One of the biggest hurdles to being an experiencer is others questioning whether what happened to you is even possible.  This doubt can feel all the more uncomfortable if your contact with ETs was so strange that it’s as hard for you to take as it is for those giving you the looks of suspicion, except you don’t have the luxury of disbelief when you have an unshakeable degree of personal proof (that, unfortunately, usually isn’t demonstrable to others).  How does one handle that as an experiencer and what’s a recommendable etiquette for open-minded doubters?

As an experiencer, reality has always been, let’s say, flexible for me.  I have no choice.  While others believe what is real based upon contemporary scientific interpretations, stuff keeps happening to me that’s not adequately covered in the rulebooks.

And I don’t just mean the fact that I’ve encountered my share of non-human entities, which is certainly a challenging enough concept for modern science (on that note, I love all those articles of what extraterrestrial life will probably look like if we ever discover some.  I can just imagine Newton, after his episode under the apple tree, reading a theory of what fruit will probably look like if we ever discover some).  Reality sometimes does some disorienting contortions in encounter scenarios.  I offer as example, edited versions of three, out of many, high strangeness experiences I’ve had…

I was four years old when three small greys pulled my spirit out of my physical form and put me to a test of how well I can control myself out of body.

This begs the question, “Is out-of-body travel scientifically possible?”  I can only offer my personal testimony of what I experienced.

When I was twenty, I was surprised to find myself walking down a dirt road during the night with no idea of where I was nor how I got there.  There were small houses intermittently along the road and, in front of one of them was a grey being.  When we made eye contact, I found myself suddenly back in my room in my bed during daylight hours as if nothing had happened.  The experience was completely real, not a dream.  Four years later, on a trip to rural Northern Michigan, I shockingly found myself in the exact location of this experience by myself, in the middle of the night, while on a stroll from a buddy’s cabin…but no grey being was present.  There’s more to the story, but this makes my point.

Is time travel scientifically possible?  I can only offer my personal testimony. 

When I was twenty-four, I was standing on a secluded hill with a girl I was dating when we found ourselves unwittingly circling our steps and repeating several minutes worth of conversation before we were briefly frozen in place and inspected on the spot by three greys.

Are time-loops scientifically possible?  I can only offer my personal testimony.

Modern accepted science isn’t a big fan of time distortion at a personal level and out-of-body experiences.  And, I get it.  Why should anyone believe an experiencer’s unsupportable claims just because they’re sincere?

The best I can offer is the truce on everyone’s part to please be comfortable with a bit of mystery for compassion’s sake.  People encounter a wide variety of unexplainable phenomena on a daily basis and usually can’t defend the reality of something they don’t understand themselves.
Is everything that experiencers report scientifically possible?  They can only offer their testimony.