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We are not only beings of the Earth, we are more than that. It is traditionally believed that humans possess an innate knowledge of space, a connection and aspiration towards it. All human cultures believed they knew many secrets of the night skies and of the distant realms beyond them that were capturing their imagination, inspired myths about human origin, ascension, eventual return to those realms, places of power, dwelling places of gods and souls and other things. With the development of science, however, our perception gradually changed, and we began adjusting our views to better align to new discoveries, becoming aware that the way we understood our own and other distant worlds was very much a mirror of our human nature and civilization.

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In recent times, a certain innate knowledge of and relationship with other worlds and their beings has become once again very obvious through extraterrestrial contacts. Again, they are considered as a source of meaning, which suggests, in the view of cognitive scientist Timothy L. Hubbard, that humanity may be related to these higher realms in ways both fundamental and intimate, that the human mind and human life may be "tightly coupled" with life in the universe and related in ways that are difficult to imagine.

The connection between extraterrestrial, or, perhaps better to say, higher-dimensional beings and us humans is reflected through many very diverse indirect expressions of the effects of contact: drawings of humanoid-looking beings, various robot-types and hybrid children; fluent speaking of alien-type languages that touch us on a deeper energetic level and that a meaningful part of ourselves can understand; complicated abstract designs that also resonate on some profound and significant level, indicating that there is something more at work than ordinary artistic inspiration. The artists who produce such works say they are downloading information.

One of the most important implications of extraterrestrial contact is considered a spiritually transformative experience caused by the wide range of anomalous phenomena a contactee is exposed to: extraordinary light as from a heavenly realm, intense emotion, whole body vibration at a high rate that provides access to a higher consciousness, feeling at home with a wish to stay in this magical place for ever, and other unusual experiences. Such encounters with an ultra-reality makes our regular three-dimensional reality appear less real, almost illusory, which is an inversion that often accompanies an other-dimensional contact experience. Something has changed so that our reality now looks like the opposite of what it has always seemed to be.

So, a more accurate understanding of reality would be, as Steven Greer says, that of a full-spectrum reality that is a singular, integrated one which may then be perceived wholly or in its various aspects.

Spiritual teachers across the world and those from other dimensions interpret our current situation as a period of a divine reset that is unfolding according to a higher plan. Ascension is not about going somewhere, it is about full presence, an unrestricted presence. So let us not place restrictions upon ourselves and deny our capacity and authority, they are saying. After fully exiting the current societal standstill, we will reignite ourselves and rediscover our power of creation. In the next phase of our life on this planet there will be no taking sides and no winners and losers because there will be no battle. This is going to be a decisive engagement, imagining, with Buckminster Fuller, a world that works.

A recent message from the ninth dimension's Arcturian Council, as reported by a channeller, is that they are enormously satisfied with the progress we humans are making: finally accessing what is ours and has been free for us to access at any time. They seek to aid the helpers among us, because cooperating with human helpers makes the Arcturians themselves more efficient in what they are able to offer humanity. There is no separation between us and them, they say, or any otherworldly collective that humans hold in high esteem. But the initiative for cooperation must be ours: "If you will lead, we will match your efforts". It seems we both benefit from our contacts and cooperation activates the very best not only of our own potential, but also of theirs.

Contact experiences manifest on individual and societal levels with important implications on both of them. I feel that on both levels partial merging has already occurred, that the otherworldly presence permeates the fabric of our earthly space and to various degrees our inner worlds, whether we are aware of it or not. There is a presence of something, as if superimposed on the usual frequency of our living space, but what we are less aware of is that this presence of an otherworldly nature has also merged with who we think we are individually. As such, seeing ourselves as genuine, unique, independent human beings is not entirely correct, and this comes with no adverse consequences, if we have been upgraded to an identity of a higher order, able to maintain an intrinsic relationship with higher realms of existence.

As for myself, the most important implication of experiencing various extraordinary phenomena and having contact with the intelligences behind them is what I would call the "grey zone" as part of this domain, of which constant awareness must be maintained, because we never know when and in what manner something from this zone may suddenly begin to act upon us. It is amorphous and indiscernible, but this does not mean that it always feels strange or menacing. With our insights deepening and fear overcome, it may even feel familiar, as if containing all the information needed and hiding the secret of how to become whole and perfect.

But the grey zone is also the territory that the self-serving otherworldly beings can pull us into and then manipulate us. Therefore, besides all the expected benefits of disclosure – the new physics, new energies, new medicine, new ecology, new priorities bringing about positive societal changes as a result of access to new knowledge and awareness - the crucial implication of humanity's extraterrestrial contact is how we will manage the unknown. How humanity will perform in unchartered territories if pulled there using strategies, the goals of which we will not recognize in time. We must navigate carefully.

