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Nadine Lalich - Is Psychic Ability in Contactees a Result of ET Contact?

For more than a decade, I have openly acknowledged being an experiencer of the phenomenon of extraterrestrial contact. Originally I identified myself as an “abductee,” but subsequently have chosen to refer to myself as a contactee or experiencer due to the convoluted nature of the phenomenon. I was first made aware of this suppressed part of my life when I experienced a fully-conscious abduction from a vehicle while camping with a friend in a remote area of Sedona, Arizona in 1991. From that point forward, the abductions/contacts became more prolific with a greater variety of experiences and types of ETs encountered. As my fear lessened and my curiosity intensified, I was able to remain conscious and alert for longer periods of time during the experiences, and able to retain a good amount of detail from each experience, recalled consciously and without regression hypnosis.

The PSI Factor (continued)

The question to be considered here is whether or not I have experienced increased psychic abilities as a result of my ET contact. Before discussing any psychic experiences or awareness I have had, I would point out that my earliest memory of contact was when I was about nine or ten years old, but I was not aware of any significant PSI abilities until my teenage years. Although ET contact may have been a precursor to the development of psychic ability, I cannot say in my case whether or not it developed through contact with, or training by extraterrestrials, genetic manipulation, or natural evolution.

It is interesting to note that there is a history of ET contact within the paternal side of my family, with my father and several of his sisters that I know of having some form of contact. It is also interesting to note that from about the age of thirteen, when my father’s side of the family met for gatherings, my father, his sister, one of my cousins and myself would sometimes spend time experimenting with telepathy – certainly not a typical activity for most families. One of the exercises we would perform was to gather a number of items on a table in one room with one of us acting as a “sender,” who would then focus upon a specific object. Another person would be chosen to be the “receiver,” who would relocate into another room to telepathically pick up the sender’s choice of object. Ultimately, I have had my share of unusual experiences that might be labelled psychic experiences, including some rather dramatic precognitive dreams which I detail below.

Precognitive Dreams

One quite profound experience occurred in the summer of 1998. I was employed in the legal field in the Los Angeles area and my travels to and from work required more than an hour of travel time and the use of three freeways. Normally, due to the traffic on the freeway, I avoided a particular section of freeway and always used the service drive instead. The day before the event, I had a very frightening dream of driving home from work and entering a freeway ramp that I rarely took. In the dream, as I entered the flow of traffic, I saw a blonde woman stranded in the center of the freeway try to cross the freeway whereupon she was struck by a vehicle and decapitated. I woke from the nightmare quite shaken, but never thought about it again as the day moved on. That evening with the nightmare long gone from my thoughts, as I was driving the service drive I drove every day, I found myself suddenly and unexplainably turning onto the freeway ramp. I was angry with myself at first, but as I entered the flow of traffic, I was quite shocked to see in the center of the freeway was the same woman from my dream the night before. Apparently, her car had broken down, but fate was in her corner that moment. I miraculously was able to cross the four lanes of crowded traffic and pulled my car up behind her in the center median just before she was about to try crossing. I furiously called and waved my arms from the window for her to get into my car. Fortunately, she changed her mind about crossing and got into my car. Rescued from a potential deadly fate, I waited with her until help arrived.

Another very interesting precognitive dream happened much earlier in 1985. At that time, I had been considering adopting a dog from the dog pound in Van Nuys, California. It was a Thursday evening when I had a dream of standing on a sidewalk when a little white dog walked up to me and very intently stared up into my eyes. As she did, I found myself overcome with strong emotion and empathy. She was a miniature poodle of senior age and other than hair on her head, her body was devoid of hair as she was suffering terribly from a case of mange. I awoke the next morning with the decision that I would go to the dog pound on the weekend to possibly adopt a dog, and then I went to work as usual. As the day progressed, I found myself thinking about the dog in the dream and growing increasingly uncomfortable. By 4:00 p.m. that afternoon I was unable to concentrate on my work, so I left the office and went directly to the animal shelter. Visiting a kill-shelter can be disturbing so for moral support I called a friend who met me at the door to the building. I told her about my dream and we entered the shelter at about 4:30 p.m.  We split up to search in different areas and in a few minutes, I heard my friend call out. There in a cage stood the same dog from my dream - a little white poodle, covered in mange, looking up intently into my eyes. I adopted her on the spot. As we were leaving, the shelter worker made an interesting comment, telling me she was a lucky dog because she had been due to be euthanized at 5:00 p.m. that same day! I named my little dog, Sara, and she was with me for nearly five years. My unique relationship with her played a very dramatic part in my life, allowing me to process and heal from a lingering childhood trauma. One might call it fate that we met.

