We have great news: JAR Magazine is coming back, with familiar and new faces, with a brand new web site (www.jar-magazine.com), and plenty of ideas. And even better, this time, JAR Magazine will be available for free, through this web site.

It has been more than five years since the last PDF issue of JAR Magazine appeared. If our Facebook page is any indication, JAR’s popularity did not wane in that time. This did not really come as a surprise. JAR was a unique publication that filled an otherwise unmet demand.

That got us thinking: could we start JAR Magazine up again? The audience is still there, as is the thirst for more information about the encounter / abduction phenomenon. Our enthusiasm to explore this phenomenon further, with you, has not diminished, either. In addition, we thought it would be a fitting tribute to the memory of Elaine Douglass. For years, Elaine was the driving force behind JAR Magazine who diligently guided it through the publication of its nine newsletters.

A quick analysis taught us that it would be more cost efficient to relaunch JAR Magazine as an online magazine instead of a PDF newsletter. The advantage of that is that paying subscriptions are no longer needed. We can offer JAR for free!

We have some exciting ideas about what we want to do. We will keep you informed about those, as we realize them. 


In the meantime, you can help, too.

Write for JAR: to continue providing high-quality content, we are once more looking for authors who can provide articles, reviews, interviews, dramatically told accounts, interpretations of the meaning and significance of the extraterrestrial presence, accounts of how researchers and therapists handle abduction cases, etc.

Would you consider writing for JAR Magazine?

If you would, you can send your submission to any of the editors or research team. 
You will find all of them, with their email addresses, at Meet the Team
Alternatively, you can send your submission to submissions at jar-magazine.com.

Help in other ways: we want to give JAR a more global direction. We want to know what is happening all over the world, when it comes to abductions and encounters. You can help us find authors, researchers, contactees and abductees in your country.

JAR also needs people who are familiar with the UFO literature, especially the literature on abduction-encounters, and are skilled in the English language. They must be able to edit and title articles on a professional level.

JAR needs one or more graphic artists who can provide illustrations for articles.

Please keep in mind that all of these are strictly volunteer positions for which no salary is provided.


To whet your appetite, here are our first two interviews: