With UAP hearings in the US Congress and reports by the Pentagon and NASA, it seems we are closer to disclosure than ever before. Yet, as Bill Konkolesky puts it in his article below, this is a very lop-sided type of disclosure. It is a narrative that is promoted by the Pentagon that focuses on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena only and interprets their presence as a potential threat. In other words, it deals with only one aspect of an extraterrestrial presence. Contact experiences are ignored. And it also interprets the phenomenon through a heavily biased lens.

So, what we are witnessing is a limited and biased disclosure that serves the needs of the Pentagon. The picture that this narrative paints is incomplete and inaccurate. A more complete approach is needed, where one also considers the contact phenomenon in all its complexities.

We asked our panel members about their views on this matter.

Enjoy the articles!


Breaking Through Barriers of Ridicule and Denial

Mike Jamieson

We are watching now what may turn out to be a revealing of secrets guarded by special access programs, reportedly free of Congressional and Presidential oversight and maintained by private corporate hands.  We are also witnessing a variety of journalists and politicians responding to emerging revelatory claims that, if clearly and undeniably confirmed, will rock the world, and likely spark major changes in the human culture.

The current (as well as longstanding) focus is on UFO sightings reports and the claims of the recovery of advanced non-human technology and "biologics".  The extensive body of cases developed by civilian investigatory efforts that are based on collected reports of people experiencing encounters and interactions with an apparent variety of extraterrestrial beings remain for the most part completely ignored in all the news reporting and Congressional considerations.

At the same time, 13.7 million people have viewed the now seven-year-old YouTube-clip of the Saturday Night Live skit that completely ridicules the different features reported in the alien abduction experience.  Around that same time, in 2017, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment conducted a survey (as part of a promotional effort for a movie based on the 1997 mass sightings event in Phoenix).  It revealed that nearly half of the respondents felt there was an ET presence here but only 18% felt that alien abductions were real.

The SNL skit involved two comedic actors playing the role of two government interviewers and three assuming the role of alien abductees describing their experiences.  They all seemed familiar with actual reported features of this experience, including the "high strangeness" ones such as the transport of abductees via a blue beam.  Their sharing was animated in a way as to evoke eye rolling and laughter.

It would seem that the high strangeness features reported contribute to most everyone relegating reports of encounters to fringe status and something to ignore.

On June 20, 2023, New York Times columnist Ezra Klein interviewed writer/reporter Leslie Klein and shared his discomfort with "fringe" expressions from a scientist associated with aerospace companies and government contract work that apparently included him being aware of inside-government UFO knowledge. Journalists, academics, government leaders and, in the end, all of us will likely find it difficult to face reported elements at the core of UFO phenomenon that have been characterized as examples of "High Strangeness". Facing all that will entail going into "fringe" spaces, arousing discomfort.

In a historical overview introducing the 2-volumed content of the 2018 3rd edition of The UFO Encyclopedia, historian Jerome Clark observed that "certainly, where UFOs are concerned, an object that shows up on radar or leaves anomalous traces on the ground where it was seen to land may be assumed to exist in the world" yet "no comparable evidence exists for the reality of many of the high-strangeness phenomena". Clark states that few reporting encounter witnesses or experiencers are afflicted with mental illness and hallucinating, so that along with outright attention-seeking hoaxers, do not account for the bulk of reports that include puzzling high strangeness elements. It could be as Clark ponders: "Most high-strangeness phenomena are evidence of nothing so much as our ignorance, or of our constricted view of the possibilities of human experience."

In 1978 the UN General Assembly was considering a proposal from Grenada for the establishment of a UN agency that would address the issue of UFOs. At that time Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a university astronomer who served decades also as a consultant on UFO cases for the United States Air Force, addressed the Assembly and noted the impact and importance of "high strangeness", a term he created:

"It is a phenomenon so strange and foreign to our daily terrestrial mode of thought that it is met by ridicule and derision by persons and organizations unacquainted with the facts...."

