and thus being able to see entities in the etheric. 

Aliens, being quasi-physical and having access to the etheric, can also show up in that state. Therefore, clairvoyants depending on their skill, or out-of-body experiences, may see either/both aliens and demons in the etheric plane, which further contributes to the confusion between the two. 

The difference is that demons are projecting themselves from the astral into the etheric through a gathering of etheric lifeforce energy to create an etheric body there, while aliens are tuning themselves from their own enhanced physical realm into our physical realm but only going so far as to enter the etheric sideband and not going all the way into fully materializing here.

So as you can see, there are some technical nuances that distinguish aliens from demons. There are overlaps too, especially with negative alien factions where there is likely some collusion between them. 

In practice, demons may be cunning opportunists, but they are not sophisticated strategists like aliens are known to be. In their native state, demons lack the intelligence, resources, technology, and psychic prowess of aliens. But if they can possess or work with aliens (or humans for that matter) then demons have access to the powers and resources of their hosts, and that’s their standard operating procedure. 

We must also remember that there are benevolent aliens, but no benevolent demons. There are demons and negative aliens pretending to be benevolent as well, but not to the exclusion of actual benevolent aliens. The existence of the latter shows that not all aliens can be demons. If one wishes to take the religious perspective, then one would have to say some aliens are angels. But again, anyone who has personal experiences with both aliens and angels, or any researcher who dives into the literature on both, will know that there are some differences and overlaps as well. 

Therefore, in my opinion, there exists aliens, demons, and angels. And the latter two are not proprietary to Judeo-Christian religion considering how folklore, mythology, and religions from around the world each have their own versions. This suggests that angels and demons are independent phenomena. They are real beings. But each belief system has interpreted these in their own way, calling them angels, demons, jinn, devas, asuras, and so on. 

So no, aliens are not all just demons. That viewpoint only works by selectively excluding indicators to the contrary.


Angels and Demons (Bill Konkolesky)

A strong Christian faith can generate interesting viewpoints on the UFO contact phenomenon.  The devout sometimes interpret the visiting entities as angels or demons (or both).  Of the myriad of theories about the origins of aliens, this often-overlooked perspective is filled with proponents who approach abduction research with firm beliefs and strong voices.  Might they be onto something valid that few others are recognizing?

There is a gentleman who has been persistently lamenting to me for several years that the UFO community hasn’t come around to the conclusion that extraterrestrials are angelic beings who are here to elevate humanity to our next phase of evolution.

He also sometimes wonders aloud whether groups like MUFON, in fact, actually know this and are intentionally holding humanity back from entering into an Age of Aquarius by not revealing this information to the world.

Then, I recently hear a lengthy podcast interview of an abduction researcher who claims that, from his years of hands-on investigation, he’s convinced that extraterrestrials are demons and groups like MUFON aren’t equipped to save the world from them.

In an environment where a majority of individuals in the UFO community do admittedly look at extraterrestrials as biological entities, not filtering the data through a lens of religion, to question whether aliens are angels or demons comes across as perhaps quaint.  To those who do rely on their faith to interpret the world, though, not seeing the entities as beings from Heaven or Hell who are drawing up plans for our souls, comes across as short-sighted and dangerous, and perhaps we approaching the End Times as these beings reveal themselves to us.

For those finding an answer to the ET question through Christianity, a major sticking point is that there is no logical allowance for a possibility that some of the beings may be simply biological and others are angels or demons.  This perceived mutual exclusivity boils down to Jesus dying for our Salvation.  A rough explanation of this line of reasoning goes that extraterrestrials cannot technically exist because Jesus would have also died for the sins of beings across the universe and he is reported to have only died on behalf of our human race on Earth.  God would have certainly extended his compassion across the cosmos through the sacrifice of his only son if there was anyone else out there.  Therefore, what people are encountering must be necessarily angels or demons.

A piece of evidence seen as proof of this viewpoint is those who have called out for Jesus at the onset of an abduction and thwarted the experience.  There is arguably something compelling about this if it does work the way the experiencers claim.  What I cannot claim to be aware, though, is whether a call out to spiritual icons of other religions also has a positive effect.  What I have heard directly is individuals claiming to turn away abduction events by firmly telling the beings they must respect the experiencer’s self-determination.  This certainly complicates the matter of what works to halt encounters and how.

It is relevant to note also that the late Monsignor Balducci of the Catholic Archdiocese of Rome, the Church’s chief astronomer, stated on record that he believed that extraterrestrials were not demons and examination of their existence was a matter of science and not the Church. 

I was raised Catholic and I happen to share Balducci’s point-of-view; however, for those who perceive the phenomenon as angelic or demonic, I am not here to fact-check others’ religious beliefs.  This is a big issue, not to be taken lightly or resolved simply.  I can only say that, in my personal contact experiences, I have not yet been directly dissuaded that at least some of these beings are likely evolved life from other planets, which is pretty miraculous if true.