We must also navigate carefully because it is not only them. We are walking a tightrope between a still mysterious extraterrestrial presence and our own political structures that try to control us in so many ways. Making it to the other side should mean becoming free from a position of dependence and inferiority vis-a-vis the ones and the others in every possible sense.

Researchers into the extraterrestrial contact phenomenon can't stress enough that the empowering experiences from benevolent contacts must be shared by creating something that represents the experience, using the wisdom gained, taking what someone has been gifted with and putting it to beneficial use in service of humanity. Contactees are said to show a stronger than usual tendency to self-actualization, to become, as Maslow puts it, what they have the potential to be, becoming more and more what they truly are, realizing everything they are capable of becoming, as expressed in Maslow's idea of a "full realization of one's true self."

Of course, it is the moral responsibility of an experiencer who is inspired and empowered by contact to invest their time and energy in bringing about social changes, in terms of freedom and respect for all life, and to a greater extent than we can expect from those ignorant of the existence of other cosmic societies and of the ways in which they function. The instinct of an experiencer should protect him and those around him from being tricked into obedience to a certain politics that uses an inversion narrative in order to impose control and slow down our growth and development.

As to the level of consciousness of the people on this planet, the fact is we are not all the same. In their theory of Spiral Dynamics, Beck and Cowan present different levels of consciousness, taking into consideration the percentage of the world population exhibiting a certain level in relation to the amount of the power they hold. The levels are presented in stages of different colours, with consciousness evolving from beige to purple to red, blue, and orange, gradually rising from a mere survival instinct to seeking a safety that can only be assured by an all-powerful other, then to the self-serving pursuit of prosperity, while it is only by reaching the green stage that human consciousness has integrated some sense of community, seeking peace and cherishing sensitivity, which has been expressed in movements and personalities such as John Lennon, Greenpeace, Woodstock, concern for the environment, animal rights, multiculturalism, and in which 10% of the world population is involved holding 15% of the world's power. The authors believe that we are now moving towards the turquoise stage where the basic idea is to experience harmony and the wholeness of existence as expressed in Gandhi's idea of Pluralistic Harmony, Ken Wilber's Spectrum Of Consciousness, Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Fields and Marshall McLuhan's Global Village. They estimate that 1% of the world population might now be at this stage, holding 1% of the world's power. But since these are higher levels, they have a disproportionally strong influence in the world. And as time goes on, additional stages of influence will emerge, since this is an emergent process.


Beck and Cowan estimate, however, that as much as 95% of the world's population should be at the turquoise stage of consciousness development for disclosure to be seen as "no big deal". At this stage it would be possible for the others to reveal themselves en masse and we would welcome them with open arms. We would perceive and interact with them spontaneously, as tends to happen more often at these higher stages, when different qualities and abilities come online.

The specific stage of consciousness we are at is very important, because the way someone at the red stage responds to an alien presence superior to us is very different to how someone at the green and especially turquoise level responds to it. For the red stage, as Beck and Cowan say, the world is a jungle full of predators, it is us versus them, so how will they respond to a presence that is not even human, let alone part of their tribe?

A question that rises in this context, and one that refers to the actual situation we are facing, is what stage the “official exo-politics” is at today, with the problem being how to balance the actual red-stage thinking this system currently promotes, even if perhaps for manipulative reasons, with the green-turquoise wisdom and vision already achieved by the 15% of the population, with this number constantly growing through a process of mass awakening. The awakened people see the synergies among all life forms and energetic connections they share. They are able to solve complex problems affecting the world in a way that benefits the whole spiral. They have the integrity needed to make incredible leaders. They realize consciousness is central to humanity's problems. They usually become teachers, gurus, visionaries, and sages, who can build and guide their communities.

At turquoise stage, the authors say, the mystical becomes the mundane, and the paranormal becomes normal. Therefore, it is not surprising that turquoise consciousness includes Sadhguru, Dumbledore, and James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis, for example.

In our civilization, almost all institutions and governments are close-minded with regard to this turquoise consciousness, because they are at a lower stage in the spiral and experience this level as delusional. Turquoise governments have never existed, and if they did, we would have a unified global system and its purpose would be to elevate the consciousness of all humanity. 