He further observed:

"We have a record of many tens of thousands of UFO reports... [They] include extremely intriguing and provocative accounts of strange events experienced by highly reputable persons....[These are] events which challenge our present conception of the world about us and which may indeed may signal a need for a change in some of our concepts". (Quote taken from the 2004 book by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, "The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and the Process of Alien Abductions").

Looking at the traits evident in close encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind, we see beings with capacities and an awareness far beyond the common attainment of human beings. In fact, based on those types of cases, the Pentagon program known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) produced a slide for apparently internal presentations and which we know about from it emerging after it was found at an unsecured page at Christopher Mellon’s website. (Mellon is a former Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.)

It is now known famously as Slide 9. Its contents:

'DoD Threat Scenario (AATIP Sub-Focus Areas)

The science exists for an enemy of the United States to manipulate both physical and cognitive environments in order to penetrate U.S. facilities, influence decision makers, and compromise national security:

— Psychotronic weapons

— Cognitive Human Interface

— Penetration of solid surfaces

— Instantaneous sensor disassembly

— Alteration/Manipulation of biological organisms

— Anomalies in the space/time construct

— Unique cognitive interface experiences’.

DoD Advantages

—DoD has been involved in similar experiments in the past

—DoD has relationships with renowned subject matter experts

—DoD controls several facilities where activities have been detected. What was considered “phenomena” is now quantum physics."

The above list matches much of what has been frequently reported as aspects of encounter experiences: communication via telepathy; ability to instill or trigger virtual reality images and memories; affect a person's neurology, level of awareness; ability to move through solid objects (bright light energy seems to enable alien actions here); ability to just appear and disappear. And, more that puzzles and shocks.

It is safe to say that for many academics and academic institutions these phenomena don't exist outside literary imaginings and hallucinatory psychotic perceptions. Since academics seem to generally regard these types of reported things as pseudoscientific delusions, the high strangeness features have effectively served as a barrier for any significant scientific examination being directed towards the UFO/UAP mystery.

The possible undeniable confirmation soon of crash-retrieval programs and recovered non-human will undoubtedly stir interest in the beings behind the UFO mystery.  And that will likely bring attention to the many published cases of close encounters of the third and fourth kind.  

The points made above by Jerome Clark and J. Allen Hynek (about the limits of our current knowledge) are helpful prefaces to any presentation of that type of data.  Noting also the weirdness of quantum physics, like was done in slide 9, would also perhaps soften for at least some, initially, the strong resistance to taking a look at the close encounter cases.

In 2021 two major polls were taken of the opinions of Americans.  The CBS poll taken in May of that year indicated 66% of Americans thought intelligent life existed on exoplanets and that 51% felt some UFOs here might be alien spacecraft.  The Pew Research Center surveyed in June of that year and found that 65% responded in the affirmative to intelligent life existing elsewhere.  Pew noted also that 10% definitely felt some UFOs were ET and 41% that some UFOs probably were ET, so that's matching the 51% number CBS got. 

Pew also dug a little deeper:  17% thought the beings were friendly, 7% unfriendly, 74% neither and 7% giving no answer.  Also, 10% perceived a major threat was posed by them, 36% saw a minor threat, 51% saw no threat at all and 3% no answer.

The above numbers from Pew that register people's sense of a threat don't seem to suggest they feel a major one.  Combining those seeing only a minor threat and those none at all, that's 87%.  

What will change with this perspective if much more than the current fifth of Americans come to accept the reality of alien abductions?  Will an initial disclosure of the basic fact of a non-human, "off worldly", presence cause a significant turn of attention to alien abduction cases, even if authorities attempt to deny or downplay that aspect?
There are already schools of thought firmly in place concerning the abduction activities of a network of beings, the Mantis, tall Greys, small Greys, and others such as Reptilians and human-like observed participating.  Many government insiders, and some civilians, feel that these beings are demonic and from dark subtle dimension realms.  Quite a few Ufologists feel this group is a predatory force that criminally intrudes in the lives of many selected families, gathering genetic material to fashion a hybrid species that supposedly will replace us.  But there are others who note some of the growth in their capacities and awareness and who thus feel these beings are engaged in a positive initiation process.  And, finally there are those (like myself) who will need a lot more info before concluding regarding this matter.


