About nine years ago, the first issue of the Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research (JAR Magazine) was published. It contained three articles on hybrids and on what could be the purpose of their existence. While Helen Littrell shared her experiences with Raechel, an alien-human hybrid who was her daughter’s roommate at college, Budd Hopkins’ and David Jacobs’ articles focused on a hybridization program with an agenda of infiltration, possibly even colonization.

In his article Meeting the Hybrids, published in JAR in February 2016, Miguel Mendonça also talks about the possible purposes of the hybrids. He concludes it is likely that different groups of extraterrestrials are active, with different agendas. One group seems to be dedicated to Service to Self, while another group to Service to Others. Both groups are creating hybrids. The hybrids Jacobs and Hopkins describe belong to the Service to Self category, while the ones Mendonça and Barbara Lamb interviewed for their book mainly belong in the Service to Others category. The Service to Self hybrids appear to have an agenda of social integration and colonization. The Service to Others hybrids "saw their creation, and the intentions of the ETs responsible, as being a fundamentally benevolent enterprise, which seeks to preserve and enhance human life, principally through the expansion of human consciousness."

We asked members of our panel for their views on the matter. Nadine Lalich, Tom Minderle and Helen Littrell sent in their responses:

Alien Hybrid
Alien Hybrid

Nadine Lalich

In considering the possible motives for a hybrid program created by extraterrestrials, I shall in this instance refer solely to my own personal experience and observations. In describing the mysterious circumstances to which I have been subjected, I can affirm that I was not under the influence of alcohol or any mind-altering substances. Nonetheless, even in those instances where the contact began while I was in a fully awake and conscious state, within seconds or minutes it was evident that the beings involved did impose upon me an altered state of some kind in order to control the event. Ultimately, the reader is left to decide whether or not my observations are worthy of consideration based solely upon their perception of my credibility as a witness and my methods of reasoning.

Experiences Used for Reference

Hybrid Child: Off and on, for a period of about ten years beginning in my twenties, I experienced what seemed to be a reoccurring dream. Each time it occurred, I would find myself in a room of adult figures who were seated in chairs alongside a wall, below a large observation window that could provide a view to anyone outside of the room. I would be seated on the opposite side of the room looking towards the figures and the glass window. I would attempt to focus on the images of these “people,” but they would fade in and out, at first looking like personal relatives and then non-distinct humanoid forms.

During each of these dreamlike experiences a female child of about four years of age would be brought into the room. I would watch as she went about the room attempting to connect with the seated figures who would not respond to her nor engage with each other. Rather, they seemed intent on observing me. As I watched the child, I would find myself emotionally stirred with sorrow, pity and an intense maternal instinct. I would call the child to me and she would usually respond, coming to stand before me. Sometimes I would ask out loud to those seated why they were not responding to the child, but I would receive no response.

With the child before me, I could see that she suffered physically: she was underweight with a painful-looking skin condition, and very thin, blonde, sparse hair. Her head was overly large for her frail body, her mouth a mere slit and only slight nostrils for a nose. What struck me most was her extraordinary eyes which were two or three times the size of a human eye, with large pupils surrounded by a blue-grey iris. She was wearing a simple, beige, sleeveless shift-style dress with no shoes on her bare feet. The dress seemed to be made of a burlap-type material. Ultimately, I would remember that I had seen the child many times before, and I would re-commit to caring for her. After a couple of years, I no longer had this dream.

Adult Hybrid: About twenty years later, I experienced an event that began in a semi-awake state at night, but within a minute or so I temporarily lost all consciousness. Upon reawakening, I found myself on what might have been a craft (large round, metal room). It was apparent that I had been rendered into a dulled state of awareness with my vision reduced to the immediate area about me only, and my ability to act or protest had vanished. This kind of mental state is somewhat similar to the feeling of being hypnotized when the hypnotherapist has directed focus to a particular event.

As with the child hybrid scenario there were others present. I sat at a table, unable to turn my head or move. The perimeter of my vision was quite fuzzy, but I did note that there appeared to be two or three figures standing to the left and right on each side of the room. The table itself was approximately five-feet-long by three-feet-wide, and sitting opposite me were several definitely non-human figures. Six feet behind them was a wall that contained a window with a closed door alongside it that I believe led to a room behind that wall. Again, I sensed that all the occupants of the room were focused on me as if analyzing me.

