A Complex Immersion in Shared Consciousness

Suzy Hansen © 2020

Communication with alien/extraterrestrial (ET) entities, ‘off-world intelligences’, or ‘non-human intelligences’ as some prefer to call them (a more recent term too broad for my liking) has been a focus of contact research for decades.  Experiencers of contact have struggled to adequately describe the complexity of this fusion of consciousness and senses - images, sounds, intense feelings, deep emotions, unfathomable amounts of information – and the almost magical way extraterrestrials convey this to humans as if by simple translation.

Our human concept of telepathy falls far short of what extraterrestrials are capable of, and while some experiencers/abductees have limited memory of their contacts and communications, others recall lifetimes of contact and time spent onboard craft where their understanding and reciprocal use of alien communication has been honed and developed, creating a ‘bridge’ between species.

Generalized documentation and descriptions of alien communication already exists, however in this article I would like to define a number of specific modes of telepathy and communication – aspects of consciousness I have experienced onboard craft during my lifetime of contact.  Using abridged excerpts from my book, The Dual Soul Connection – The Alien Agenda for human Advancement, I will illustrate the high intelligence and telepathic dexterity of the beings known to us as ‘Greys’.

This article will focus purely on telepathic ‘conversations’ involving the conveyance of information. I have coined my own terminologies to describe these modes of telepathy.


Within my book and accounts of my experiences, I mention the important fact that the Greys generally asked my permission before telepathically inserting anything into my subconscious, or it was a clear prior understanding that this would take place.  Some people believe such transfers of information are performed without the experiencer’s knowledge and are therefore a violation of our rights, however this has never been the case for me.  The procedures were introduced with permission and explanation in my early childhood, and they became important consciousness tools for learning, guidance and deeper understanding of concepts.

Information capsules

Many experiencers describe having a ‘bubble’, ‘download’, or ‘knowledge bomb’ placed in their subconscious minds by these entities, a ‘file’ comprising either minimal specific details, or a vast amount of information designed to emerge at an appropriate time in the person’s life – what I refer to as information capsules.  Generally, these capsules cannot be accessed in advance of the desired timeframe or trigger event, and often, even under hypnosis, the person cannot recall the information and thus many feel a sense of frustration that their mind is ‘stuffed with information’ they cannot access, despite their understanding that they agreed to receive the capsule at some stage.

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From my experience, information capsules can be used by ETs in specialized ways: - 

Sometimes it may be beneficial for the recipient to instantly recognize a person or place in the future for a specific reason, enabling them to make contact with that person, or to arrive at a particular place at a predetermined time.

At the age of 55, I was taken to an underground base which was staffed by ETs and humans.  I had already begun writing my book about my contact experiences, but circumstances had recently prevented me from completing it.  My manuscript contained many technological and scientific references which I could only explain from a layman’s perspective and I really needed a scientist’s input or advice – virtually unachievable for an experiencer back then.  On this occasion I was taken to speak with a senior Grey I had referred to as ‘the Grandfather’ since childhood, and he encouraged me to work on the book in earnest: -

‘Finally, the Grandfather put an information capsule in my mind, telling me it contained an image of a person, a male, with some details about him which I would not be able to access yet.  There will be an instant recognition when I see his face, or hear his voice, and make contact with him.  He will assist me with the book in some way, and this person will be one of “theirs” too, although he does not realise it yet.’  (Ch 28, Experiencing the Dual Soul)

Indeed, a few months later I watched a speech video of Dr. Rudy Schild, US astrophysicist.  I immediately ‘recognized’ him and felt irresistibly compelled to contact Dr. Schild, although I thought he would be far too busy to reply, but reply he did!  After sharing my incomplete manuscript with Rudy, he offered to examine my information and contribute to my book with footnotes, commentary and a scientific epilogue.  I consider this was ‘contact by design’, with the Greys assisting me to complete my book within a desired timeframe and with scientific validation and support.


In my 40s, I went through a difficult phase in my life - a solo mother raising two sons, coping with chronic pain and illness, and feeling somewhat despondent about my life.  In 1996 I was taken onboard a large craft where I received emotional and physical healing from two Grey ‘doctors’, using phenomenal scanning technology that could ‘see’ into the body.  As I was familiar with the Greys’ ‘hive mind’ faculties, one of them decided to share a healing thought structure with me, and in the subsequent months this rose to my awareness, assisting me to face adversity with positive and constructive intent.

