Golden Waves

“This can’t be happening! I’m not in an altered state of consciousness, I’m not paralyzed, I’m not out of body, and this is too physical!”  Those were my first thoughts when I realized it was an alien being trying to break down my door.

The incident occurred at my studio apartment in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on October 10, 2002 at 4:45 AM. I was sitting on the floor writing an article for my website when through the open window I heard a rustling sound outside in the dark grassy gated courtyard. It sounded like a child dashing across the grass at superhuman speed, mixed with the sound of dried leaves rustling. After hearing it again, my intuition alerted me to something very unfamiliar being out there. It approached and stepped on to the sandy cement patio, dragging its feet and making a shuffling sound as it got closer. I called out a warning for it to identify itself, hoping it was just a neighbor. It didn’t respond.

Then suddenly it pressed up against the frosted glass slatted door and rattled it loudly for a few seconds. The creature was looking in through the gap between the slats, but me sitting on the floor meant I could only see it through the frosted glass. Through the frosted glass I could see the fuzzy impression of a pink-skinned face at doorknob height, and a smaller one of its hand beneath. That’s when I realized it wasn’t a neighbor or even a burglar, but some bipedal pink-skinned humanoid roughly 3-4 feet tall. The creature was 100% physical as evidenced by the door rattling. It continued peering in until I looked away to grab the phone and call my girlfriend to tell her what was happening. After dialing and looking back up, the entity was gone.

Two years later, now living in Virginia, we had the kitchen window open one night when I heard the same rustling sound outside. My girlfriend heard it too and recognized immediately what it was, and our cat went berserk running from window to window as if tracking something moving fast outside around our apartment. This cat never did it before or since with any other wild animal, cat, or person that came around.  I closed the blinds, scooped up the bewildered cat, and got away from the windows. Whatever had visited me in 2002 likely showed up again in 2004, and once more lurked outside without being able to enter.

When it initially dawned on me that there was an alien standing outside the door of my Florida apartment, my first thoughts were that this contradicted everything I assumed about alien contact. My assumptions were that attempted abductions or contacts require an individual to be in an altered state, maybe paralyzed, maybe out of body, and that aliens come in groups and often teleport into the room or enter by walking through solid walls. But there I was wide awake, with only one being, it was bright pink not gray, and it was physical enough to be blocked by a locked door. It was only later that I read in the accounts of Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa that his people call gray aliens “pinky pinky” because they are pink skinned beneath their bodysuits. Go figure.
This experience made me review the abduction and contact literature with new eyes. I found cases of alien contact occurring in broad daylight with wide awake multiple eyewitnesses. But of course, there are also cases where an abductee interacts with aliens in an out of body state. It seems to me that alien interactions span the spectrum from completely physical to completely nonphysical.

What are the reasons, the factors, or the circumstances that decide where on the spectrum an interaction takes place? We would have to analyze all the data and deduce from it the rules, motives, and limitations that delineate alien contact behavior.

The one thing we can say for sure is that aliens have access to some kind of hyper-dimensional reality of which our existence is just a subset. Put another way, each of us is like a broken radio whose dial is stuck on just one station, but aliens have conscious or technological ability to change the dial at will and tune into or out of our reality.

Based on the data, it seems aliens can control how much they tune into our reality “radio station.”  They can tune in exactly to become 100% physical. Or they can detune slightly and become less physical to us, which allows them to walk through solid objects or become invisible and able to observe and influence us while remaining unseen. 

Of course, even in that invisible state, they can still be sensed by psychic pets and clairvoyants and people in out-of-body states. I think the reason is that extrasensory perception (ESP) by definition comes from beyond the five physical senses, and hence from beyond the physical plane.  To continue the radio analogy, ESP accesses the frequencies a little to the left and right of the primary one we’re all locked into, and so if an alien detunes a little from the primary frequency to become invisible, its presence can still be picked up through ESP.

The hypnopompic state of consciousness, for example, is a momentary out-of-body state in which the mind can temporarily bypass the biological censorship of the physical senses and see through “etheric” eyes. This happens when one awakens from sleep suddenly before the soul has a chance to settle fully back into the physical body. I’ve seen my share of strange phenomena in that state, including a blond humanoid figure in a silvery bodysuit standing by my bed watching me. These are called hypnopompic hallucinations by academics who are working with an incomplete dataset, but in reality, they are not all hallucinations but can instead be legitimate ESP perception of “sideband” phenomena not visible to waking consciousness.

So that may be why Mack and Royal suggested that altered states are required for human-alien interaction. They may have concluded this from the typical pattern of abductions where an abductee is paralyzed, possibly out of body, and in an artificially induced state of psychic heightening that allows them to see detuned aliens. But these are just one slice of the alien phenomenon, and as I experienced myself, there can be completely waking and physical interactions as well.

From my study of quantum mechanics and the physics of time and consciousness, I’ve developed a hypothesis that may help explain some of the aspects of this. The principle has to do with what’s known as “quantum phase” which is the closest concept physics has to the radio dial frequency in our analogy. According to quantum physics, when two things share the exact same quantum phase, they are 100% real and physical to each other, meaning they are constantly and completely real to each other. That’s the case for casual interactions between people and the objects in their environment.

But what happens when the quantum phases are slightly different? Then the interaction becomes less real, more “fuzzy.”  One way this “less realness” can manifest is the aforementioned method of detuning from reality, meaning changing their quantum phase, which allows them to hang around us constantly, observing and even influencing, but without being seen or bumped into because they are like ghosts in that state. So in that case, they can be around us 100% of the time but only be 1% tangible.

My hypothesis is that there’s another way this same “less realness” can show up, which is for an alien to be 100% tangible but only have a 1% probability of being around us. That is, they can be completely physical to our eyes but in that case only have a short window of time to interact, or maybe can only interact under the strangest most improbable circumstances.  This is the inverse of the case where they can hang around as they please while being in a ghostly state. But these are two sides of the same coin, and it’s due to some intrinsic property of how reality works.  So the takeaway is that if two beings are not completely on the same phase or frequency, then something has to give and either they’ll be less than fully tangible to each other, or they’ll be fully tangible but just not cross paths as easily due to improbable synchronistic forms of interference.

Fact is, what we know of reality is only a slice of greater hyperdimensional existence. There are hidden mechanisms behind the curtain. Those who know these mechanisms can exploit them, stay unseen, and manipulate the stage. Sometimes there are glitches in the mechanism that reveal what’s behind the curtain. An example is spontaneous human invisibility, where someone might be at a busy party and suddenly no one can see or hear them for several minutes until suddenly reality normalizes and they’re visible again.

If spontaneous human invisibility can occur as a natural phenomenon, then it can be induced artificially. As can all the other anomalies that reveal the existence of deeper laws of physics. And so, aliens surely would know of this mechanism and how to exploit it to walk among us unseen or make themselves visible to only a select few individuals.

They have a degree of freedom that we lack. We can learn a lot about our greater existence by analyzing Fortean anomalies and UFO/abduction/contactee data.  Altered states of consciousness is only one piece in that puzzle.