Lop-sided Disclosure

Bill Konkolesky

UFO Disclosure is making some lop-sided strides.

I give several presentations each year on the UFO phenomenon, chiefly at local conferences and public libraries.  The favorite part of these for me is when the audience shares stories, comments, and questions at the end of the sessions. 

At a talk I gave two weeks ago, a woman in the audience was nodding along throughout, particularly the part where I mention that UFO Disclosure, while making recent strides, still has a long way to go.  I easily recognize this type of individual, someone astounded why more people aren’t paying attention to the truth right in front of them.  I was then surprised when she asked this question after the presentation.

“You know those little people with the big eyes some people describe?  Where did that come from?”

I’ll admit, after twenty some years of doing UFO presentations, this threw me.

I replied matter-of-factly, “Those who have close contact in UFO events sometimes report encountering these beings.”

“Okay, but where did it come from?” she asked.

“It’s what these beings look like,” I said as our ensuing discourse made me realize that she was all-in for Disclosure of the UFO phenomenon, but somehow thought the aspect of the gray entities was someone’s clever invention that caught on in mass media.

This called to mind a quote from the great alien abduction investigator Budd Hopkins, “Folks are so busy trying to get the license plate that nobody’s paying any attention to the driver.”  And, on a related note, at a talk I gave last month, I asked how many people in the audience of roughly 200 had heard of Budd Hopkins.  Less than 1/3 raised their hands…AT A UFO CONFERENCE.

In this modern Disclosure environment, it appears that the contact experience is being sidelined.  I would like to say that part of me agrees that we should focus on the straight UFO part first because of the momentum it’s already riding.  I’d like to say that.  But it would be a shameful disservice to the many individuals who are living with contact as a recurring scenario in their life.  Those are the folks living with deep and lasting emotional impact of the UFO reality.  Their voices should be heard.

At the time of me writing this, those in UFO community await the fruits of former Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch’s stunning July 26 testimony to congress that the U.S. is in possession of extraterrestrial craft and bodies.  I mention the UFO community specifically because at a talk I gave last night to a library group of about 30, I think one individual was familiar with Grusch and his claims.  Everyone had seen the FLIR, Gimbal, and Gofast videos, though.

After decades of discussing primarily UFO events, I feel I need to pivot as wholly as possible to the contact phenomenon in my talks.  It’s more than a matter of contact not having a seat at the table in modern “UAP” Disclosure, it’s a matter of the contact phenomenon’s rich history actually evaporating. 

I believe Whitley Strieber said it best that, “It’s like every two years, everyone has forgotten everything.” 
…and, if you don’t know who that is, heaven help meaningful UFO Disclosure.


The complexities of disclosure and contact

Thomas Minderlé

When facing threats or opportunities, the more we know about the situation, the better the ultimate outcome. It stands to reason that putting limits on disclosure threatens our collective future by blinding us to threats and opportunities. It also allows nefarious activity to hide behind the cloak of incredulity. As long as public officials scoff at the possibility of alien or military abductions, nothing official can be done about them. 

As of 2023, the U.S. military has reporting systems in place for anomalous sightings, but collecting data from commercial airline pilots has yet to even begin. So, such publicly acknowledge official efforts are embryonic at best. 

Meanwhile, there's a wealth of research in the alien abduction and contact field that would accelerate disclosure at warp speed. But expanding disclosure to include human-alien personal contact cases presents immense problems:

1. While official acknowledgment would add credibility to abduction research, the stigma attached to "alien abductions" let alone "alien contactees" would diminish the credibility of official efforts. The problem is cultural and institutional inertia. It takes time to incrementally adjust to that reality, but abductions/contacts are too big of a sudden leap. So, until that inertia is overcome, there would be a disconnect between effort and response, which threatens credibility and thus support.

