You might say that the human-ET contact story is a mystery inside a paradox wrapped up in an enigma surrounded by a black hole inside a bigger black hole.  I think anyone who has spent time studying the phenomenon will agree.  After all the years of research and investigation, about the only thing we really know for certain is that there are still more unknowns than knowns, and of all the unknowns, the one that seems to pique our curiosity the most is the identity of the beings who are taking us.  In all contact events, that seems to be the first thing we always want to know.  The Earth is populated by a vast array of plant and animal life, and at this point in our evolution, humans are the most technologically advanced species on the planet.  However, as advanced as we are, admittedly, we're not advanced enough to pull off anything seriously resembling the phenomenon that has been conceived of, organized and perpetrated by alien visitors on Earth since before recorded time, and neither are any other life forms on Earth.  So when we start asking who is taking us, the answer is pretty clear - it's either ETs, humans or, according to some experiencers, a combination of both.

Who took me?
Who took me?


Most people probably imagine ET contact to look like this:  it's late at night, a flying saucer hovers over an unsuspecting person's house, ETs beam down into an individual's bedroom, paralyze him and float him through the window to the aforementioned flying saucer, where he is examined and probed with strange tools and then returned to his bed, with no memory of what happened, before morning.  If all contact experiences were like that, it would be obvious who is taking us.  But they're not.  Several races of extraterrestrial beings are purportedly in contact with humans on Earth, and most abduction/contact events seem to involve one or more of them.  A lot has been written about the different ET groups who are reportedly involved with humanity at this time, where they are from, their modus operandi, etc., and that information is easy to find and if those descriptions sound familiar to you, then it's likely that ETs are the beings who took you.  Some experiencers report that human-alien hybrids also sometimes work with ETs, and they may be more difficult to identify, but typically the environment and the activities will reveal who's in charge of the project.


Some experiencers believe they haven't been abducted by ETs, but instead by human beings working for military groups either disguised as ETs or working in concert with ETs for mutual purposes.  These types of contact events are generally referred to as milabs - military abductions.  While this type of event is still the minority of all reported contact events, milabs have been reported for several years and are becoming better known as individuals who have been subjected to them are coming forward.  Also, some individuals who have been involved in perpetrating milabs are speaking and writing about their experiences.  Why would humans engage in abductions disguised as ETs?

As a cover for the real thing?

Certain sectors of some Earth governments recognize the reality of ET abductions and have studied such occurrences for years, while denying their existence and keeping whatever knowledge they have about the subject secret from the general public.  This is an ideal environment for milabs to occur.  If an organization wants to hide an immoral, illegal activity, what better way is there than to disguise it as something that they claim doesn't exist?  If ET contact is really the result of mental illness, dreams or imagination, as many mainstream sources maintain, then anything that an individual claims was done to him during contact must also be the result of mental illness, dreams or imagination, and can be dismissed out of hand.  To most people, the idea of governments or militaries abducting citizens and subjecting them to experimentation is so outlandish that it makes genuine human-ET abductions outlandish as well. 

To sew distrust and fear?

Another explanation for the existence of milabs is to create fear and distrust between humans and ETs.  If the human-ET contact phenomenon can be fashioned into an "us against them" raison d'être, it then becomes a powerful tool in the hands of whoever creates and perpetuates the story.  Whatever our political or philosophical bent, humanity would likely unite against an extraterrestrial threat, if one emerged.  Of course, there is no proof that all ETs have the highest good of Earth and humanity in mind, but many experiencers believe that the majority of ETs have benign motives for what they do, and not everyone desires to paint all extraterrestrial contact with a negative brush.

Active military milabs

Some experiencers report being subjected to milabs while they were serving actively in the armed forces, when they were particularly vulnerable and easily controlled.  Such individuals have reported being forced to take part in experiments similar to genuine ET contact that were carried out on the Earth, in space or on the Moon.  Some of these individuals report the presence of ETs who either participated in the activities or observed what was being done to them.  One milab subject said of his experience:

"I looked at the circle of scientists and military observers watching what was being done to me and there was an alien there.  She reached out to my mind with her mind and said she was sorry for my pain and she didn't understand how humans could treat one of their own with such cruelty.  Unfortunately, she didn't or couldn't stop it."  RS

Often, individuals who have experienced military abductions also have a history of genuine ET contact prior to the milab, which may make them of special interest to that particular study or experiment.  Genuine ET contact often runs in families and, interestingly, so do milabs.

Fake ETs

Some experiencers and researchers believe certain covert government or political units are utilizing technology they get from ETs to create man-made programmable androids that look like ETs to stage frightening abduction-type events.  Their purpose is to create confusion and distrust, presumably to convince the public that there is a threat from outer space and create a basis for a possible future war against other worlds.  Counter-intelligence experts acknowledge that good disinformation must always contain some elements of the truth to make it believable, and according to this theory, experiencers who have been used in such programs have been given specific disinformation and made to believe that they have had contact with genuine extraterrestrial beings so they will convey it to others.  This is a very controversial theory, especially with the many experiencers who have had repeated ET contact throughout their lifetimes and are convinced of the validity of the beings they have interacted with, but it may be accurate in some cases.

How do I know if I was abducted by ETs or milabs?

Most experiencers say that they can tell the difference between genuine ET events and milabs.  ETs possess expertise in human psychology, physiology and technology that is still more advanced than anything existing on Earth, and abductions perpetrated by human agents often betray themselves by their lack of technological expertise  For instance, in genuine ET contact events, experiencers often claim that they were moved through walls or other solid surfaces and then transported to ships via portals or some type of rapid transport system; whereas in milabs, subjects say they were moved through existing doors and windows and transported to distant locations via conventional motor vehicles or aircraft.  In milabs, the locations are similar to typical Earthly laboratory or hospital rooms, injections are given with syringes and often subjects are secured to tables with physical restraints.  Generally, in milabs, the lighting and instruments in the room are the type found in a typical medical lab or hospital room on Earth, unlike the other-worldly atmospheres and environs experienced in contact events conducted by ETs. 

Another difference between the two types of abductions is that many ET abductions are reported as positive and affirming in nature, and in some instances, if an experiencer wants to discontinue contact, they have the power to do so.  On the other hand, milabs tend to be negative in nature and effect, rendering the subject powerless and unable to resist or terminate them.  Also, many subjects of milabs report physical pain, weakness and sickness for days or even weeks afterward.  Milab subjects who are in the armed forces have reported the loss of days or weeks' worth of time and often permanent loss of memory due to such activities.

So where do experiencers fit in?

Any experience of being taken against one's will can result in physical, mental and emotional trauma.  Certainly, negative contact events can cause trauma, but even positive contact events can result in issues with long-lasting repercussions.  Whether the contacts are instigated by ETs or humans disguised as ETs, many human beings caught up in them find their lives altered, for good or ill, forever.  If you are having problems as a result of contact with ETs or milabs, reach out.


Gwen Farrell, Cht, RT