An Experiencer’s account

  • Erica Koen

My journey with orbs began without my knowing it.

In 2005 I was working as an energy healing practitioner. I had seen the images of discs of light in photos circulating on the internet. Word had it, that those images were all dust, moisture particles or camera artifacts, so I did not make any connection to orb images and what I had begun to see with the naked eye. (Of course, the internet is flooded with photos of orb-like dust particles etc., but just because some orb photos are not genuine, it does not therefore invalidate the whole orb phenomenon.)  

I had been seeing tiny specks of blue light for some time, but these began to change. The lights now began to emerge like pinpoints of light coming out of deep space and then they would expand into flashes or spinning circles of light of varying colours. Silver, blue, indigo, purple, and gold were the colours of most of the orbs present in my healing room. On other occasions, at home or in public, I would also see red-, green- and rainbow-coloured orbs. They would remain for just a few seconds before disappearing, although I would know that they were present nonetheless.

When I saw the orbs in my healing room, I would experience a fine vibration running through my body and I would feel slightly breathless. Then I would know I was “connected.” The orbs would flash to draw my attention to important things a client would be saying or to affirm something I was saying (or thinking!) They would often give me important insights telepathically, that would aid a client’s healing process. Sometimes they would pinpoint a spot on the client’s body. I would then know to investigate that further. Once I watched as a blue orb flashed brightly next to a troubled client’s head. The client gasped and exclaimed that she had just had the most brilliant insight and solution to her problem.  I replied: “Yes, I know. I saw!”  The idiom “I saw the light” instantly took on new meaning for me then.

Through a series of synchronicities, I was led to do healings also for animals. The orbs were ever present with the animals as well. (One of these orb-beings told me his name was Doctor Anu.)

As time passed my connection to the orbs deepened. I started seeing them everywhere; several times a day, every single day. One morning I opened the back door only to see a massive sphere of golden light, like a craft, take off from my back garden.

My ophthalmologist has told me that my brain facilitates my “second sight.” It is said that the brain only takes in what is necessary for everyday living – so for most people, orbs are discarded with the material the brain considers to be redundant. But orbs are not the only strange objects I have seen. I have also seen other non-physical beings and objects, including what looks like flying sheets of graphene!

I have had to learn not to call out in company when I see orbs around people. Most people just do not understand; some think it sounds too crazy to believe, others feel fearful. Few people are curious and even fewer question the nature of our reality.

I have seen orbs while driving, flying among cars. They would fly with me too, on my healing journeys.  I once saw a housebound client (an unscheduled appointment) in the south of the city and after her appointment, needed to get to the north of the city in a short space of time. The client expressed her concern that I would be late for the next appointment, because of heavy traffic that time of day.  I replied that the orb light-beings brought me to her and that they would see to it that I would get to my next appointment on time. I got into my car and miraculously, the traffic just opened before me!

Once my husband went missing in the mountains for several days after setting out to hike for just a day. A huge rainbow-coloured orb appeared in my house on the first day that he went missing. The orb told me telepathically that my husband would be found but that it would take some time. This orb stayed with me for the duration of the time that my husband was missing.  It would flash several times a day to assure me that it was still there. On the second night, it rained and was cold. I felt concern, but the orb told me: “He has shelter.”  (It turned out to be so.)  Late on the third day my husband was found and when I received the news, the orb left. It seems like the rainbow orb had the task of staying with me during the crisis.

Another occasion when I saw a large rainbow-coloured orb, was while I was a student in a Kabbalah class, being taught by a Rabbi. (I am not Jewish but I have a degree in “Science of Religion” and an interest in mysticism.) I could not help but gasp when I saw this rainbow-orb. The Rabbi asked me who the orb-being was, but I said I did not know. Then instantly, I saw the letters A_M_O_S come flying across the room!

On a visit to Europe and the United Kingdom, on the day my journey started, I woke up and saw a blue orb next to my bed. It was checking in, and remained present throughout my travels (although I was not travelling alone and am not a nervous traveller.) An orb-guardian? On this trip, while on a visit to the Vatican, I saw a massive silver light in front of, and above St. Peter’s Basilica. It was about 15 meters long but so brilliant that I could not see if there was any object inside the light.  No-one around me saw this, leaving me deeply disappointed and frustrated.

The Dream

One night I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I was walking on a mountain top at night. Against the dark sky there appeared a gigantic golden orb. I moved closer and saw that there was something written on the orb. It looked like Egyptian hieroglyphs. I knew that I was meant to understand this, but do not recall (in waking life) that I deciphered it.  

Soon after this dream which left me feeling quite unsettled, I lay on my bed and for the first time, I picked up my camera to see if I could photograph orbs. This is the strange orb (photo cropped) that just dropped into my room:

Erica Photo 1

I sent the original orb photo plus photos taken just before and after (for comparison) to Dr Klaus Heinemann, a physicist and former researcher of materials science at NASA and Stanford University. Dr Heinemann is co-author of the book The Orb Project, a verythorough and scientific investigation of the orb phenomenon. Dr Heinemann indicated that he had not seen such an orb before and thought that this was possibly an emanation of a special being. I agree with Dr Heinemann that orbs emanate from some larger form of energy and could be the spirit aspect of those who have passed over; emanations of spirit guides, angels, nature spirits, beings who have never incarnated here before, or highly evolved beings from dimensions we cannot even begin to fathom. I would add that orbs can also be lightships and are inextricably part of The UFO Phenomenon.