Suddenly, the door opened and a tall, very slender female approached the table where I sat. She appeared to be about five-foot-eight with dry, flaky-looking skin. Her hair had been shaved to about an inch length which was mostly on the top of her head. The color was very light blonde and the texture fine. The top of her head was wide and her chin quite pointed. The eyes were very large, prominent and slanted with huge pupils and a blue-grey iris. Like the child hybrid, she had only small nostrils and a mouth without lips. She was wearing a beige, shift dress of burlap material that hung to mid-calf; I could not see her feet to see if she wore shoes.

Once at the table, she stopped and merely stared straight ahead, as though awaiting further instruction. Although she showed no emotion and did not look at me nor seem to recognize me, I was intensely drawn to her to the point of tears. I was bereft with emotion and a great sense of maternal instinct overwhelmed me; she seemed so lost and unhappy. As I was unable to move from my seat, I simply kept my gaze on her. I was startled when she abruptly moved forward and stood beside me. She then placed a hand on my left shoulder for a few seconds as if to acknowledge me, then turned away and walked back slowly through the door without looking back. Silently, I thought to myself, “She is my daughter grown up. She must be in her early twenties.” I do not recall any more of that experience.

Hybrid Children in a Nursery: Another experience where hybrid children appeared was in an event that I believe occurred while I was sleeping and removed from my bed physically or astrally. When I regained consciousness, I found myself again on what appeared to be a craft, but I was standing in the doorway of a large room at least twenty-foot-long. There was also a large window for observation in the wall. A female led me into the room who was about five-foot-tall and wearing a beige, cloth shift that dropped to the mid-calf; I could not see her face. I realized it was some kind of nursery for lying or sitting upon the floor were at least a dozen babies. Quickly, I saw that something was terribly wrong with the children for they all appeared to be deformed in some manner. Many of them that were lying flat upon the floor seemed unable to raise themselves or even move. Others sat upright, but had great difficulty trying to balance an enormous head upon a tiny body. Still, others had problems with their face or skin. There was a lot of crying from the children and several other females were walking among them, staring down as if they were objects and unaware how to care for them. They seemed puzzled and curious, as if monitoring an experiment. They displayed no emotion; I did not see them stoop to touch the babies or demonstrate any other care. I would consider these female figures to be what is now commonly called by experiencers as tall Greys.

I felt myself being watched by the attendants and by someone else I could not see. There was a feeling that the observers wanted me to “do something” for these babies. I recall glancing about the room several times, taking in the great despair. My emotions overwhelmed me and I was greatly distressed, unable to move, and the experience quickly ended.

Hypothesis Regarding Hybrid Program

Because of the many anomalous experiences over the years involving apparent extraterrestrials, I have come to believe, emphatically, that the human race is not the only intelligent race in the universe. Furthermore, I am one who also believes that extraterrestrial beings have visited and continue to visit our planet on a regular basis, and also may be residing among us incognito. As with all aspects of this bizarre phenomenon, I have no concrete proof that extraterrestrials are conducting a hybrid program, but the evaluation of my own experiences, along with a strong intuitive sense tells me it is so.

If there is one or more alien races with a bona fide alien hybrid program, I do not believe it is their intention to obliterate the human race for surely they possess the technology to do so and they have not. I could imagine, though, there could be several other reasons for a hybrid program.

Creation of a Slave Race: The intention of one or more species could be to create a new race with attributes that would prove advantageous to the “creator” species. Perhaps the creator species is unable for various reasons to occupy a particular terrestrial atmosphere or even the third-dimension. They might be creating hybrids to impersonate human beings in order to infiltrate the human race on Earth. At the same time, they could well be creating additional varieties of hybrids specifically adapted for life on other planets.

In all cases, the goal could be for the hybrids to blend with that planet’s occupying species and, going unnoticed, study that species and/or the planet for purely research purposes. They could also be interested in mining or cultivating of that planet’s resources, or be pursuing other science-related endeavors. Ultimately, it could simply be for purely selfish motives related to an eventual invasion and occupation of a planet, with or without the annihilation of the original resident.