I myself believe that We the People are ready for full disclosure and have been ready for some time, but have been prevented from progressing in this direction because the consciousness of our leaders is not ready yet. However, Exo-Academian channel for example, prudently insists that, before we make the long-latent leap forward, we still need a "modular consciousness upgrade" to support the new reality, that we need to establish a supportive context for this matter to be handled peacefully. But it also believes that the extraterrestrials are working behind the scenes in a preparatory way, raising our consciousness incrementally and secretly putting in place the support structures needed.

How does an upgrade of consciousness occur on a personal level?

Mark Sims from Harmonic Convergence describes his contact as a "communion experience". One night after a CE-5 gathering he expressed a wish for friendship and relationship with an extraterrestrial being, an unconditional trust in such beings and openness to any experience. Soon he noticed a whirlpool in his third eye that condensed into a sphere and then morphed into a non-physical humanoid being, highly intelligent, filling the room with a sense of awe. He then had a tingling sensation in his body and gradually an acute awareness that there was another entity inside him. He got into a heightened emotional state, like riding on a roller-coaster. The being told Mark that his name was Tejzbar and he was an ascended being from the Earth where he had been human 3,000 years ago, and had by now reached the celestial state.

They communicated telepathically, but soon, instead of transmitting information to him through a telepathic dialogue, the being began feeding Mark information through downloads, like on a plate. At the first attempt, a falling star appeared in Mark's third eye followed by a download and an instantaneous understanding. After some practice he didn't need the falling star anymore.

Tejzbar told Mark that there is no way to explain certain things to him because they were outside his experience of higher levels of consciousness, and he would not be able to capture the essence of existence at such levels. When the time comes for an ascension process to begin, beings go through a period of transitional adjustment, like being born again, and an intense adjustment of consciousness takes place. "That's how it happens, as close as the words can come," says Mark. 

The effect of the contact was as expected, and typical, as Mark became aware that he was on a mission and had to step up to this responsibility. Mark and Tejzbar joined in a partnership to prepare the human family to recalibrate, since inside the box of reality we have created we have become a danger to ourselves and are facing an existential threat of our own making caused by inappropriate treatment of the planet and of each other. A lot of ascended souls are therefore returning down to assist and commune with us to save the planet, healing the Earth and one another.

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Mark and Tejzbar successfully overcame the barriers of communication, not using our linear spoken or written language, putting one word after another, but instead telepathy and downloads to convey a message as a whole. The Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan claims that linear language is an impoverished version of interhuman communication which changed us from a culture where all senses simultaneously participated in a common interplay, into one that follows the tyranny of linearity.

McLuhan's book The Guttenberg Galaxy is one that stands in particular opposition to the printed language, and presents an attempt at overriding linear language patterns, so that the whole spectrum, the whole galaxy of human existence, is presented as a mosaic of interacting forms undergoing "perpetual kaleidoscopic transformations" to convey all aspects of a message simultaneously, and thereby holistically.

The structure of the language affects the speaker's cognition and worldview, McLuhan says.  Our perceptions are related to the language we use, which influences our thoughts and decisions. To overcome this, certain experimental or constructed languages have been designed to enable the expression of deeper levels of human cognition which have historically been blurred by the, some say deliberate, impoverishment of the once rich languages of the past. So, some linguists are fascinated by the possibility of creating new languages that could enable "better ways of thinking”.

An attempt at transcending barriers between worlds is James Joyce's novel Finnegan's Wake, in which he uses “complex linguistic tactics” to combine the real and the dream worlds. He uses peculiar individualized languages, nonsense syllables, words without meanings, spaces left between words to be filled by the readers as they wish... with the aim that the reader's perceptual, mental and emotional processes contribute to the manifestation of "quantum non-local effects in human experience".

So Applemin's Barriers Beyond Contact are based on the presumed vastly different perceptions and understanding of ours and other worlds, which could prevent or at least hinder social relationships between beings from different dimensions. Telepathy would thus be ideal to transmit higher-order information, he says, but it would still be a language.  And humans mostly think in a language.

Alien language

In addition, he says, the reality may mainly exist within the mind, which is always an extension and a limitation of what exists externally. Therefore, even more problematic would be the "comprehension barrier", since a given species may never comprehend a message that originated independently of its own mind, and thus the only approach that might allow an interspecies communication would be the creation of "a new life".

Transhumanism? We the People do not want it!!!  And we can only wonder about the possible role that the extraterrestrials have in such initiatives. For example, The Moonshot International Symposium scheduled for April 2021 has announced a program that will focus on topics such as overcoming the limitations of body, brain, space, and time – a coevolution of AI and robots – incorporating the flexible and unconventional thinking of young people while setting goals for “the new normal”. We don't want this, one perhaps in the extraterrestrials' image! The observers comment that the ideas that will be presented can lead to abuse of the public if it doesn't get informed and involved. The program also contains a debatable premise that the progress of our civilization will be based on the progress of tools, technological or as social frameworks.