One evening out in my backyard, I called out: “Teach me!” The next photo I took, showed a spinning orb:

Erica Photo 2

Orbs look like circular discs in digital photos. But orbs are not discs at all – orbs are both spheres and vortices. When we look at the discs, we are really looking down into the mouths of vortices. In my opinion orbs have a time dimension and are therefore 4D objects. 

I would photograph orbs in my bedroom most nights before bedtime. Sometimes luminous objects appeared in the shape of pillars, about a meter long. These were silver or blue and try as I may, I was not able to photograph them. Once something that looked like a fire-cracker sparkler, flew from the garden through my bedroom wall. A nature-spirit? A friend remarked of my bedroom orbs, saying: “Erica, if I were you, I would get undressed behind a screen!” 

I have always had lucid dreams and OBEs since childhood, but their frequency and intensity, and the number of precognitive dreams, increased. Dreams of flying through space on discs, visiting strange places and worlds and being taught by non-human intelligences (NHI). Some dreams had NHI talking in foreign languages. I have dreamed of standing on a beach, waiting for spaceships and on their arrival, felt my heart explode with love indescribable.

In some of these dreams I was being taught about orbs. I was told: “The orbs that you see, experience their reality as solid as you do yours.”  About different dimensions, I was told: “It’s not about above or below.” Then I was shown an image of a used scrubbing brush with knotted, twisted bristles, symbolic of dimensions being close together and intertwined. Not surprising then, that within the UFO/Orb Phenomenon, we are dealing with orbs and beings from these many intersecting dimensions. Beings who have different agendas and different levels of consciousness.

In another of these dreams I was inside a car, being overtaken by a tsunami and about to die. As the realization set in, my spirit flew out of the car and into an orb. Inside the orb it felt like being inside a capsule.  It was warm, soft, and felt immensely good.  I felt myself flying inside this orb.  When I reached my destination, the orb opened as though there were elevator doors and I stepped outside. From this I have a sense that people who die in accidents or violent situations might not feel pain but leave their bodies a split second before impact/disaster, and fly off not as orbs, but with the use of orbs as light-body carriers. What we speak of as a Merkabah perhaps?

In another dream/OBE I was inside a massive blue orb – a lightship of some sort. A blue NHI was with me. The being told me: “There is only this blue light. Use your mind to connect to the light and it will react to your thoughts.”  One morning just as I woke up, a blue being appeared in front of me in 3D. I felt bathed in love but before I could react, within seconds, he was gone.  

I have seen a massive blue lightship hovering high above my house, but I was unable to photograph it. I watched as it sped off and two hours later a report came of a large blue UFO seen elsewhere in the country.

I have seen orb-lightships travelling from horizon to horizon in what seems like a second. These lightships move so fast, it is impossible to photograph them.  Nothing is ever reported in the media about these lights and I have come to live with a measure of suppressed frustration that people around me cannot see what I see and remain oblivious of the greater reality we find ourselves in.

There are smaller orbs that travel through the sky and sometimes dive right into the ground. In my house, I am quite used to them flying through the walls, ceiling, etc.  Once I was sitting at my desk facing a wall. Two orbs came from behind and flew through the wall on either side of me. I jumped, but chuckled.  A few minutes later they came back through the wall on either side of me, this time from the front! Orbs being playful.

With orbs, there is always intent behind their showing and in the strategic way they will often place themselves. This is one way for orbs to communicate.  I learned that orbs would sometimes respond to my requests. I photographed them way above my house. Then I would ask them to come closer and they would appear on the roof of my house.

Once, something vortex-like appeared in my lounge. Deep purple/indigo-blue, about half a meter from top to bottom. It disappeared within seconds so I did not see much more than swirling colours. Near that same spot in my house, I once experienced an hour of missing time, with no idea of what happened during that time.

Orbs often accompany other strange objects, like these I have photographed:

Erica Photo 3 Erica Photo 4

Orbs often reveal faces:

Erica Photo 5 Erica Photo 6


When outside photographing orbs, I sometimes receive a flash from the sky in response to my camera flashes pointed at the sky. Orbs or others objects would sometimes investigate me. I have seen shadow-objects about a meter wide, swoop down and pass close to me.

Orbs often call me to bed at night by flashing. I then feel a need to hurry up and go to sleep. I have had dreams of “working” in other dimensions. I know our world of sleep and dreaming is not what it seems. We are only scratching the surface of a more encompassing vision of who we truly are and of the true nature of our reality.

My journey with orbs, perhaps, did not start in a vacuum. I have had psychic experiences since childhood, face-to-face contact with Greys in my youth and other contact experiences. My encounters with orbs-of-light have been precious, ongoing learning experiences. They have given me some insights into my journey here on Earth and they have helped me to assist others. They continue to subtly nudge me in the areas where I am lacking in Love. These areas include becoming ever more authentic; mostly, in thought. I expect for the Next Human there will be no place to hide – how could we, if everyone could communicate telepathically and read each other’s minds!