This case was released by Exopolitics Czech Republic. It comes from an eyewitness living in Prague and concerning the very interesting case of the real possibility that Extraterrestrials are living amongst us.

Case 1

I will write all that I can remember from this event.

It happened in 1988 to 1989. Back then, I was working for the company “Drobné zboží” (Small Goods) as Head of the Operating Unit on Cracow Street (Krakovská), on the first street on the former House of Fashion (Dům Módy, Prague Center). I don’t remember the house number, but there was a shop with cheap goods for many years prior to my joining the company. This small shop had only one counter and a little shop window, just for one employee. My shop mostly had regular customers thanks to our specific goods suited mainly to people associated with merry-go-rounds and other dealers. I did window dressing, make bargain offers – like clothes, shoes, make-ups, perfumes etc., and it attracted the interests of passers-by. They stopped and stared at the storefront before entering. I was often alone inside and looked out through the shop window guessing who would enter. It was the first time when I saw her. A middle-aged woman, dressed in a light elegant coat with a belt firmly done up. She wore a beautiful, typically tied cashmere scarf, and she caught my attention with her dark sunglasses as it was almost autumn. Both her hands were buried deep in her pockets, looking in through the shop window, without any interest for the merchandise on display.

Drawing by Rasinova
Drawing by Sandra Rasinova

I thought: “What do you want here? The House of Fashon is a little further down the street for such a lady like you.”

Then about two weeks or so went by and it was around noon or after lunch. I was standing behind the counter as usual looking out at the street through the window. Suddenly this woman literally ran into the shop, quickly shut the door, looked around to make sure that we were alone, and closely approached the counter. She quickly took off her sunglasses and burst out talking to me: “Please, listen to me! Because I’m being watched and I’m terribly afraid. They are going to kill me!”

I was a bit scared, but I told her: “Do you want me to help you? What do you need?” She replied: “You can’t help me, but hear me out.” I said: “OK speak!” And she began:

“My husband is a scientist and was working on some top secret research. He was transferred to the USA because of extraterrestrials, they are in fact amongst us, living amongst us. Do you understand?!”

I stared at her as if she fell from the sky with my eyes popping out as I tried to calm the confusion in my head. She kept looking back, trying to relax, but I will never forget the tension in her face and her desperate urgent expressions and words. It was as if she had fought for her life. I was really speechless and with all my attention I stared into her eyes. The she hastily continued:

“It’s been half a year, they killed him and lied to me, he wanted to disclose that there are aliens amongst us. He still hasn´t come back from his business trip, and they haven´t released him. After two months they finally allowed me to talk to him, but still the same lie – he is sick, or has to be somewhere for something, however I knew that something was wrong. It wasn´t normal for him to not regularly call me. I was allowed to talk to him just because I had been insistent. He had to sign a document stating that he wouldn’t talk to anyone and that he will continue to work on the project for another half a year, abroad.

He also called me once, but the phone call had been monitored, and I knew that he couldn´t speak. He sounded desperate and didn´t want to be there. When we met, they left us alone in the hotel for one night and he told me everything, we had to whisper. First thing in the morning they took him and myself in a car. Since they were watching and interrogating me, they knew what he told me and what we had been talking about, and now I’m under surveillance. Whatever I do, wherever I go, whatever I say to anyone, I’m followed. They want to drive me insane, so I have to go to the mental hospital. They killed my husband and I will be thrown into the madhouse. That’s it, that´s the way they do it, and now I must report to them where I am going to go. I´ve disappeared from them for a while now, but they are still around. They always find me, it´s a game of nerves. They can drive me to suicide and I had to tell someone as I don’t believe anyone around me.”

I recovered a little and compassionately asked her if she really believed that they are living amongst us, and if so, what does it matter if we know, if we cannot recognize them. She said that it is true, otherwise they wouldn´t have killed him. She added that they (aliens) are distinguishable from us, and even the government and authorities cannot know or get to know who they are. They are said to be perfectly integrated into the general population, that´s why there is a big problem with their disclosure.

She went on and suggested that when people start to believe, that it won’t take long and they’ll find ways on how to expose them. I asked her if it is really possible to expose them, she answered: “Yes, it is…….”

I understood that if it’s really that serious, I could be in deep trouble and I had better keep my mouth shut as my life could be in danger. In front of the shop window, across the street stopped a big black car stopped.

The lady pronounced: “Here they are!” She put her sunglasses on and walked to the door. She walked out and two men went towards her as if they were friends. Both men took her, one on each side under the arms, and led her to the car.

Since then, I have never seen her and I have never told anyone.

2.2.2014, Z.B.


Case 2 - Telepathic contact

There was something very strange that happened to me some years ago (2004). I was living in a small village 50km from Prague and once, I ran out of cigarettes and dropped by the local pub to buy get some more. The place was quite empty, with three to four regulars in the pub – bar flies. I saw an ordinary, common fellow and was unremarkable, not distinguishable by anything. He was standing there at the bar with security-cobra uniform on, with two others, standing and drinking a beer. When I entered, the bartender has been at their table and they were talking about something. The bartender raised his head and growled: “Hi! I´ll be back at once to you!” I replied: “I´ll wait. What´s the panic?” I came and stood behind the one in the uniform who shyly smiled and stepped back a little. I was standing very close to him and said out loud: “We’re gonna sleep well when security cobra is guarding us”. And thought to myself: “Who does he want to catch, he’s so skinny and his good nature shines from him all over the place.” However he seemed to hear my thoughts, he turned to me, looked into my eyes with a very nice look, and in such a loving, and gentle way replied out loud: “Not me. My colleagues over there.” I said immediately: “Those two guys? What’s the matter?” I´d been taken by surprise, so I only gave him a smile to him.

One of his colleagues standing at the bar began speaking: “We’ll teach Fred, because he’s new here, so we’re showing him where it’s possible to get a quick beer, am I right Fred?” Fred was just smiling and nodding in agreement. The bartender again said: “I´m coming.” To which the guys standing at the bar said: “OK.” They then started to talk to each other. However, the man standing next to me and myself stood in silence. Looking ahead. I sent out a thought: “You can hear what I’m thinking, I know it!” And I repeated it. He answered: “Yes, I can!” I sent out another thought: “Who the hell are you, or what are you?” There was no answer, just silence. The returning bartender broke the silence: “What will you have?” I said I needed the cigarettes. Putting the pack of cigarettes in my pocket I sent out another thought: “What the hell has this been? You will not make me out to be a fool! Are you an alien, or what are you?” I left towards the door as I have received his telepathic answer: “You know who I am. I can´t speak to you.” I was very shocked and confused, so I sent out: “I don´t want to talk to you anymore”. I shut the door and went home. I’m living next to the pub and since then, I’ve never seen this fellow again.

3.2.2014, Z.B.