By Bill Konkolesky

Some orbs are clearly anomalous phenomena, despite the bad rap they’ve been given. But what are they?

There are some phenomena that occasionally fall into a fad-like category, like crop circles. Leveled patches of crops, sometimes in random formations, sometimes intricately well-designed, appearing unexpectedly and extensively in England and, to a lesser extent, in other places drew intense interest for several years but now the phenomenon and interest in it has waned considerably. One great reason for the high number of crop circles was that a great many were man-made by individuals like the infamous “Doug and Dave” working the fields as their personal canvass.  Some formations were truly anomalous, though, as William C. Levengood and other scientists demonstrated curious features in some crops such as “node expulsion” (the plants blew out from within!) that couldn’t be explained by tromping down fields with a board and a couple ropes. Even so, those who were satisfied to hear that some of these were man-made, unfortunately, were all too content extending this conclusion to all examples.

Around the year 2000, when digital photography took off with a fancy new breed of camera that would eventually find its way onto phones, other unusual phenomena stepped into the limelight, as well. People were taking pictures of the sun, only to conclude that a black spot on the solar surface in their picture must be a UFO. It wasn’t (just an overexposed pixel). Folks were taking pictures of spiral shaped creatures that couldn’t be seen by the human eye, dubbing them “rods,” a previously unknown life-form. These were insects (the spirals being the blurred freeze-frame of fast-beating wings giving the illusion of a solid shape). Individuals were taking pictures of glowing orbs that were also unseen but clearly appearing on digital images.  These were just dust particles reflecting light. Now, no one wants to listen to orb stories.

But wait, this is where orbs and crop circles have something in common. Some of both of these are authentically mysterious. As a State Director for a chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, I have heard and read many directly witnessed accounts of balls of light of multiple sizes and colors in multiple locations, both inside and outside people’s homes and cars (without cameras involved).  These balls of light sometimes appear quite intelligent, navigating through landscapes, seemingly examining man-made structures, and intentionally flying around (and even into!) people. Those familiar with the accounts of the Skinwalker Ranch know that lively orbs are part of that location’s paranormal circus.

One account in the excellent CUFOS book “Grassroots UFOs” details two men on foot being chased down a desert road by a red orb. It stopped at the edge of their property as they dashed into their house. Becoming apparently impatient with them hiding inside, the orb created a massive whirlwind of rocks, as if in a tantrum, before dropping the flurry of stones and flying off. 1

Particles of photographed dust aren’t known to do this. So, what’s going on?

One explanation for some of these encounters is perhaps that of a disembodied spirit. Witness a wispy white light in an abandoned house, cemetery, or place of someone’s demise (especially if recent) and you may make a case for a ghost.

Some of these lights appear closely tied to UFO phenomenon, though (and aren’t orbs technically UFOs, themselves?). In fact, balls of light have commonly been reported flying in, out, and around a variety of vehicle-sized unidentified flying objects over the years. Furthermore, they’ve been seen in conjunction with entities during contact/abduction scenarios.

I speculate the best explanation is that these types of orbs are drones remarkably made of light from a civilization of much greater technological prowess. It’s a simple answer that seems to make sense. We’ll crack this mystery one day, I’m certain.

For now, who can say who’s leaving those authentic crop formations but I bet they send out their orbs to find that perfect, unspoiled wheat field.

1 Swords, M. D., & Timmerman, J. P. (2005). Section 41: Grounded in Unreality. Grassroots UFOs: Case Reports from the Center for UFO Studies. Anomalist Books.