Redefining Reality

Based on his research, John Mack famously said that we may have to expand our definition of reality.

Thousands of abductees consistently report events that challenge the laws of physics. They mention how they were 'floating' in the air, while being transported straight through solid objects like windows, doors, walls or ceilings. They describe how they feel their cells are being taken apart. They experience temporal anomalies. They encounter beings that seem to step in and out of 3D-reality. The primary mode of communication of these beings is telepathy. They are being taken to environments where time and space seem to behave differently.

Given the tremendous consistency of these reports, there can be no reason to question their veracity, even though they seem impossible in our current understanding of reality. Confronted with this paradox of experiences that are real and impossible, experiencers and researchers are forced to redefine reality. We have asked our panel to share their thoughts with us:

Redefining Reality: Thomas Minderle

Is it real? Bill Konkolesky

The Inevitable Call of Multiple Realities: Giorgio Piacenza

Redefining Reality: Nadine Lalich 

An Exoconscious Human Reality (Rebecca Hardcastle Wright)

All Our Worlds (Nevenka Likar)