Astral Experience

In my childhood home, each member of my family - mother, father, brother and myself – had developed an irrational fear of the attic of our home. We often heard noises from above, and each of us had seen at different times a strange white apparition that would float through our hallway or outside of the house. Occasionally, we would joke about it to ease our tension, but we would rarely venture up those cold stairs unless there was a good reason to do so.

I was about fifteen years old when one evening I awoke in the middle of night. I had a strange sensation that someone or something was calling to me to go upstairs into the attic. Suddenly, I felt myself rise from my bed and much to my surprise, I was floating above my bed and looking down at myself asleep under the covers! Like a magnetic pull, I found myself moving through the hallway, then straight through the closed door leading up to the attic. Once in the stairwell, I could feel a malevolent energy surrounding me, as though it was trying to destroy me, and a terrible hissing sound filled my head. Having learned the Lord’s Prayer from going to church, I began to recite the prayer over and over again for what seemed like two or three minutes. Slowly, I could feel the energy dissipate until it was gone. Instantly, I found myself whisked back into my body lying upon my bed. 

Telepathic Communication, Intuitive Awareness and Other-Dimensional Contact

Throughout my adult life, there have been many, many instances when I sensed that someone was thinking about me or about to contact me, and a contact would usually take place within a few minutes. I have also experienced strong impressions to proceed or not proceed with an action that was not based on facts, only to have evidence later presented that corroborated my intuition. There have also been many dreams when people who have passed away have appeared. Their intention being to comfort me, provide information about themselves, or offer me direction about my life.


Nevenka Likar - We All Know How To Fly

Everyone has some psychic ability, said Russell Targ in his latest interview with Richard Dolan in his Intelligent Disclosure series. The only precondition is that conscious attention must be out of the picture. No guessing, over-analyzing, or naming, quiet mind, no cause and effect. Timeless awareness is our human nature. It opens the door to direct and total knowing.

A lot has been said about this based on experience, evidence obtained from experiments and the ensuing attitudes, and it is increasingly so within the current accelerated process of a paradigm shift from Newtonian to quantum interpretation of the physics of reality, including human consciousness as overlapping with and co-creating it.

We connect with everything else inside The Field is the recurrent theme in modern definitions of reality. We are part of the interconnected universe, these quantum connections allowing all possibility and unlimited human abilities. We can dismantle our reality and create a new one, employ quantum thought to simply walk through a brick wall or a sign stop that prevents us from moving forward. These blocks seem rigid, but are only states of energy and information that we ourselves or others formed around us.

An enhanced psychic ability means seeing with our inner eye, sensing with other than the five senses, and then just letting it be or intervening; dissolving what disrupts the harmony of a place or state or adding the missing piece needed to restore it.  Seeing, sensing, participating in and creating.

People do not really see because they do not pay attention, use their second attention in order to train their sleeping abilities and be able to read the signs and synchronicities around them waiting to be noticed, for additional wisdom.

Many still find it hard to believe that this is possible, but John E. Mack, speaking about legitimizing the experiencer, says what we must take into consideration is the consciousness to consciousness contact between dimensions, including the possibility of a relationship between humans and intelligent beings from other realities. A relationship and communication beyond language, through symbols, myth and dreams. 

That our linear thought and language are inadequate for interpreting reality, let alone the part of it which belongs to the paranormal, can be seen best in the so-called new children. They think and see the world in a different way and therefore refuse to learn the language they are supposed to use, replacing it by drawings, unusual combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols. They mock our attempts at teaching them how to form conventional sentences that only convey a conventional view of reality which they reject. Not having much choice in our school system, they try to at least change something by taking an upside-down approach. Proposed to do a most boring task, revision of English irregular verbs, for example, a pupil may reply, ok, but may I stand on my head?

What he wishes is to learn the skills that will help him draw information directly from a place other than his local environment by using the five senses; through intuition and imagination, from the all-inclusive, universal internet of everything.

Knowing that there is more to this reality than we think and that some other intelligence may be meddling with our lives already means an expanded awareness from which paranormal abilities are only a small step away. Whether this sleeping potential, probably greater in some than in the others, is the cause of an ET-initiated contact, and its awakening the consequence, we cannot know for sure.

What has been my share of paranormal experiences? What I understood as interference from an unknown place happened recently during an ayurvedic treatment. I suddenly noticed, in a relaxed state and my eyes closed, three pairs of hands descending from the ceiling and pouring a pot of light brown liquid, the colour of mild coffee, into my mouth while I was keeping it shut. It happened so quickly there was no time to resist or react in any way. The therapist noticed nothing.

Sometimes, just before I fall asleep, I find myself at an abandoned railway station, one from the 19th century. It is midday under a hot sun, a sandy plain all around, no people. I feel as if I knew this place from somewhere other than Earth. Suddenly, for a fleeting moment, a cute little boy, looking slightly like a human/Grey hybrid, rises from behind a bench nearby, with a meaningful smile. We know each other, his eyes are saying. I hope that with time this repeating scene will evolve into me eventually figuring out who he is and what it all means.

