Thousands of candid testimonies about extraordinary experiences do not agree with conventional scientific explanations but force us to re-consider our ideas about "reality." They are an insistent (and building up to a point of becoming impossible to ignore) call towards becoming aware about the existence of multiple realities also interacting with ours in important ways.

Modern science is based on the observation of constant or outwardly stable, communally verifiable, objective patterns and, from that basis it tries to refine its explanatory and predictive theories about those patterns. But, according to the candid testimonies of extraordinary experiences, those patterns of reality that seem immovable suddenly become flexible and manipulatable under unknown mechanisms, often in association with the presence of intelligent entities not normally encountered in ordinary reality. They indeed seem to be able to temporarily intrude into our reality system.

The normal reaction to all of this is closed-mindedness. But what can we do about it? We must first understand that – in the modern era of rational and critical thinking - the default response to a sensorial perception that is normally limited to one kind of physical reality is… materialism. The empirical, materialist, scientific attitude that still prevails (despite some 100 years of quantum physics) accompanies and reinforces our innate interpretive psycho biological tendencies necessary to face a stable physical outer world in which - although there is cooperation and symbiosis - there also is (due to the presence of entropy) the fact that life feeds on life and that our physical vehicles can easily be damaged seriously affecting our subjective experiences. That is why our cognitive processes and automatic brain responses have adapted to this type of world or stable reality system which may be rather inflexible or "dense"... in order to survive and to try to attain a modicum of day to day dynamic equilibrium (homeostasis in biological terms).

But if we knew that there are realistic mechanisms or objective variables that can be materially used to change (perhaps in conjunction with subjective, metaphysical aspects) the outer patterns of physical reality that are normally so stable, thus understanding how to make space-time limitations and possibilities more flexible, we could accept more naturally these extraordinary experiences. We would be less intrigued and uncomfortable with their ambiguity; on the one hand, less willing to seek explanations in a pseudo-religious, magical manner. On the other hand (those of us more adapted to "the system" under a formal education), would feel less inclined to discard the reality of those experiences once we recognize concrete physical mechanisms useful to modify the stability of physical patterns. We would see that something of a physical nature is useful to modify something physical and that would make inter-reality manifestations more palatable to our minds.

But doing so would imply an extension of the basic paradigms and premises of mechanistic and materialistic science towards an integrative science that brings together the objective and subjective aspects of overall reality. In fact, this would be so if adequate space-time manipulation with the help of mechanical means may only occur in conjunction with the capacity which consciousness and intention may have to modify quantum potentials in a pre-physical information field.

In order to open specifically tuned portals between realities, how may consciousness play a role? By changing quantum potential probabilities since perhaps intention modifies torsion wave information amplitudes whereas torsion waves act as transducers. It may also occur by a physically embedded consciousness decoding in a holographic manner (through our brains) the non-local information field emitted by any potentially experientable (past present future) physical entity?  Both cases may be related to "the collapse of the wave function" that offers multiple interpretations and which occurs when multiple probabilities restricted to a particular coherent physical reality system are reduced into a specific extended and concrete spacetime combination.

Both the concept of “torsion waves” (explained by Dr. Claude Swanson) and the PCAR (phase conjugate adaptive resonance) of the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness (in part developed by Dr. Edgar Mitchell) point toward the existence of a simultaneously physical and psychic transducer, a linkage between infinite probability potentials and a coherent, finite, experiential alignment of these potentials within a concrete physical reality unfolding under a predominant classically related timeline. Moreover, the “longitudinal” “scalar” EM waves allegedly used in classified black projects to open spacetime portals, cancel gravity, modify physical probabilities and to communicate superluminally in real time with extraterrestrial civilizations, not only may act as transducers between probabilities and concrete reality but are said to be amenable to intentional, conscious, psychic resonance.

Under our consensually recognized “local reality” and timeline, most of the conscious personal and shared experiences with which we are so emotionally invested take place. And we aren’t just adapted to it but we normally hold on to it – in fact, defend it - in order to maintain coherence between our matter-of-fact, pre-verbal beliefs and our ordinary experiences. But as a species, the need to adapt is a paramount call above all else and (in spite of a cognitive or psychobiological programming towards naive realism and a classical, local physical interpretation of existence) we may have the flexibility, genetic and (above all) spiritual potential to evolve beyond a closed-minded, pre-verbal insistence on only one type of stable physical reality system. This would be so especially if we are cogently exposed to new information, the explanatory mechanism and to clear evidence. The multiple realities with which we must be connected at deeper-than-biological levels are calling us to grow up through the vibrational presences and voices of those “other intelligences” already capable of crisscrossing realities and with which we are not only interconnected but ultimately one.

Thus, if our science and our experiences evolve in such a way that they come into agreement that there indeed co-exist many - perhaps innumerable – "realities" (and types of realities) under the entirety of what can be and is (Reality with a capital “R”), our acceptance of valiant experiencer reports along with our abilities to purposefully interact with (and, in a sense, “intrude” into) “other realities” will have to expand. Then, quite possibly, a new, less parochial, civilization, more respectful of the role of connectivity in the fabric of the cosmos, will be born. And coherently experiencing and exploring multiple realities with much greater naturalness will be a feasible new stage proper of conscious human evolution.