I have taken the time to think about human methods of communication and there are more than I imagined. How can a new mother tell when her baby is hungry, thirsty, happy, in pain, and more just by the sounds her child makes? She seems to know. Is this a form of telepathy between the two souls who have been solidly attached body to body by a cord for nine months? One uses vocal tones in order to deliver their desires to the mom who in turn can choose to use soothing sounds in return or words that in some way tell her child she will take care of the infant’s needs.

Throughout our lives we either use or learn of so many forms of communication it is difficult to realize how many more there could be in the outreaches of the Universe or depths of our oceans yet to be searched or even discovered here on our own earth. We have no idea how many forms of life here on our planet attempt to communicate with us as humans and we fail to recognize that. For example, are our plants communicating thirst by a show of dry soil and drooping leaves? Chickens refusing to lay, cows not producing milk, coral beds dying, whales beaching themselves, and much more. We are also hearing occasional sounds coming in from “distant” space and stranger yet frightening sounds coming from the earth that we have no idea how to interpret. Surely this all has important meaning.


We are very selective people. If we are deaf, we learn sign language in order to communicate with those around us. In turn our loved ones and often friends show us respect by doing the same and an amazing type of close communicative contact takes place that not many have in common. There are those special individuals who learn it in order to teach and translate for a wider audience. These are the people who are open to sharing this language with strangers who wish to have a better understanding of the “world of the deaf”.

If we can’t hear or see, like Helen Keller. The brilliant woman who came to try then succeed and teach her how to make her wishes known was Anne Sullivan. It took both of them to make this work, much thought, trial, and error was put into what finally worked for them and eventually what was used for many like Helen. This, another type of language – human touch. In the beginning Helen felt the tapping of Anne’s fingers on her palm – finally in turn – Helen placed her fingers on Anne’s lips, her thumb on Helen’s vocal cords. Before she passed away in 1968, a new language had been developed, Helen had a college degree, was teaching others, lectured, and many are following in her footsteps today. Just stop for a moment to think, consider, contemplate, and how about visualize that against all odds a new language was created for those who did not understand the human differences here. There was a total non-acceptance of this type of handicap when Helen was born so no attempt was made to envelop her into her community and further. We have since made great strides in this area and working hard to develop methods to understand each other when our own human bodies can be born so different from one another.

What else is a language and could possibly be not only universal but carry over to the spiritual world. Music seems to fit both of those categories just about right. According to reports made by people who have experienced OBEs and NDEs there is the sound of what some describe as “celestial” music. It appears to be a comforting sound that is difficult to explain other than some can say it begins with a “vibration” just prior to separating from our bodies. Next the sound of soft crickets off in the distance that draws us to them. I myself had a NDE following a stroke and prior to emergency surgery. I heard that sound, felt the vibration, and left my body as I was drawn to the tunnel many speak of during one of these experiences. I would have to say that the music was talking to me in a language I was unfamiliar with but I certainly felt I wanted to learn it, or perhaps relearn it. That song is in my soul, now today, and probably has been but was awakened when I was made aware of it during my NDE. Music created by us brings out every emotion one can think of and therefore an understanding of what it is meant to say without speaking. We follow the beat of the sound no matter the language or words spoken that go with the beat. We all seem to understand the tempo, the use of instruments, and the rhythm of the music that tell us a story.  We hear the crying of a violin and know terrible sadness is about, love is lost, we feel that when we hear it. Drum beat escalates bringing us to a frenzy, a need to dance together in either happiness OR is it a sound that gathers us together to protect each other? These instruments all create a vibration within us. We expect to know “something” when the music ends as there is always a great finale’. We understand what we have just heard without the use of words. This is a concert of instruments making up a language. 

Lastly is a place I have great anxiety over and I have saved it for that reason. Once I complete this short statement I will attempt to speak of Alien Communication in a way I have experienced or spoken to others about. I felt it necessary to paint the picture of us as humans and our development, acceptance, and willingness to grow from here on our planet outward to find a way to understand others. So, what is my last language at least for this article as I am sure there are more than I mentioned here?  That would be math. This is a place I simply cannot go. From the time I was a child I have been terrified to look at those numbers. I had teachers who preferred to teach the ones who “got it” the first time around and didn’t allow time for those of us totally confused to catch up. Therefore I developed true math anxiety and once when a 5th grade teacher assigned us a couple of hours to do one of those horrific “long division” challenges, I froze and we were told we could not erase or we would receive a fail. Well, wouldn’t you know, I made it all the way to the back page of one of those hideous papers we used only to have that fell apart when eraser met paper. I took it up to said teacher explaining I had made a huge effort but “please could I have another piece of paper”, which she held hostage like a key to a prison. She then looked me right in the eyes, tore my paper into shreds, and tossed them into the trash with the look of extreme pleasure on her face. From that very minute on math and I were not friends. Once I had my stroke, it got worse. I actually hit a wall beyond doing my check book and if there is a problem – the wall comes down early. If math were to become the single method of communication among every living thing one could think of, I would be the one left out in the cold – not the only one I am sure – but certainly terrified for a while and lost among those who understood this language. I would either be seeking out others like myself or we would all be gathered in and somehow accepted in the community who would in turn find a way to teach us by, who knows, physical touch? 

Just imagine what an enormous stretch of the imagination this would be to expand what I just wrote out to other planets, galaxies, and beyond into the path of a universe totally unknown to us and to those who dwell “out there”. Now to the main course of this article - Our Alien Visitors! Of all the species described by many experiencers, how many languages or methods of communication are used by them? I suspect many.

I will begin with what many believe is the use of telepathy. What is the definition of that word? I preferred Merriam-Webster the best although they are all similar in description. That description is: A way of communicating thoughts directly from one person’s mind to another person’s mind without using words or signals. There is no use of Senses such as physical interaction of any kind.

