Some weeks ago, we published an article by Miguel Mendonça who co-authored the book Meet the Hybrids with Barbara Lamb: Meeting the Hybrids. We followed up on that with an article where we asked members of our panel for their thoughts: The purpose of the hybrids. Now, three of the hybrids that were interviewed for Meet the Hybrids respond to that article.

Cynthia Crawford

I really enjoyed the article because it helps me to understand that there are other agendas than that of benevolence. Although all my experiences have been benevolent, there is no spiritual ascension without challenges, but understanding the bottom line of all beings is to ascend to that highest state of Creation, becoming All That Is.

In all the years of counseling star seeds to help them understand who they are and why they are having contact with other Universal beings, the only comment about hybrids were that the hybrid children were more loving than humans. They didn't make fun of others, nor did they find faults with anyone, and they found all beings to be interesting, beautiful, and loving. One such child that had been taken on the ships was a Chinese child living in the USA. She told her father that she liked the hybrid children so much more than humans because they played with her, they were eager to teach her how they did things, and they smiled and actually told her they "love her". This is a bold statement when our own humans say they feel safer with the hybrids, they feel love from them, and they are not judged by them.

Isn't it sad when many of the races of the star people say they they've been told that humans are barbaric, greedy, disrespectful and untrustworthy? When I had an encounter with the Ka-Tsa-Hyan for the first time, it didn't think I could see it and when it read my mind, it immediately jumped up and into a portal, disappearing before my eyes. A few years later that same being came back to see me, but he came with two other little friends. He telepathically spoke to me in pictures, and what he said was, "We can't wait until humans learn to love unconditionally and respect one another so that someday in the future we can sit down with them and share our technology". The sad thing was that I couldn't promise that day would come, because humans are still living with judgment, prejudice, greed and fear.

My own experience with hybrids is that they look for the similarities in others and not the differences; they see the good first because they, rather than focusing on the negative; they love even when it hurts because they know there is power in LOVE; they live in their hearts and not their heads, and most importantly, they are self-less, thinking of others first.

Are there bad hybrids in the Universe? There is duality because no lessons can be learned if all is perfect. We find whatever we are looking for, so in that case, wouldn't it be better to focus on the good and draw only that to us.

Juju Kuita

It is understandable that any person would view ET intentions as being service-to-self or service-to-others as it relates to humankind; However, there are ETs in both categories that have missions precluding them from any interaction with humankind at all (i.e. The Lacerta Files, Jimmy Bergman 1999).  Some may same then it doesn’t really matter to discuss it, but it is all a part of the bigger picture. (Words of point purposefully italicized by me).

Nadine Lalich appears to have extensive ET contact and expressed a very open mind stating several possibilities for the creation of ET Hybrids.  However, her statement led me to believe that her experiences may not have been positive for her; “whether they appear to be physical, astral, or some other invasion of my consciousness,” and Nadine stated a sense of detachment from the ETs, “…all alien species I have seen appear to lack any emotion.” 
It is understandable that contactees judge another species based on the nature and psychology of a human, yet this is an assumption that can harm our inter-species relations.  For simplicity, let’s compare the behavior of canines and ETs.   It is believed by many people that canines have as many emotions as do humans, but they don’t display them the same way.  Canines display their emotions in the smallest changes of their body language which is normally much quieter and without the facial expressions that humans display.  As a Being more advanced than the human race, an ET may actually have more intense emotions and at a deeper level, but are likely to display them differently.  ETs beyond the 3rd Dimensional existence experience life by Energy interactions, more than physically and visually displayed.  While their face may appear blank and unchanging to a contactee, their energy can be felt as a visceral wave of unconditional love and concern.  Those people who are more psychic and sensitive to energy can sense these things much more during contact experiences.

Tom Minderle revealed two Hybrid possibilities with focus mainly on the ‘Grey’ type ET.  There are an unfathomable number of ETs that have chosen to be in Hybrid form on Mother Earth at this time. It appears to me that many people like to make assumptions regarding the ETs based on others’ shared experiences; whether their understanding was acquired through books, interviews and other published media. I would leave out any statement of “What we know is…” since there are very rarely any ETs on Earth speaking about themselves directly, such as Lacerta and Valiant Thor. An example of this is reading books about the Native Americans from the pioneers who traveled to the US and had encounters with them.  You always have to consider the source of the writer and what their potential perspectives might be. That’s why we say, if it rings true for you, then adapt it as part of your ever-evolving understanding.
In Tom’s statement, “…the hybridization program is not for the greys to upgrade their tattered genetics with our physical robustness and capacity for emotion as they’ve cleverly claimed, but to downgrade us into becoming more autistic and servile like them,” I feel many assumptions have been made about the ‘Greys’. Did a Grey ET claim that?  How do we know they are autistic and servile? I understand this is a perspective many contactees have based on judging the ETs by human psychology and behavior. Again, how can we begin to truly know what any ET thinks or feels when most people don’t even understand the psychology and behavior of “Man’s best friend” the canine?
One of the most fascinating books that can offer contactees an ET perspective and intentions is called, “Visitors from Within” by Lyssa Royall and Keith Priest. Their book talks about WHY the ETs do certain things during contact with humans. It is wonderfully perspective to be mindful of and is spiritually based. Tom also stated, “Becoming more intellectual and telepathic at the cost of loss of emotional fire, spiritual intuition, and individuality seems like a Faustian bargain and ultimately a downgrade.” I would say, it is the LACK of spirituality in people that makes them feel victim to ET contact and experience their interactions are negative. Only when we approach life’s events in a spiritual manner can we open ourselves up to truth beyond our finite understanding, expand our consciousness and evolve! There are so many reasons Hybrids are incarnating and living on Earth. There are many books available out there to explain some of the possibilities. Please research this for yourself and find your own personal truth.

