BIRDS OF A FEATHER (or will sharing my ET experiences in a group help me?)

Many Experiencers seek hypnotherapy for help in retrieving repressed or partially-repressed memories related to ET experiences and in understanding and coping with their aftermath. But private therapy isn’t always necessary or even the best option for everyone. Experiencers who are comfortable sharing their memories and experiences with others and are open to the ideas of others often benefit from attending an Experiencer support group rather than private therapy.

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Experiencers often feel fear and isolation from family, friends and their everyday reality. And even though it might not be comfortable at first, sharing their experiences with people who are experiencing the same feelings can help them to overcome their sense of isolation, validate their experiences, raise self-esteem and successfully integrate the ET contact experiences into their lives. Support groups are not usually as effective at working on individual issues and don't provide the individual guidance and personal support that may be needed, but they can be helpful in recalling and working through abduction/contact experiences on a less intense and focused level, and group meetings are less expensive than private therapy. ET contact experiences are quite varied and unique, but they are all valid. If you attend a group, you will need to keep an open mind and not judge anyone else or their experiences.

Meet-Ups or UFO, ET, abduction or paranormal interest groups - are open to anyone who’s interested in the subject and they can usually be found on the internet. They are usually casual and have no requirements to attend, but there may be an entry fee or requested donation. They can be fun and helpful, but if you need to ask questions or get information about a personal issue, you might not have the opportunity in a large group, or you might not be comfortable doing so.

Private Experiencer support groups - are open to Experiencers only. They are usually led by a counselor or therapist who may provide educational and practical information, and group members are encouraged to share their experiences and participate in discussions. The group may contain people who have had private therapy and some who have not. You may need to have an interview or session with the therapist before attending the group, and there may be a fee for the group or a requested donation.

If the idea of sharing your experiences in a group appeals to you, I encourage you to find one. Groups aren’t for everyone, but they’re a good place to start. You can meet people who know what you’re talking about and won't think you're nuts. Have fun!