2. Once reality sets in, however, the more comes out about nonhuman intelligences, including abductions, the more people realize the government is powerless to do anything about it. In fact, if we dig deep enough, we discover that aspects of MIL/GOV have actually been colluding with nonhuman intelligences toward the exploitation of the citizenry. Abductions, mind control, implants, rape, torture, human trafficking, organ harvesting, and horrifying genetic experiments. The abduction/contact research field is a Pandora's Box. There is no limited disclosure when it comes to this. Once you start down that path, it quickly leads to crushingly dark places. 

3. Would the government risk acknowledging the possibility of their own treason against humanity? Or risk guilt by association with the traitors? Will they open Pandora's Box and tell the public, "Any of you can be abducted, implanted, mind controlled, and deceived by superhuman powers that we are powerless to defend you against"? "Oh, and by the way, we've been helping them do it"? Whether they say it directly or unintentionally imply it, think of what would happen to people's faith in government, in the future, in the social contract. Once these go, social cohesion goes. 

4. Contacts are varied in their nature. Some are physical, some nonphysical. Some positive, some negative. Some are negative pretending to be positive. If disclosure is limited to just the negative physical contacts, the only plus side is that the public would be wary of the alien presence and seek to bolster defenses. But that can also be exploited by the Military Industrial Complex to justify spending increases. Worse, it can lead to identification and roundups of abductees and contactees, "until we know more."

5. But if disclosure expands to include positive contacts as well, that would secretly include negatives pretending to be positive because the distinction between real and genuine is too nuanced for such naïve publicly-oriented disclosure efforts to discern between. Discernment requires having context of the big picture, including spiritual, metaphysical, or occult matters, and that stretches too far beyond our modern cultural and scientific boundaries. 

6. If positive contacts are acknowledged, while at the same time it is revealed that MIL/GOV has been unable to defend us from negative beings, or has been colluding with them, then the public response could be to bypass our frail and fallible human authorities and petition intervention by positive aliens. But as mentioned, lack of discernment means a Trojan Horse scenario is all too likely. The door opens for hostile forces (including demons, as some believe) pretending to be positive aliens, to fully take over Earth. If there are metaphysical or intergalactic laws that prevent a planet's takeover without consent, this would be the way to exploit it. 

So, in an ironic twist, government disclosure of positive alien contacts may result in total victory for negative alien forces. As it stands, there are already small groups practicing CE5 protocols (calling down from the sky what they think are positive ETs). If that movement grows under public desperation to being practiced on a mass scale, that could qualify as planetary consent.

The only way to mitigate all these risks is total and impartial disclosure. We need mass education of the public on the deepest nuances of the subject. Nothing short of an awakening to cosmic and spiritual truths will ensure survival of humanity in the face of superhuman and occult forces. Suppressed truths end up becoming backdoors.  

However, that would come with calls for accountability and retribution, and thus a purge and correction of human institutions. It would destroy and reconfigure much of civilization as we know it. Governments and religions would face scrutiny in the light of truth, and many would not survive. 

Most of all, the corrupt human elite would not survive it, but they seem to be the ones pulling strings in the halls of power. So, they have every reason to prevent full disclosure since their own existence is on the line. Instead, at best they would offer limited disclosure that benefits them and (possibly) their nonhuman benefactors.

For example, if they have indeed colluded with off-world hostiles, partial disclosure would be a Trojan Horse maneuver by them. Currently, at official levels we are only hearing about unidentified crafts harassing and threatening or even killing military personnel. This sets up the expectation that negative aliens = violently hostile. But not a single word on hostiles pretending to be positive, thus the door is left wide open for them.

So, we can either leave the knife in and let our corrupt leaders keep twisting it in exchange for a stable society (built on lies) or we can pull the knife out and patch the wound no matter how much blood we lose in the process. In the end, disclosure must be all or nothing.


Continued in part 2: Sharing Contactee Information in the Disclosure Process