‘The doctor projected an information capsule into my mind to assist me.  It contained a thought process common to the Greys, which I could draw on to assist and uplift me during difficult times; a little bit of their species that I would take away with me.’  (Ch 32, Surgery in an Alien Hospital)

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Establishing future understanding or clarity

Many experiencers/abductees describe contact from early childhood, and even before incarnating in this life.  In my book, The Dual Soul Connection, I recount an event onboard craft that occurred when I was just eight years old, when I was introduced to a ‘gathering of souls’ in the form of ‘around thirty vibrantly colourful lights hanging in the air.’  Of course, like many children I was full of questions about this, which the Greys usually patiently answered, but on this occasion ‘the Grandfather’ needed to hold my undivided attention while he transferred a large amount of information into my subconscious mind as a large information capsule.  His means of coaxing me into a state of concentration was to describe this download in a manner suited to a child of that age.

‘The Grandfather told me he was about to transfer a‘book’ (a large amount of information pertaining to my life) into my head.  I could not access the ‘pages’ (events of the future) of this book yet, but he assured me it would open up one day all by itself and I would be able to ‘read’ the pages (the information would emerge into the conscious mind bit-by-bit).  However, he assisted me to understand the information pertained to specific people I would meet in the future, and tasks I might complete with them.
He drew my attention back to the other lights floating in the room, telling me these lights were people I would eventually know too, and they would play significant roles in my life, but for now they were appearing in soul form.  Some had not entered this life yet, had not become a person, and so they would be younger than me in the future, while others were already leading a life and would be older than me when I meet them.’
‘Now the Grandfather encouraged me to relate to all these souls, to converse with them, but I felt rather daunted by this seemingly formidable task and stared blankly at the array of lights before me.  He read my thoughts and assured me he had already placed another bubble in my mind (instructions, information) to assist me to relate to them …’
(Ch 12, Discovering an Intimate Soul Connection)

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Regenerating a concealed memory

Often when onboard craft, experiencers discuss life tasks with the Greys, some of which are carried out within the ‘Three Waves’ programme I describe in The Dual Soul Connection.  The Three Waves is a universal programme involving humans, souls and a variety of ET species working together at this time of heightened spiritual awakening on our planet.

At times, it is necessary for the ETs to unlock previous information capsules in order for the experiencer to fully understand the purpose of the discussion taking place, or future goals: -

(1962, age eight) ‘He would open a ‘bubble’ in my mind enabling me to remember something important, information he had previously placed in my mind, but closed off from conscious memory.’
(Ch12, Discovering an Intimate Soul Connection)

Similarly, in 1983 aged twenty-eight, I was assisted to recall important details embedded in my subconscious concerning meeting the soul of my future son onboard craft at age eight:

‘Continuing to hold his hand over my face, he told me … They had embedded memories in my subconscious mind sometime in the past, and he now wished to bring those memories fully back into my mind before they continued with the procedure, so I would understand it.  Instantly, he evoked a multitude of pictures in my mind of particular visits onboard craft when I was a young child … he gently revealed why I was here on this occasion.   I felt calm now.  The Grey removed his hand from my forehead and it was as if our minds were humming on the same note, creating a reverberating feeling of oneness.’  Ch 20, Merging: Soul Insertion)

From my experience, the information capsules serve to protect the experiencer from information overload, but they also enable ‘memory triggers’, such as words, images, events etc. to unlock the capsule at an appropriate time, allowing information to emerge from the subconscious mind to be best utilized.  It is all about timing!

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The knowledge / information transfer

This telepathic transfer is different from an information capsule in that it is generally to be used immediately, either in a skills test situation on craft, or to provide immediate in-depth information during a discussion or learning situation.