It seems to me that I should know how to breathe under water. Somebody, they were several, taught me how to do it, during my childhood. I was immersed into pleasantly warm water, a little heavier than normal, into a bath tub in the middle of a square one-room building standing on a green meadow, with nothing else around, a room with cement walls, a bit scary, but there were beings around me, who I could not see though, assuring me that I was safe. I was fully conscious and could pretend to be breathing, but the water would not enter the nose or the mouth. And I did not lack air. I am not aware how the switch from lung-breathing to breathing through the skin – yes, I was breathing through the skin of the back while immersed 20 cm under the surface – actually occurred. There was a missing time between the two modalities.

I have read somewhere that the imagined never goes beyond what is actually possible in altered states of consciousness. If this is true, then we should also know how to fly! I'm being taught in my dreams how to do it. I see myself walking off a mountain wall along a thin horizontal pole extended over an abyss, and I am being assured that even if I slip I will not fall. I do not need to hold on to the pole. I drop it and can keep the height, hovering, floating in the air, held up by the thickness, the density of its fabric. Also, there is nowhere to fall because there is no up and down and no gravity.

The vacuum is not empty, it is full of potentiality, writes Julia Sellers/Iris Krst in her book 'I Have Seen It Tomorrow', which is about multi-realities existing within overlapping dimensions and the experiences we may gain tapping into them: »Throw your dreams into space! We have a quantum, vibratory, liquid light body. Imagine leaving your physical body, and the amount of energy released and spilled into space will reduce its weight. A sufficiently intense intention and desire can make it happen«. Dense matter is frozen consciousness.

When I was reading Mike Clelland's book 'The Messengers' which is about owls as communicators between dimensions and precursors to an imminent alien contact, I sent out a wish to see one soon. One day in a park, with the book in my bag, my attention was drawn to something on the ground, and there was a cute little owl walking around a statue staring straight into my eyes with her head turned back one hundred eighty degrees while walking in the opposite direction. The story continues but here is another one that reflects more intensely the unusual and the paranormal that Mike Clelland talks about, saying that we should not take a rational approach to these phenomena; by doing so, we would 'leave out all the really weird stuff, the elusive strangeness of it for which perhaps a poet would be best suited to play with'.

I was standing on a clearing in the forest, observing the sky and waiting for the bird from a species of the hawks that I often somehow pull into my field of vision. The bird, definitely a hawk, didn't disappoint me. It landed on a tree for me to take a picture. The first anomaly: when I checked the picture, I noticed that the hawk turned into an owl! The second one: it gradually shapeshifted into a hybrid between a human and a bird. This was an extraterrestrial! Mike Clelland would say.  There was something theatrical about its posture, a trace of irony, mocking the observer, posing for what it was not, for what I wished to see, telling me that longing for any physical manifestation is a nonsense, a waste of energy, because I can always be deceived. The third anomaly: back home, what was left of the picture was the tree, with no bird in it.

Over the course of time, my experiences varied from rather depressing during childhood, with body paralysis and normal awareness diluted, missing time, and a return to the place where it began, accompanied by a feeling of guilt in the sense of whether I have I done anything wrong that this was happening to me, to much more encouraging and optimistic experiences in recent years: a two-metre tall friendly Blue Grey female accompanying me on my walks along the river, her face mimicking my own emotional state of the moment, then assistance with public speaking, the start and the end of the intervention I sensed unmistakably,  looking unusually good in a shop window, sudden heightened physical and psychical strength and other.

If my intuition is not betraying me and I am speaking about genuine extraterrestrial presence and interference, then this is an omnipresent phenomenon, extremely versatile in manifestation, a force and an intelligence whose essence is in nuances. Once experienced, awareness of it and constant attention remain forever.

Although we are dealing with a power greater than ours, I still think that the occurrence of the paranormal phenomena we are exposed to is proportional to our psychic abilities enabling us to perceive them and immediately adjust the frequency, otherwise they would not manifest. It is reciprocal. We are no doubt being enhanced by these contacts, since the experience itself is paranormal and as such requires activation and training of the normally unused receptors contained in our genetic code. I am sure that in the future, extraterrestrial and human psychic potential will further merge, so that we will be able to cooperate on a higher level while solving the enigmas of our common universe.

But this is the future that for the time being we do not remember.


Giorgio Piacenza - Psi Phenomena and Modified Spacetime Contacts

Psi phenomena transcend physical spacetime limitations which suggest that either a non-local and/or a non-physical realm interacts with our conventionally perceived physical world. Reported contact with intelligent, otherworldly entities associated with the UFO phenomenon constantly refer to phenomena like precognition, telepathy, apparent psychokinetic events and others associated with psi.

