In an effort to debunk UFO abduction/contact events, skeptics often claim that what experiencers interpret as abductions by ETs are actually fabrications by the individual or conditions created by natural brain functions.  One of the most commonly blamed is false memories.

Generally defined as memories of events that didn’t really happen, false memories are a common function of the human mind that can be created in various ways - purposely as a fabrication or fantasy, when an individual intends to do something and doesn’t follow through but thinks they did, or as a result of reading a book or article, or seeing a TV show or movie about the subject.  It’s also possible for a false memory to be created as a suggestion introduced to an individual while they are in a highly suggestible state of mind, such as deep meditation or hypnotic trance.  There is no doubt that false memories exist and everyone with a normal mind experiences them.  As such, it is possible, and even likely, that some ET abduction/contact experiences can be attributed to false memories.  However, this is not proof that all reported experiences are actually false memories.  Debunkers exhibit their shortsightedness and misunderstanding of the functions of the human mind when they contend that if there is no incontrovertible proof that an ET abduction/contact event happened, then the event necessarily was a false memory fabricated by an individual with a desire to add some spice to his life or inserted into an individual’s mind by an incompetent or unethical therapist.  While false memories may be recalled as part of an ET contact/abduction experience, their presence is not proof that the entire experience was false.


Gwen Farrell, CHt, RT is an Experiencer Therapist, MUFON member, author and CE5 researcher in Phoenix, Arizona.