In 1993, aged thirty-eight, I took part in a test with fifteen other humans.  It was designed to test our understanding of, and ability to use ‘conscious’ advanced technology we had been progressively taught to use by the Greys since childhood.  In order to complete a complex problem, we were first provided with a massive information transfer, which we would use as a ‘reference library’: -

‘The two elders now communicated more basically to the humans about what was about to take place in this session.  This was a test.  We would each receive a different information transfer of equal complexity and volume, and then use this vast information to solve a problem.
     The knowledge transfers would be larger than usual, taking around one and a half minutes (in our time) for our partners to complete, rather than split seconds.  We turned and faced our Grey partners, entering a focused state of receptiveness.  The transfers began and I cannot quantify the exact extent of the information, but I can liken it to volumes of encyclopaedia conveyed at lightning speed.  A mild tingling sensation began in the centre of my forehead and images flashed somewhere in my vision – colours, shapes and symbols – until my eyes felt as if they were on overload.’ 
(Ch 29, The Test Part One: An Alien Internet?)

The exchange of information allowed me to access several databases, not only the material transferred, but also the knowledge of how to access other databases within the Greys’ computer system, and to produce a 3D hologram of information in my visual field.  The unforgettable feeling of having an expanded consciousness was riveting, but all too soon the knowledge faded into my subconscious at the completion of the task.

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Thought seeds

On occasions over the last decade, as we have approached the time of chaos evident on our planet at this time, experiencers have carried out the role of instructors or lecturers onboard craft – a role usually performed by ETs, or on occasions by humans who are part of an ongoing positive and constructive planning structure with the ETs.  I have been part of small groups of humans who have lectured/interacted with large groups of humans taken onboard craft, generally prior to and in preparation for tragic natural events or man-made tragedies on our planet.

Thought seeds can best be explained as knowledge/information transfers that are flexible frameworks, providing information, structure, or ideas which the experiencer can build upon and develop using their own knowledge and experience.  Most significantly, they are accessible.

For example, in 2010 I interacted with two groups of several hundred humans on a craft ‘as big as a town’.  They were all taken onboard – a massive undertaking – in altered states, so as to be ‘present’, but not to be disturbed by their unusual surroundings.  2010 was a year of global earthquakes, heat waves, floods, volcanoes, super typhoons, blizzards, landslides and droughts that killed over 250,000 people worldwide.  The Greys provided us with thought seeds, discussion frameworks or plans,in order to discuss the humans’ impending roles as these tragedies unfolded, in particular, in order to save lives through organization and prior understanding of what needed to be done.

     ‘… without any preparatory thoughts on my part, the outline of one of the thought-seeds implanted in my mind a month earlier began to unfold.  Information just rolled off my tongue … I realised I could add a bit here and there just as the Greys had previously suggested, anecdotal snippets and pieces of personal experience.
     The lecture unfolding from my subconscious, through my conscious mind, was about relating to people … under adverse or emergency situations … coping mechanisms and methods … using clear instructions and discipline … helping people to think and act logically … and engage with others in need … the information just kept rolling forth and I felt quite comfortable about conveying it to the group with my own input.
     I began to blend these interpersonal issues with the idea of potential natural disasters and other dangerous situations that may occur in their countries or communities.  Although they were in a relatively confined state of awareness, they were able to participate … It had become a relaxed talk rather than a formal lecture now … A final task was to transfer one of the thought-seeds a Grey had provided at the previous meeting, from within my own mind, into their collective subconscious minds.
     By accepting an information capsule of this kind, they will experience intuition and pre-cognition at a time of crisis … These souls would survive chaotic events to save, assist and lead people.
     Without exception, they conveyed their acceptance of the information capsules, and their understanding of the magnitude of their individual roles in future events.’ 
(Ch 35, Thought-seeds and Soul-lights)

Multi-layered streams of telepathy

In 1962, at the age of eight, The Greys introduced me to a ball of electric blue light, telling me it was the soul of my future son and that they would assist me in developing a firm relationship with this soul throughout my life, until its incarnation as my baby.

