The PSI Factor

As Gwen Farrell explains below, many contact experiencers report that subsequent to their experiences they have an increased psychic awareness and increased psychic abilities. Many also report an increase of instances of - usually short and involuntary - telepathic communications with other people, where they may pick up somebody's thoughts, or somebody can 'hear' what they are thinking. Some report the ability to start 'astral traveling'.

The PSI Factor

In her research, Barbara Lamb, noticed that some of her Experiencer-clients have regressed to encounters (when they were adults) on board crafts during which they were taught psychic skills by the beings  Many have been taught psychic skills when they were children, and describe sitting in a circle on the floor with other abducted children and being taught teleportation  of objects and telepathic skills.  The teachers of these skills are ETs.  Each of the 9 people (ET-Human Hybrids) she researched for her book Meet The Hybrids has an abundance of psychic skills which they were born with and which they attribute to the ET genetics which they believe they possess.

What do our other panel members have to say?

Gwen Farrell - Can contact with ETs increase Psi abilities?

Many experiencers report that after contact with extraterrestrial or other-worldly beings, they became more sensitive to other realities and their psychic awareness and psychic abilities increased.  They also believe their ability to learn increased and they became more able to absorb complex information than before, especially mathematical material.  Some report that they experienced flashes of what they referred to as “Cosmic Consciousness,” and their minds became greatly expanded.  In addition, some say they also became more empathic with others and began exhibiting precognitive abilities.  There were many other changes as well, which I discuss more fully in my book “Forbidden Questions: A Therapist Talks About Human-ET Contact.”
The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences (FREE), conducted a four-year study of 3,970 people that utilized scientifically designed statements and questions relating to many different aspects of typical ET contact experiences.  One aspect of the study concerned possible development of or changes in respondents’ psychic abilities as a result of contact. Not every participant answered every question or responded to every statement, but responses to statements on the subject of psychic awareness were very interesting.

  • To the statement “I became more psychic than I was before.” - out of 1,423 respondents,
    • 811 (56.99%) said Agree,
    • 265 (18.62%) said Disagree, and
    • 347 (24.39%) said No Opinion.
  • To the statement “Telepathic or other forms of psychic awareness between me and others Increased.” – out of 1,407 respondents,
    • 863 (61.34%) said Agree,
    • 254 (18.05%) said Disagree, and
    • 290 (20.61%) said No Opinion.
  • To the statement “My interest in psychic phenomena has” – out of 1,397 respondents,
    • 830 (59.41%) said Strongly Increased,
    • 255 (18.25%) said Had Not Changed, and
    • 2 (0.14%) said Strongly Decreased.

Complete study data is available in Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence - Volume 1, The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences (FREE), 2018.

While this data is truly just a drop in the proverbial bucket when considering the countless number of individuals who have found their lives changed by contact with other-worldly beings, I am gratified to see these results.  Those of us who have been working face-to-face with experiencers in the trenches, so to speak, for many years, aren’t surprised by the findings, but I think others will be.  More and more, we are understanding that the human-ET contact story is about consciousness – both human and extraterrestrial (and probably also extra- or interdimensional) and while we still don’t know the whole truth, we do know that everyone who has contact with other-worldly beings is forever changed.

Gwen Farrell, CHt, RT


Thomas Minderlé - ET-associated psychic enhancement

I have experienced ET-associated temporary psychic enhancement in two cases. The first happens during the 24-48 hours following an alien abduction. The second happens when I’m networking with researchers, abductees, and contactees regarding projects or subjects that seem to be of alarming concern to certain alien groups.

In the first case, increased psychic abilities were just one of several post-abduction symptoms. Other symptoms were dreams involving Grey alien imagery or lack of dreams altogether, energy levels not consistent with number of hours between going to sleep and waking up, unexplainable bruises, cuts, and scratches often in geometric patterns, reflexive nervousness and jumpiness typical of PTSD, and our cat acting traumatized and disturbed that morning. I also had ear ringings and hypnagogic imagery of alien faces prior to going to bed.

So, in the 24-48 hours afterwards, especially during the first 12 hours following an abduction, I would feel a bit spacey and ungrounded while simultaneously having heightened intuition and spontaneous telepathic abilities. For example, consistently picking up on other people’s thoughts and feelings, even asking them to think of a number or color or animal and being able to guess it correctly again and again, knowing who was about to call or write me, and other basic psychic abilities. This run would end within about 48 hours and then I’d be back to my usual grounded self where the above would only occur on a less frequently and less consistent basis.

In the second case, I would experience the same symptoms but without associated abduction activity. Rather, it would happen during times when I was researching something or interacting with others concerning matters that were especially sensitive to alien agendas. For example, comparing experiences and observations with other abductees or contactees, which would reveal the agendas, standard operating procedures, and manipulation methods used by aliens. This knowledge helped us become more enlightened, empowered, independent, and therefore more uncontrollable and unpredictable to the alien forces in our lives, and so I presume this alarmed them. Consequently, they would engage in heavier monitoring and attempted remote influencing on us as evidenced by an increase in ear ringings, hypnagogic indicators of their presence, pets acting disturbed, and the increase in psychic phenomena and abilities. The remote influencing, we determined, was aimed at shutting down the conversation and splitting up the network in order to quarantine the spread of sensitive information. 

The common denominator among both cases is alien contact, either in-person contact via an abduction or remote psychic contact for purposes of monitoring. Now, we know from decades of abduction research and UFOlogy that aliens are highly skilled psychics. They can speak telepathically to humans, read our thoughts and emotions, induce foreign thoughts and feelings, induce physical paralysis and knock us out, numb our physical pain, and erase memories or replace them with screen memories. 

