Join JAR's Staff

The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research is looking for people to help put out the publication. These are volunteer positions for which no salary is provided. JAR needs reliable people to join our staff permanently, who have some of the following skills:

  • JAR needsĀ one or more graphic artists who can provide illustrations for articles.
  • JAR needs people familiar with the UFO literature, especially the literature on abduction-encounters.
  • The magazine needs people skilled in the English language who are able to edit and title articles on a professional level.
  • We need acquisition skills, which means the ability to identify, locate and encourage writers, including non-US writers, well-known persons in ufology, and forgotten or obscure writers in ufology.
  • JAR needs people with energy and ideas about how to promote the magazine.

Help JAR in smaller ways

JAR needs email addresses of people interested in UFOs worldwide.

JAR needs contacts-writers, readers, email lists-in non-US countries

Pipe dream! People to translate JAR into foreign languages, such as Chinese and French. Or even more of a pipe dream, a JAR "affiliate" in China, or France or Saudi Arabia, who will accept the magazine, translate and distribute it.