Can you imagine the instant confusion and anxiety such a sweeping statement might have upon a young female child of eight?  In order to allay such emotions quickly, the senior Grey conveyed multi-layered streams of telepathy to me simultaneously, which were packed with information: -

‘Look into my eyes and I will clear your confusion.’
     ‘The Grandfather conveys a massive outline of future events, and pictures flash through my mind with accompanying feelings and emotions.  Three simultaneous streams of communication are layered within this, like a kind of ‘voice’ describing the life the child will lead:
     1)  A basic first stream, calming the shock and confusion.
     ‘We want you to get to know him, to be friends.’
     2) A second stream, a deeper level of information embedding specific and detailed information into the subconscious, much of which will be revealed at some time in the future, some of which I am permitted to register now … but it is not necessary for me to have a deeper understanding of it at this point in childhood. 
     3)  Using a more superficial third stream, he spreads an overlay over the information, bringing my mind back to the present and smoothing it all into an appealing and simplistic form suitable for a child of eight to understand.  I am left with just a set of basic facts regarding meeting a new friend, another child.’  (Ch 11, Meeting the Soul of my Future Son)

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Child-to-adult intellectual view (future-viewing)

In reference to the section above, when working with human children the Greys sometimes use a facet of consciousness that enables them to somehow transport the child’s mind forward in time to view a future situation from a more mature aspect.  This prior advanced awareness may be an integral part of a discussion or activity.

‘Now he opens a new compartment, a facet of my mind or consciousness.  Momentarily, I am able to comprehend his thoughts, the information transfer, from a mature perspective.  He assists me to view the future.  I ask from my child-mind, ‘But why am I going to be his parent?’
     He shifts my awareness again to a mature level of understanding and embeds further information, reminding me of the generational/familial aspect of the project I am part of, describing how particular human genetic lines have been selected and altered by the extraterrestrials. 
     He moves me forward in time in my mind, to observe my adulthood.  At a certain point in the future, they will assist me to realise my son and I have been communicating on another level since long before his conception and birth.’ (Ch 11, Meeting the Soul of my Future Son)

Telepathic ‘accents’

Most experiencers describe telepathic communication as a concept in the mind that is enhanced by a myriad of senses and emotions which clarify and support the ‘message’, which is somehow translated to a specific ‘knowing’ or package of data.  Most do not mention any difference between communications from different species however, on occasions I have noticed differences in the way information is conveyed – rather like hearing an accent when, for example, a foreign person speaks English, or an English speaker speaks Chinese Mandarin.

There was a perceptible difference when on an occasion I ‘listened’ to telepathy between a Grey and a group of human-looking (Nordic) beings.  Was this evidence of the way the brain operates, or a variation in the use of consciousness?  Or was the speed and frequency of the information the cause of my difficulty in comprehending?
‘The Grey and the (human-like) group rapidly exchanged information that was difficult for me to follow at first, as the frequency of their telepathy was different from what I was used to with the Greys, akin to listening to a foreign accent.’  (Ch 23, Passing through the Planet) 


This is a method the Greys use to assist you to understand something in the context of your existing vocabulary and definitions, especially helpful for children.  They will telepathically search your mind, fishing for clues, looking for a similar terminology or concept, to speed up the conveyance of information.

‘The Grey now scanned my mind, drawing on my knowledge of language to find suitable terminology to express why he had shown me the far-reaching effects of nuclear warfare.
He says, it seems the images will put “fire in my belly”, terminology expressing a sense of purpose and commitment to have some influence on people’s thinking, even though I am not a scientist.  When we see something like this, we realise how fragile we are.’(Ch 18, The Galaxy Screen)

     ‘The Grandfather delved into my mind to find a parallel concept in order to clarify this information for me, discovering the concept of a fish net – eventually I would do something in my life that would attract these souls, like casting out a net and pulling it in with fish.
     He rapidly explored my mind selecting the image of a sandwich made up of many fillings, which he likened to the myriad facets of knowledge these souls have accumulated over many lifetimes.’
(Ch12, Discovering an Intimate Soul Connection)


Most visits onboard craft have a clear-cut purpose, but if time is short, or a person has not fully understood or obtained the information required in the time allowed, the Greys will use a telepathic method I call ‘sieving’, involving overloading information to the experiencer, who will consciously retain some, and be able to access the rest later.

‘The Grey scientist immediately began a different form of communication with me … a kind of instant filtering effect through my mind.  I can liken it to using a sieve when cooking: you pour something into it and some of the material will remain in the sieve, while the rest will pass through and down the plughole.  He quickly force-fed a great deal of information through my mind concerning their wider genetic programmes and the way they are seeding or assisting other planetary systems.  I consciously registered what I have the capacity to understand, and what was beyond me, was gone into my subconscious.  Finally, he told me what I had understood was sufficient at this point.  It was quite an experience.’  (Ch 22, Seeding Planets)

‘Multiple telepathic messaging’

A means of conveying information, often different in content, to each experiencer present in a room.

