Young children experience the world in a completely open minded, fascinating, strange and magical way. But as they enter adulthood, the magic fades and consensus reality becomes the only reality. Monsters in the dark were merely products of the imagination. Or were they?

In my case, abductions by Gray aliens were frequent during childhood. I also endured equally terrifying ghost and demon encounters. It got to a point where all through my kindergarten and elementary school years, I slept in the corner with my back against the wall, lights on, stereo playing story-time cassettes, desperately awaiting daylight.

It became evident to me that otherworldly beings existed, they could show up here in the physical, they could get me at any time, and my parents were powerless to do anything about it. So, my reality was defined as utterly strange from the very beginning. I was too inquisitive and logical to let school and university dissuade me from acknowledging what I had personally experienced. Consequently, my later years didn’t involve redefining of reality so much as expanding and clarifying what I already suspected.

True reality is very different from consensus reality. The latter is a kind of collective delusion held together by the limitations of our five senses and the decree of materialists. On the one hand, scientists acknowledge that our mundane material world arises from a deeper quantum world that is far weirder and more expansive in its possibilities. They recognize that physical reality is a subset of something bigger. Yet they scoff at possibility of this bigger reality ever showing its face to us. Then they lament that we are alone in the universe while ignoring all evidence that we are not; to a fish, every cup of water looks empty.

Redefining reality means correcting and expanding one’s model of reality to account for anomalies that contradict the old limiting assumptions. The supernatural points to the superset, to what is beyond the conventional view of nature. So, aside from aliens and UFOs, we should also examine other anomalies including synchronicities, clairvoyance, precognitive dreams, prophecies, cryptozoology, Fortean phenomena, military abductions, ghosts, demons, angels, ancient megalithic technologies and out of place artifacts, and various feats of mind over matter including miraculous healing. Any truth seeker who studies these subjects will leave consensus reality behind and, provided they are of sound mind, will converge upon a new world view that approximates the actual superset reality.

Based on my personal experience and those shared by others, my view of reality now includes the following:

1) Our physical reality is one layer among many; there are other layers nearby that we cannot perceive with our five senses. Beings exist there who can observe and interact with us if they choose, or if conditions are right for an intersection between layers to occur naturally. Mystics know a few of these layers as the etheric and astral planes. The etheric is the subtle energy scaffolding underlying physicality. Aliens as well as ghosts and demons can hang back in the etheric without fully emerging into the physical, and while we may not be able to see them with our physical eyes, the nonphysical etheric, astral, and spiritual parts of us can indeed perceive them but only clairvoyants have the necessary development of these subtle energy bodies to perceive through them tangibly and clearly. The rest of us might only have a vague subconscious inkling that something is around. Animals are more sensitive than we are and will react to such presences easily.

2) The absolute nature of linear time and space is an illusion. The future and past are numerous, probable, and mutable. Paranormal entities and aliens can see these probable futures and plan, influence, and control accordingly. This allows them to orchestrate what happens here through subtle manipulations to set up events well in advance. They are like chess masters arranging the pieces of our lives toward some end game. We still have freewill, but not as much as people would like to think. Within limits, aliens can tweak the past like an author editing a previously written chapter to conveniently set up what is to be written next, meaning they can bias the probability of our life events and world events in their favor. And of course, space itself can be shrunken or expanded, per the classic accounts of space inside alien ships being bigger than appears from the outside. This means spacetime is pliable, traversable, and editable.

3) Aliens and other nonhuman beings are telepathic to varying degrees. They can read our thoughts and feelings and even implant thoughts and feelings. This allows them to nudge people’s choices, beliefs, and behaviors. Combined with future viewing, they can set up elaborately orchestrated scenarios in people’s lives that come together at the right time to accomplish some agenda, be it bring certain people together, break them apart, change their beliefs, inspire or ruin a project. One has to be vigilant, perceptive, humble, and self-disciplined to avoid succumbing to such stratagems.

4) There is a tug-of-war happening between positive and negative nonhuman forces. Both are outside and beyond our physical reality, but their war is happening right here and right now around us and through us. At the highest levels, it appears to be spiritual warfare over the fate of our souls. At the middle levels, it takes the form of strategic warfare between alien factions over the fate of our planet and species. And at the lower levels it manifests as an info war over what we believe, what we choose, and whether we increase or decrease our freedom and wellbeing as a consequence.

The idea that life is meaningless, that we are alone in the universe, that mankind’s history proceeds in a uniform way solely via human struggle, chance, and innovation -- this is the complete inversion of actual reality. It’s so far removed and so elegantly opposite to truth that it reeks of artifice. And so all of this has big implications for society. How much of human history has been scripted by nonhuman forces? How much of today’s world events are being directed by hidden hands from another dimension? How many of our scientists, leaders, popular authors, and activists are mere wind-up robots to these otherworldly beings? Are we pawns on a cosmic chessboard?
The saving grace is that if we are to acknowledge the existence of hyperdimensional manipulators from the superset reality, we must also acknowledge the existence of supernatural positive forces, spirit, and divinity; evidence for these is just as vast. If we are indeed pawns, at least we have enough freewill to place ourselves in the right hands.