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Fujifilm describes the orbs as a common photographic problem :

“There is always a certain amount of dust floating around in the air. You may have noticed this at the movies when you look up at the light coming from the movie projector and notice the bright sparks floating around in the beam. In the same way, there are always dust particles floating around nearby when you take pictures with your camera. When you use the flash, the light from the flash reflects off the dust particles and is sometimes captured in your shot. Of course, dust particles very close to the camera are blurred since they are not in focus, but because they reflect the light more strongly than the more distant main subject of the shot, that reflected light can sometimes be captured by the camera and recorded on the resulting image as round white spots. So these dots are the blurred images of dust particles.”


Two decades ago I started to have my orbs pictures journey, an unexplained phenomenon easily to mix up with a natural phenomenon, after taking thousands of orb photos, I heard all the guesses from people on how the orbs might show up in the pictures. They says everything from light reflection on the dust in the air, to dirt on the camera lens, to water vapor or dew have all been put forth as possible explanations for causing orb-like phenomena. I do agree the above explanations are answered some of the orbs image, and that was my explanation at the early stage too, but if you continue to practice this orb photos exercise, you will find that the images you took seems getting much intense, and even got evolving. All those conventional reason wont fit in anymore.


One day in June, 2010, I was doing a CE-5 with my diving friends in a resort at Indonesia, strange thing happens in the middle of the process , all of a sudden the whole resort’s power failure, although we didn’t stop until it had finished. We didn’t have any UFO sighting after, so I went to the beach and took orbs pictures as usual, if thats the answer from “them“, that should be one of the most amazing thing I come across in my journey. All the orbs that I took with a Grey’s face inside, some are even with the same face inside the same orbs in a consecutive photos with slightly facial movement. Orbs photos are seems evolving in my case, from a faded circle of lights, into a circle of bright lights, later on , change to different colors of lights orbs , and now with a face inside. There are no more excuse to stated that orbs are light reflection of dust particle & water droplet in the air.

Its a complete game changer to me. But what exactly is that remain a mystery to me date back then. Will Orbs phenomenon is one of the way for ET to make contacts with us?

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Also available as a PDF

On November 20, 2017, six months after the international English version of “ ANOTHER REALITY “ published, I received an email from Professor Dominique Surel. She is the dean of Energy Medicine University, California, Director of the Remote Vlewing Research Institute and the founder of Noetic Systems International .

Professor Surel was trained in Lyn Buchanan's Controlling Remote Viewing Training, while Lyn Buchanan served as the instructor of the remote viewing unit of the U.S. Army, commonly known as the Psychic Spy.

Stan Ho and Dominique Surel
Stan Ho and Professor Surel

The CIA used trained remote viewing units to detect classified enemy military weapons devices and underground bases.

Since then, Professor Surel has spent more than twenty-five years studying the intuition and the link between awareness and the nonlocal realm, which is now a scientifically proven.

With the support of data, she created a unique and comprehensive remote viewing protocol, which can learn from the subconscious lead to accurate intuitive insights, while integrating rational thinking to find out the precision from the target.

I know Professor Surel from the "Control Remote Viewing" course. I had the honor to learn the basic theory and procedure of controlling remote viewing from Professor Surel back then,

Since then we have kept in touch with each other. In this unexpected email, Professor Surel Using the orbs photographs in my book as remote viewing targets without prior notice, (in short, control Remote viewing programs can subconsciously return to where the photograph captures in a non-local domain time and space to intuitively obtain information at that particular time), Professor Surel also recruited one of her senior Remote Viewing Cadet – Jon Araghi for this remote viewing expedition. Jon and I don't know each other, And Jon is unaware of the related phenomenon. Professor Surel also stated in the email that the report contained material that should interests me, because it has something to do with what I have experienced.

With the consent from Professor Surel to open this report for public.

It is hoped that the readers will have a deeper and enlighten understanding of the orbs phenomenon.


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