It is worth noting that throughout history there are cases of psychic humans being able to do these things as well, just not to the same level of strength, finesse, and consistency. This means that psychic abilities are not an ET-only phenomenon, and it therefore implies that ET-induced psychic activity in humans is likely their activation and enhancement of something we already have within us naturally. 

This idea is further supported by the existence of Eastern (Taoist Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Qi Gong) and Western (Rosicrucian, Theosophical, Anthroposophical, Toltec) esoteric practices known to build psychic powers through meditative energy-manipulation exercises. What these practices have in common is that they involve the manipulation of subtle energy within the body, specifically toward the activation of latent subtle energy structures (chakras), which enables access to superhuman perception and paranormal abilities. 

Alien contact therefore appears to modify our subtle energy system in some way by activating and enhancing it, and this activation effect typically dissipates within days following contact. Exceptions include when the person is already naturally psychic and is therefore always in a heightened subtle energy activation state, or when alien remote psychic contact and manipulation happens day after day. But in a non-psychic person who only experiences alien contact occasionally, the effect tends to dissipate with time.

Another clue is that in occult research, the practice of astral projection is known to enhance psychic abilities. Projecting or detaching the “soul” (specifically the astral component) from the physical body would likely impact the subtle energy structures therein and consequently lead to a heightening of their activity, which leads to psi abilities. It’s interesting, therefore, that the abduction phenomenon includes not only physical abductions but also soul abductions. That is, ETs inducing a forced out of body experience and taking only the soul while leaving the body behind. That alone could induce post-abduction psychic effects, but obviously if the effects also occur with physical abductions then astral projection isn’t the only method behind it.

And yet another clue is the phenomenon of intermittent ear ringings, similar to tinnitus but sporadic in their timing and duration, which are metrics that are easily correlated with pre-abduction phases and monitoring by alien or other psychic entities. From what my fellow researchers and I have been able to determine, ear ringings are induced by a sudden deformation of the subtle energy field within and around the ear region, the cause of which may include a psychic non-human entity such as an ET performing a very strong and specific kind of psychic maneuver. In my case, I noticed that heavy ear ringing activity correlated with abduction and monitoring activity and the enhancement of psychic abilities. Which makes sense if the latter involves modification and activation of the body’s subtle energy systems.

As to why aliens affect our subtle energy field, there are several hypotheses that have been raised by the contactees and researchers that I know. 

The first hypothesis is that this happens inadvertently due to a kind of induction effect where the ET’s own intense subtle energy field, which is necessary for their high-level psychic functioning, induces an automatic heightening of our own field when they are in proximity to us, as would be the case during an abduction.

The second is that they intentionally activate our subtle energy field so that, in us being more psychically sensitive for a period of time, we are more easily telepathically communicated with, monitored, and influenced by them during that time. Many abductees and contactees report a shift to an altered and expanded state of consciousness during abductions. This may be necessary during an abduction for certain procedures or learning / programming sessions. It may also be done remotely to improve monitoring and influencing, and ear ringings could be a symptom.

A third factor worth mentioning is that a general increase in psychic awareness may also be due to a survival instinct being triggered. If the mind has been traumatized by abductions, or if it subconsciously senses malicious intent by seemingly omni-present predators, there may be a reflexive heightening of the “sixth sense” to deal with it. 

So, if we step back and look at the numerous clues from abduction research, contactee literature, occultism and mysticism studies, it makes sense that enhancement in psychic awareness should accompany the alien abduction and contact phenomenon. ETs themselves are incredibly psychic, and whether inadvertently or intentionally, we are experiencing the consequences of that.


Bill Konkolesky - Out of Body and Out of this World

One of the interesting wonders reported from some UFO contact experiencers is a heightened sense of psychic awareness and activity.  Phenomena such as synchronicities, premonition, poltergeist activity, and, incredibly, even astral projection occur in experiencers’ lives.

Personally, as an experiencer who has had my share of a wide variety of psychic phenomena, I can point specifically to astral projection (out-of-body travel) as a key area that gives evidence to this being a correlation, more than just a coincidence.

While I have certainly had my share of undoubtedly physical encounters with gray beings, I have also had several non-physical experiences with them.

When I was four, a trio of gray entities pulled me from my body as I was settling in for an afternoon nap.  They were keenly interested in how well I was able to function in the astral state and had me testing out my mobility while still in my house, but no longer in physical form.

When I was nine, I awoke at the foot of my bed, out of my body, standing next to a tall gray entity who told me to get back in bed.

Several times, in my teens, I was pulled from my body during the middle of the night and brought to an environment that appeared identical to the UFO interiors I knew from my physical abductions.

From what I have personally experienced, I believe that some visiting varieties of entities exist primarily as consciousness, able to interact with us non-physically, slip into physical puppet bodies, or just as easily appear in the human dream state.

The value to this is clear.  If they are able to contact experiencers in non-physical states, then there is no need for the beings to hide their UFO, switch human bystanders off, sneak into homes that have any type of locks or other security, etc.  The types of missions that most benefit from non-physical contact are primarily those of the secret educations that many experiencers receive.

The unintended consequence of regularly pulling people out of their bodies, though, is that some may just become able to achieve this state without the assistance of the entities.  I’ve done just that.

I have been out of body just a handful of times on my own, but I believe the only reason I have achieved this at all is because they have loosened my body-soul connection by repeatedly pulling me out.

One night, while I was in my late-twenties, I went out-of-body and felt a sudden sense of dread that the entities realized I was in astral form without their assistance or supervision.  They indeed came to check on me, later that night.

The lesson I received from this is that the entities are not only able to trigger astral projection in humans, but are also able to monitor experiencers out-of-body activity when they are not the cause.

If this seems a lot to think about, try living with it, or ask yourself this…what happens when an astral-projecting experiencer ultimately passes from life?

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