Both psi events and experiencer, contact events produce amazement, a re-evaluation of reality concepts and of our self-identities as they contradict an instinctive and conceptual adaptation to a world that – to our senses – primarily functions classically.

Psi events are difficult to accept by some scientists because they remind us of a premodern time in which normal and extraordinary events were all interpreted under the aegis of the divine and ‘supernatural’. But innumerable reports over decades and from all over the world reasonably force us to admit that there are functions in the natural world not limited to a classical perception of the world.  And advanced, non-human intelligences may have learned to consciously utilize these functions to surprise us with their sporadic presence and to modify what seem to be stable physical spacetime patterns. The question is on what might such events depend?

Perhaps reality is parsed into a classical physical, and a non-physical, information counterpart and the latter (perhaps normally providing possibilities for coherent, concrete actualizations in the Physical Realm) appears to be more inclusive, as a larger whole functioning under different emergent rules transcends and guides its constituent parts.

As of today, some quantum physicists tend to be willing to admit that an information level of reality may be more fundamental than spacetime itself but they may want to keep at bay further speculation. However, interesting spiritual-philosophical-experiential traditions like Yoga, Tantra and Vedanta mention three fundamental types of worlds and, more specifically, to a level of reality called “Subtle” or “Mental” that – metaphysically-speaking – is prior to and necessary for the existence of the physical world. Moreover, an intermediate state of existence, apparently bridging between a purely non-physical level and a predominantly physical one is said to exist.  This would be the sheath of prana called “pranamaya kosha” in relation to the human structure of vehicles of consciousness. As a matter of opinion, some traditional teachers place it closer to the physical realm and others closer to the “Subtle” but it would nonetheless be necessary to mediate between the physical and non-physical worlds.

I contend that what we call the “physics of the vacuum” is related to this intermediate state possibly used by the advanced non-human entities to temporarily modify rather stable spacetime patterns by bringing new, higher-realm information patterns into the local Physical Realm universe with which we are familiar.  I also contend that quantum retrocausality may be involved in the process to connect with these non-physical, information patterns stemming from a metaphysically higher or more inclusive realm.

Information about events in the past and the future may simultaneously co-exist in the non-physical “Subtle” realm in which – according to astral body travelers - mind is causally efficient to modify perceived objects. In the physical universe in which we normally perceive a time-forward sequence of events (associated with inertia, entropy and causally-predominant exterior objects), simultaneity is not readily available. Furthermore, future causes associated with past causes in every physical actualization that is decoded or perceived (according to some physical theories by non-conventional physicists like John like Cramer’s and Yakir Aharonov’s) remain ‘hidden’ from conscious perception. This may occur since – in contrast to the non-physical, Subtle Realm - the Physical Realm is (metaphysically and causally-speaking) less ‘symmetrical’ concerning interior, subjective experiences and exterior-objective objects. In other words, to provide the experience of a predominance of separate exterior objects limiting what subjective consciousnesses can experience, retrocausality tends to remain unperceived.

As experiments by Dr. Dean Radin and Dick Bierman show, intuiting the future appears to be associated with responses by the autonomic nervous system. This system (and perhaps other biological systems in the human body, including the alleged “antennas” being detected by scientists like Kit Green concerning contactees or experiencers), may interact through the physics of the vacuum with the intermediate state of the“pranamaya kosha.” It would occur not only to connect with quantum physical causes located in the future but – by doing so – also with the non-physical patterns of the Subtle Realm.  

By using technologies (too complex to explore here) and by being aware of future quantum causes related with a physical universe (yes I’m assuming that there may be many physical universes), the intelligences behind various forms of contacts (especially if they produce physical effects that modify stable time-forward, inertial and entropic classical patterns) may be able to increase the direct influence of future, quantum physical causes. By doing so, they might be able to temporarily de-physicalize a region of spacetime by canceling out the predominance of past causes.  The idea is that by confronting future and past causes, a reality diminished into a lower state of metaphysical-experiential symmetry may be artificially reverted (by different degrees) to its original state in the purely non-physical realm.

For this reason, the experiencer’s immediate environment may exist in a speedier time frame during his or her contact experience; it may be an environment that responds more readily to subjective initiatives; perhaps like a “surreal” contact field more compatible with the spacetime of some of the “visitors.” And we may even consider this contact field (or locally altered spacetime) as part of another subtler or less physical spacetime. Moreover, naturally increased psi events proper to this contact field or modified spacetime would be transduced for the experiencer through his or her autonomic nervous system and other biological systems related with future causes. Furthermore, if connectivity with the artificially-generated, subtler spacetime and/or contact field is not completely disengaged, the experiencer will notice increased psi activity as a lingering or even permanent effect.