Helen Littrell: I read her book “Raechel’s Eyes” and was completely fascinated that someone else was open to the ET perspective. I was terribly saddened that she was ‘dispatched’ and wished that she could have met some of us other Hybrids. It would have been such an honor to show my love and support to her for what she was experiencing. What a brave soul, thank you dear Raechel. And, what an amazing human being Helen is for her courage to write the book and her openness towards Raechel instead of fearing her, thank you Helen!

The key in all of this is to have an open mind, to not pin a label, put things into an organized category or box too quickly and not be afraid to find the truth within all the information available out there. What resonates with you? Ask yourself if you are making opinions based on your fear of the unknown and/or because an ET Being is different from you.
So many precious Beings out there have chosen to incarnate on Earth, each for their own reasons and intentions. Let’s not assume they are all nefarious in nature. Try to stay objective and open to learning ‘from the horse’s mouth’ as they say – Ask a Hybrid!

Charmaine D'Rozario-Saytch

It is clear that there are many races of ET's, some of these species have themselves been combined with other ET species for varying reasons for survival and further evolution of their race. I do consider that humanity has gone through interjection by ET's with regards to DNA manipulation and it is my opinion that this has been from more than one race. There are elements of the article that resonate with me and indeed experiences spoken of that I can relate to. Yes, there are races that are self-servicing and that wish to further their own species without regard to other species and indeed to the detriment of others. This is by no means a full and just representation of all alien races and hybrids. To make a statement that all alien races and hybrids are out for themselves, should not be trusted by humanity and indeed seek to harm humanity is quite frankly erroneous. As a hybrid I most certainly do not concur with such backward thinking. There are people in elevated positions that have a responsibility to humanity, to help and guide them, to fully inform them in a truthful and respectful manner. There are many hybrids that ardently seek to assist humanity and facilitate in their awakening, their spiritual expansion and their evolution. Furthermore, some hybrids have been created solely for this task. Many of us have chosen these tasks if service, despite the likely hood of ridicule, not being believed and excepted, expected to perform on command like some sort of circus act and if we do not 'deliver' desired results then we are accused of being liars and trying to deceive humanity.

Humanity does need to go through a change, a shift in consciousness. It is not ethically, morally, physically nor spiritually sustainable for humanity to continue to conduct itself in the manner that it has been. The earth is being depleted of its natural resources, the oceans are being plundered and poisoned, humanity is torn and manipulated to fight amongst each other, keeping it divided, shut off and susceptible to being controlled by other humans in elite positions. There is most certainly more to fear for humanity by others in humanity and not by the ET races and hybrids that are attempting to help humanity as a whole. Many believe what they are fed, what they read, watch, hear, without taking the time to research in to that subject matter, to actually meet and have contact with hybrids to be able to make their own judgement. This is one reason why hybrids are becoming more known and certain hybrids have tasks to become public and to be ambassadors of hybrids and ET's. This gives humanity the opportunity to meet us, to converse freely, to work together and evolve together.

Some in humanity may consider that hybrids are here to seek refuge from their home planets, or that certain hybrids and ET's have no other place to go so seek to take over planet earth. The universe is far vaster then humanity realizes, there certainly are no issues on space nor planets to live on. I for one ardently miss home but I was asked to come to earth to assist in helping humanity and I agreed. It would be far easier for us hybrids to return home, to not have the struggles that we encounter here on earth, but we each have our jobs and work to do and we intend to carry them out - for the benefit of humanity. We are not judgmental against humanity, expectant nor offering ultimatums. Indeed, quite the contrary, we are accepting, hopeful, ready and willing to assist in any way we can and loving even when we are met with opposition.

There will be a time when certain hybrids will be taken off planet earth and certain humans will have the opportunity to accompany them. This does not mean that humanity will be left unassisted nor unprotected, there will always be certain ET races that will be there to facilitate in humanities evolution but humanity does have to do a certain amount of work itself. Humanity can be very judgmental against others particularly with regards to things that it does not understand but does not always take a moment to look at itself and the harm that it is doing to its environment and to each other. Humanity can focus on material, wanting to fully understand something otherwise they do not believe in it. We hold universal love and energy within us, we are all unique and beautiful beings. We all share this universe and can work together to further our existence, evolution, and the environments that we live in by being open, expanding our minds, holding love and universal energy in our hearts and working together.