When taken aboard a UFO, craft, ship, whatever term we use, there can be a great surge of fear or need to escape. Many of us have had our guide or escort simply pass the information to us from their mind to ours not to be afraid, they will not harm us, we will be safe, etc. We clearly “hear” that in our head somehow. At times, we have a question for the aliens and they know what that question is without us having to verbalize it. We receive a response to that question once again inside our head. Occasionally the aliens are doing some sort of medical exam or taking skin samples from us and that can be painful. When we express the fact that we are uncomfortable, one of them has been known to place a hand on our foreheads while we receive information that we will feel no pain - somehow inside of us we “hear” those words. Other times this is described as just a “knowing” or understanding what is told without real words being said.

Alien Communications
Alien Communications - Artwork by Scott Browne

Once while on a craft I had a question pass briefly through my mind. I had no sooner completed that thought when one of the Greys in the room with me stepped forward to bring up some sort of floating display showing me a 3D demonstration of what I was looking for. I could also hear the alien teacher tell me what the display was all about even though the Grey had no mouth that I could see and knew he wasn’t talking like we do.

What did the voice sound like in my head? Much like a recording at times and at others it was very mechanical. Some others had just a monotone voice with no emotions, just giving information. On a fast track it was similar to running our old recording tape at top speed with that high pitch sound to it. This was all sent in to my mind extremely fast as if being poured from a huge vessel with no time to stop and ask questions. I once received a message at the same time information was being delivered that “what I was being given was perfect so there was no need to question it”. I was also told I would understand it and when the time came to share it I could deliver it the same way I received it. How is that for a puzzle still unsolved? How was I able to “hear” both sounds in my head at the same time? I have no idea. Others have reported the same situation and the aliens run the gamut from the tall greys to insectoids, to other visiting species. I do not address the Reptilians other than to say I have only had 2 encounters with them and their language to me was a combination of hand gestures with telepathy.

On one or two occasions I did hear what I believe to be two aliens speaking to each other by making sounds. There were two Greys facing each other briefly. There were some hand gestures and then I heard a high pitched buzzing sound that started and stopped plus had some level of high and low tones similar to speech. I can only speculate here but they seemed to be “talking” and felt it is appropriate to mention this here.

I want to mention a visit to a craft that others have also spoken about. That is the types of craft operated by biological, organic, and mechanical beings combined into one. This was an extremely emotional, physical, plus more event for me and one I re-experienced under hypnosis with Kathleen Marden twice. The second time she videotaped it for both of us. I had a physical reaction to the event and have never forgotten a minute of it and a physical reaction remains today.

What language is developed between this being and others like it that I will never understand? This is a highly spiritual being and language. These beings are attached somehow to a massive ship of some kind that is never seen by us and they are in turn connected to each other by more than just telepathic ability. I have no words at this time to give you a name for it. There is some sort of soul agreement and more than that, there is an agreement with something bigger than all of us both human and alien. These beings sign an agreement to run their crafts by becoming a part of the ship itself for the lifetime of the ship – yet they are the ship. Again, there are no words to cover this one properly.

I was invited to take a tour of this ship that was pretty plain and could be described much like many others experiencers have talked or written about. That was the case until I walked around the curved hallway to see a room on my right that appeared dark with a glow on the interior. I stepped in and noticed what can only be described as feeling like a heart beating and I had become a part of it. My body felt like it was a heart. I was absorbed into this living place. There was a red fluid running through the floor to a series of tubes directly in front of me. I was standing on a flexible walkway that led me forward and I followed my eyes to the back corner of the room. The tubes connected to living things that looked like plants of some kind as they were very green but soon appeared to turn into appendages of some kind and then I recognized a face looking at me from deep inside this jungle of living stuff! I knew this was feminine – no doubt. I then was “told” only the feminine aspect of this species was allowed to take on this life contract. The room was where she lived and breathed and ran the ship that was her. I only spent what seemed to be 8-10 minutes with her and I knew I had to leave. I felt as if my body was giving out somehow. What Kathleen was seeing while I was under hypnosis was my arms appearing as if they were being punched with bean bags tossed at them. She was afraid I would not be able to handle the stress so quickly brought me out of hypnosis. We talked about it – I was unaware it had been something she could see. I asked if we could try again and have her video tape the session. We did and caught my reaction on film.

I spoke to this being out loud. I received responses from her via telepathy, some sort of voice, and then in physical sensation. I was told this was a dedication for life on her part and all the others like her. They were all over the star system I had been taken to and more and every one of them was in communication with the other holding the ability to join the huge ship in a matter of seconds if necessary. Their mission was one of peace but she did not disclose how that was to be accomplished. She was not suffering as I felt and was proud to serve in that way. 

Let’s not forget the early struggles of the cave men who scratched out a record of their history on walls of the caves they lived in. This was followed by others who found this an easy way to leave their story for those who came after them. There were scrolls made from leather, rice paper, and more. Idols were carved out of wood using early tools. Horns, shells, whistles, were all used as a form of language as their sound covered distance where other methods would not work. Moving forward to today’s use of cell phones. Texting is taking place of the spoken word.  We make no effort to use our own physical being to communicate. Are we moving backwards? I sincerely hope not. More distance from one another is not what we need.

So, in one way our alien visitors means of communication does not appear to be as complicated as our own here on this beautiful oasis we call earth. Many have shown us by example. They are our teachers in that respect. Will we pay attention? It appears to me we should have the ability, if we work hard enough together, to rise to a level where we communicate with every living thing using a universal language that is just as beautiful as the spiritual music heard by some, hopefully one day by all who exist. Imagine that as a new language!