‘Our Grey instructor prepared to convey an information capsule to each of us using a method I nicknamed as a child, a ‘telepathic spray’, because it reminded me of watering a garden, with each drop from the shower of water reaching a separate plant.  I will explain this extraordinary form of communication: when humans hold a conversation, we can only convey one piece of information at a time.  There may be several listeners, but they will each receive the same information.  When the Greys perform a telepathic spray, they have the phenomenal ability to convey a different thought, encapsulated instruction, or packet of information as the case may be, to each person in the room at the same time.
     The Grey had prior knowledge of who would be present at this lecture …  knew details about each of us, had observed our lapses in knowledge and awareness during this lecture, and knew what was required to rectify this by giving an individual input to each person.  This information was then stored in his mind throughout the lecture and was now to be conveyed to each of us at once, within a few seconds, using “Multiple Telepathic Messaging” (MTM), or a telepathic spray.  The contents of our individual sprays would be revealed in our minds over time and at the appropriate moment.’

‘Intense interaction now relayed backwards and forwards between minds on this subject, with the Grey delving into our thoughts, registering questions, drawing perceptions out and pushing information in.  We were all part of every interaction, every level of explanation.  He was capable of addressing multiple questions, thoughts and impressions at once.  It was fascinating!’
(Ch 16, Interacting with our Universal Energy Fields)

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‘Quick time’ delivery

Given time constraints on activities on craft or in other locations (underground/sea bases), some experiencers have been trained to send and receive telepathy or imagery at lightning speed.  I refer to this as ‘quick time’.  The Greys are masters at speedy delivery.

‘The Grey told us he would complete the rest of the lecture in what I call “quick time”, or speedy telepathic delivery, as time was short.  It seemed on this occasion our focus must be increased tenfold.
We all received a message from him that images would appear in quick time, with rapid telepathy.
Images began flashing on the screen, initially, one every few seconds or so.  However, as our concentration was established and maintained, this then increased to one image roughly every second and then several images each second.  There was no time to blink.’
(Ch 34, A Dire Warning: Chaos on our Planet)

Telepathic exclusion

We understand verbal conversation as a communication between two or more people, and that it would be impossible to exclude one or more people from that conversation in close proximity (without whispering).  The Greys however, have mastered the ability to telepathically exclude one or more people in a group from receiving telepathy, and I have seen humans trained by them to do the same.  On occasions I have tapped into these alternative conversations: -

‘I sat quietly, observed and listened.  From somewhere within the strands of thought-exchanges I discerned a separate, private analytical process occurring and realised I had tapped into a conversation being carried out between the Greys and the human (instructor present).  My eavesdropping confirmed that those who continued to express questions and demand answers, which had already been explained at length, would be shifted into another programme.  They had revealed they would likely fail at their future tasks … The human up the front was now looking directly at me because of course, he knew I had overheard, and he communicated privately to me that I was correct … the human and Grey communicated with only five of us now, the rest excluded.’
(Ch 19, A Meeting at an Undersea Base: Disclosure of a Different Kind)


While many people today still do not believe telepathy is even possible other than in sci-fi movies, experiencers of contact with extraterrestrials, souls, spirits, and non-human intelligences (including animals) are able to describe the melding of their consciousness with these intelligences.  These pure communications can take a myriad of forms, with sound, colour, frequency, emotions, images, and enhanced sensory perception all contributing to the final ‘message’. 

We are now aware that telepathy has been studied by scientific groups, secret organizations and the military for decades.  The potential of telepathic communication through shared consciousness no doubt would have a significant impact on humanity, and with the reality of the extraterrestrial presence now slowly becoming ‘mainstream, communication techniques such as outlined in this article may take on a new significance in the future.

We are slowly becoming a telepathic society with the emergence of thought-controlled technology, however, as yet, we have not attained the missing key element of pure consciousness, nor the control of our thoughts as a constructive and beneficial method of instant communication.

Suzanne Hansen, New Zealand
Experiencer, UFO researcher/investigator, author, public speaker.