Creation and Modification of the Human Species: If, as I suspect, humanity was actually created by an alien race, or subjected to intervention at the level of DNA during its infancy, it could be possible that such a “creator” race might not be satisfied with its creation as it stands. Seeing themselves as a “god-like” force, it might be their intention to improve their creation by further adjusting our species through the addition of genetic material to our DNA, potentially from their own or from another. The resulting hybrids would be introduced into the human population and mate with humans, thus passing along the adjusted genetic material. This intervention could eventually create an entirely new human race.

Research of Human Emotion: In the majority of my experiences, whether they appear to be physical, astral, or some other invasion of my consciousness, all alien species I have seen appear to lack any emotion. Particularly, in those experiences that are orchestrated by the tall and short Greys, tall Whites and Insectoids, it is obvious they have an extreme interest in observing and understanding human emotions. Often, they have provoked emotional responses through “staged” events, including exposure to hybrid babies, and have also created through some kind of mind control, illusory interactions with persons from the past, including those that have passed on.

If humans are the result of genetic manipulation, perhaps it is their intention to use the information they garner through emotional examination to isolate our aggressive aspects, and eradicate that from our race.

Another possibility could be they recognize the fact that humanity possesses some important traits that are absent from their own race. As a result, their curiosity is aroused and their intellect challenged when we present in a way that disrupts their perspective of superiority over an inferior race. Confronted with the negative side of our emotional nature it would be easy to see our species as quite primitive. Yet, the positive qualities of our emotions, such as our response to the things we love and enjoy would be much more difficult to accept and categorize. Situations that evoke our love and compassion, inspire us to sacrifice or respond heroically, or motivate us to passionately create magnificent art might suggest we have qualities superior to their race. It could be their intention is to find that invisible element within us and to capture it for themselves.

Tom Minderle

Genes play a significant role in our physiology and therefore also our perception, instinct, intelligence, and behavior. Consequently, when genetics change, these traits change. The hybridization program, as commonly understood, crosses human DNA with grey alien DNA. You would expect the resulting hybrid to have traits of both, the ratio varying as desired and within the limits of biology.

What we know of the typical grey is that they are hive-minded, telepathic, cybernetic, cerebral, restricted in emotions to those of the reptilian brain (fear and frustration), and they work under the direction of higher non-grey or less-grey authorities. These grey drones are near the bottom of the totem pole and mainly function as menial labor and proxies for other alien groups such as the reptilian, humanoid, or insectoid types with whom they have been seen working.

Isn’t it interesting, then, that it is these greys that we are being hybridized with, and not some of the more individualistic and sentient alien types? Perhaps the purpose of the hybridization program is not for the greys to upgrade their tattered genetics with our physical robustness and capacity for emotion as they’ve cleverly claimed, but to downgrade us into becoming more autistic and servile like them, and thus more easily controlled by the same authorities they work under. Obviously if the latter were the true motive, the first would be the lie of choice to assuage suspicion.

And if such a hybrid can be made to look completely human, but is internally grey-like and thus linked into the alien control system, our society could then be thoroughly infiltrated and over time transformed into an entirely servile population unable to muster the human spirit, the intuition and spunk, needed to counter the control system.

It all depends on what qualities are being infused into the human gene pool. Is it an upgrade or downgrade? Becoming more intellectual and telepathic at the cost of loss of emotional fire, spiritual intuition, and individuality seems like a Faustian bargain and ultimately a downgrade.

Other groups, however, may also be involved in hybridization programs of their own; for example, nordic humanoids have done so throughout history if one is to believe lore about humans eloping with gods or angels. They are close enough to us genetically that they have done this through direct interbreeding. And unlike grey hybrids, the resulting demigods or half-lings are said to be superhuman men and women of great renown. If hybridization is inevitable, hopefully it is with genetic strains that catalyze our spiritual destiny instead of shackling it.

Helen Littrell

HYBRID: An entity whose background is a blend of two or more traditions; the offspring of something heterogeneous in composition.

Amen to that! The above context suggests meanings that can truly defy rational thinking. Certainly those of us who have met, seen, touched, and/or spoken with hybrids still have great difficulty in wrapping our minds around their real purpose on Earth. They could be here to help us, harm us, or to simply observe us while we continue on our current path of self-destruction. As far as I’m concerned, there is no single good answer—one size does not fit all.