As a counterbalance, here is the comment by Sasha Stone from Arise Homo Sapiens that perfectly fits this situation: “We have allowed academia and the media to take control over the images of the screen of our lives, giving them a greenlight to change our genetic code into a synthetic code, which can bring about the ultimate enslavement of humanity, by connecting human life to cybernetic systems and having reality and virtual reality blurred. Artificializing us, desensitizing us, abnormalizing us in any possible way! A dominion of artifice over the living!!!”

How naturally evolved are the extraterrestrial beings we are going to interact with? The answer hides inside that grey zone. Will we need a technological upgrade to match their minds? Have our DNA rewritten? This raises many questions, such as: is being human still of value, and being humane a virtue?

A great many people associate the positive and the less positive developments within human society with an extraterrestrial influence, one sign of which is also a drawing on the side of a forest path leading to the castle hill near my city, showing a one-eyed symbol, the occult sign of the powers that be, with an alien craft hovering above it.

Drawing of UFO on rock

But on the other hand, many people, among them all members of our local CE-5 group, see the extraterrestrial presence as 100% positive, expressing absolute trust while inviting these beings for an encounter, the same as Mark Sims, as mentioned above.

Natalia - What matters is that the extraterrestrials have been very slowly revealing their origins and the soul connection that we have with them and are encouraging us to look for deeper knowledge about the essence and diversity of life in the universe. They have presented to us tangible proof of their presence, such as by appearing unexpectedly in our photos, so that we can convincingly confirm to our co-earthlings that they exist. They have introduced us to our starseed groups, compatible individuals among us, so that we do not feel alone with our dual human-extraterrestrial souls, thereby appeasing us, reassuring us that they are always with us, raising our frequency so that we can see beyond the veil.

Aleksandra – I can sense them and feel who they are. I feel when they are telepathically connecting with me from a distance. In such moments always comes whatever I need: help, advice, solutions. I integrate their messages on a subconscious level and I am constantly connected to their dimensions. I trust them and I am ready to meet them face to face any time.

Franci – The essential things I draw from my extraterrestrial contacts is the experience that in the multiverse, on the vibrational level, there are no coordinate systems, geographical, spacetime, or other. We persist in these systems, cling to them, but they are an illusion. We determine a starting point of something and then obsessively refer to it, while in reality it doesn't exist! Reality is always relative, never absolute! This is also how we interpret our history, we imagine temporal systems and thus cement a quantum multi-time into a linear joke! Extraterrestrial contacts throw us into real life! All our human constructs, all our naive presumptions dissipate instantaneously to make room for the truth!

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What has been talked about here and so much more is of tremendous importance for what we will base our extraterrestrial diplomacy on. We must take into account the information we have about extraterrestrial races, our experiences with them, and we will have to be wise enough to choose correctly who to establish relationships with, presuming that the choice will even be possible. Again, we are dealing with two entities, our political establishment and the extraterrestrials. Waiting for our world to unite will not be possible for much longer, as something will happen before that. Tier-two diplomatic initiatives, coming from the people, will therefore have to exert enough pressure on our political establishment to first stop the actual space threat narrative and then start talking to the citizens and listen to what the contactees have to say. What is in the head of a contactee matters. They can add an important piece into the mosaic of who and what we are going to deal with. They are the ones with the greatest chances to pierce through the grey zone and identify it for what it is. Not only the grey zone associated with the extraterrestrials, but also, having experienced subtle dimensions of reality, the grey zones within our own civilization.

Nothing is clear yet, but we must keep in mind one thing. We as human beings have travelled very far, although we are not perfect yet, still struggling with open-mindedness and morality. But the deep thinkers among us, those from stage turquoise, have actually figured out everything. They have already designed the premises for a new era perfectly, putting what is human and humane first. In preparation for contact we should insist on being the ones to set the criteria because this is our planet and our home, and we have the right to do this and to act on a level that we can handle while somehow preventing manipulation of a higher order being used to our disadvantage.

Global protocols and representation will have to be well thought out. Our goal is liberation through an ultimate emancipation, which is an inner stand, a self-perception that we must maintain coming from an awareness of our value as human beings, which will then manifest in our external behavior; awareness of our rights and the optimal goals for our future based on natural moral law as an essential property of existence, forever there, "without human causality". A new declaration of cosmic cooperation will have to include all this. 

Here is where we stand. The avenues are open for us to step on and venture into a much better future for all.


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