Hybrids probably have been present on Earth for as long as anyone remembers. However, the subject of extraterrestrial beings (EBs) and abduction of humans is one that was rarely spoken of until the past 50 years or so. Even then, discussion was primarily confined to those carrying the very highest of security clearances, those involved in black government projects, the humans abducted willingly or otherwise for involvement in human/hybrid projects, and a small number of extremely courageous investigators.

A few rogue scientists involved in the study of genetic hybridization worked on their projects in secrecy because they feared not only ostracism by their peers, but far worse—the possibility that they would meet a sudden, unexplained death that would be quickly covered up. Regular citizens dared not speak of their experiences because they risked job loss, ridicule, or sadly, being locked up in an insane asylum for the rest of their life. I know this to be true because I was threatened by my own family with institutionalization if I didn’t cease speaking about the lights I saw in the night sky and the beings who visited me regularly.

While I have experienced EBs and hybrids since the age of five or six (I am now nearly 85) with only peaceful, friendly encounters, it is true that I have not always understood their agendas, nor have I ever questioned their motivation. As a young child, blue lights and orbs were my only playmates, and I treasured the frequent meetings with them. In my adulthood, I met the hybrid Raechel who was part of the Humanization Project, a very black project conducted by our government.in partnership with the government of Zeta Reticuli. We became acquainted as she introduced my daughter and me to the strangeness of her world as she struggled heroically to fit into ours.

In one sense I can understand the belief that hybrids may be here to “take over.” If one has been repeatedly frightened and/or traumatized by “the unknown” which is frequently the case in abductions, or has a rigid belief system unable and unwilling to accept anything out of the ordinary, I suppose the feeling that “they” (hybrids) are here to harm us could be considered well-founded.

The scientist Chisky, a hybrid whom I met in the early 1970s at the secret Four Corners installation in Nevada, is an example of hybrids here to help us as he worked in conjunction with leading civilian and military scientists, an exchange program that had apparently been ongoing for many years. Many of our most recent medical “discoveries” are actually those shared over more than fifty years by off-planet hybrids such as Chisky and his colleagues from various galaxies.

Yet, while this aspect of hybrids was “good,” the general public was rarely, if ever, aware of it. And because the information relayed by the hybrids was so sensational, only those human military and civilian scientists from institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, etc., were involved in the radical, shockingly effective techniques. And under the restrictive terms of the agreements between both our government and that of the exchange hybrids, our participants were forbidden to disclose the source of this information to even their closest civilian peers. Not then—not ever. To do so was to deliberately flaunt the possibility of a mysterious disappearance—usually due to sudden unexplained death. As a minimal repercussion, they would suffer job loss and ostracism—which to scientists of their caliber was in effect a death sentence in itself, since they could no longer work in their chosen field as a civilian, while the government and the hybrid project could no longer trust them.

Raechel, the hybrid whom I personally knew, was sent here under the auspices of the Humanization Project, a joint operation between our government and that of Zeta Reticuli to determine what degree of human emotion she might gain within a certain period of time. Raised as a human by her military “father”, then placed in a live-in situation with my daughter who was legally blind, Raechel gradually integrated herself into the “normal” life of a junior college student in the early 1970s. The human and the hybrid became good friends, and I, as the mother of the human, became a trusted friend of the hybrid. There was never any indication that Raechel was here to harm anyone. Nevertheless, her ultimate downfall came when, after periodic in-depth monitoring by government handlers, it was determined by the Humanization Project that she had attained too great a degree of emotion. As a result of this apparently irreversible situation, both she and her “father” suddenly disappeared. Extensive investigation failed to reveal what happened to her father. Tragically, Raechel was permanently “disposed of” by government members of the Humanization Project. Case closed. Subject failed to stay within designated boundaries.

I believe that hybrids are here to help us. Raechel and my daughter became very close friends in the human sense of the word. And in doing so, she also became my friend. As a result of knowing her and accompanying her to the planet or ship where she was raised, my mindset was expanded to a whole new dimension of belief, including the potentially peaceful purpose of hybrids. I learned that not all of them are here to harm us—that many have come to teach us that there is far more to our existence than we have been “trained” by society, religion, and the media to believe.