Interview with Julia Sellers

There is so much research going on across the world about general existential questions such as who we are, what our purpose is, our ultimate destiny unfolding through the ongoing process of evolution, where we are at the moment in terms of our consciousness, potential and our current human condition, the awareness of which is crucial for a self-perception that would enable us to position ourselves appropriately into the broader universe and get a proper perspective of our purpose and related life trajectory.

While I came across Julia’s book I Have Seen It Tomorrow, I was attracted by its title alone, because I have a feeling, shared with many people in today’s world, that things must somehow be turned upside down, looked at from a different perspective, examined from an opposite to normal direction – like reading, writing, looking at a picture – allowed to exist in a different order to that we traditionally conceive, because something is not right about the established concept of our world, something is missing and something is wrong and this must change, be complemented or corrected or eliminated altogether.

Julia Sellers, writing under a pseudonym Iris Krst, is a researcher of anomalous phenomena, primarily of out-of-body experiences.

She is interested in quantum physics, free energy, anomalous cognition, in merging the topics of science and religion, in shattering limiting beliefs.

She is also a lecturer, author, and coach. She had her first out-of-body experience in 1995, and since then she has dedicated her time to studying them.

Once engaged in journalism, translation-interpretation, consulting for international relations, and teaching about the behavioural problems of children, she now devotes her time to issues related to STEs and NOTEs, she is a member of the Society for Scientific Research and the Society for Afterlife Research, a member of (I)SEN – International Spiritual Emergence Network, and a contributor to the Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology[Editor's note: STE = Spiritually Transformative Experience; NOTE = Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experience].

The topic of our conversation was paranormal phenomena including Julia’s main field of research – out-of-body experiences, with an emphasis, however, on extraterrestrial contact as one among the many paranormal experiences humans are increasingly exposed to, and the psi-factor as its crucial component, discussed also in one of the recent series of articles in the magazine JAR

Book Cover 'I have seen it tomorrow'
Book Cover 'I have seen it tomorrow'


Julia:  Maybe we will start the interview with the topic of out-of-body experiences. They are also an essential part of what we call non-human intelligent contact, formerly known as extraterrestrial contact. Now we are talking more about non-human intelligences, or NHIs, because when the contact happens it does not necessarily have to be extraterrestrial. We call this intelligence an entity, or entities, because we don’t really know what it is and thus what to call it. It could be anything, it could be pure energy, pure plasma, it could be discarnate spirits of this world. But it could also be the Grays, other extraterrestrials, ghosts that live in nature, etc. 

Contact by a non-human intelligence is a phenomenon that is happening increasingly now, and can happen in many different ways. People receive contact when they are out of their bodies, when they are nearing death, or when they are in a so-called extended, altered state of consciousness. Your brain, your mind, your senses work differently while in such a state, and things really start to happen when you get into this mode of consciousness.

We can basically call these anomalous, abnormal, paranormal or extraordinary experiences, mystical or religious experiences, all kinds of different things. They all have one thing in common, and that is an extended state of consciousness. 

Which is a prerequisite to access these so-called paranormal phenomena, otherwise access wouldn’t be possible.

Julia: Yes, what I am saying is it is the consciousness and its different modes, consciousness as a non-local phenomenon triggering all the so-called paranormal phenomena, including contacts with non-human intelligences. And again, there are many other anomalous or paranormal contacts that are important when we talk about human/non-human intelligence contacts enabled by the very nature of consciousness.

We often struggle with whether to take such an experience seriously or not, since it is felt as real but is unbelievable to our minds. How can we know what is real? Highly sensitive people are sure enough that something unusual has happened, and can describe it the way they perceive it, but they cannot objectively say what it was. Is an objective perception possible at all?

Julia: Here I wish to talk a little about the observer and the observed dilemma. What exactly is being observed and who does the observation? See, your state of mind as an observer can change the outcome of whatever you are observing in a significant way. It changes what you observe and what you see.

It is your feelings, your emotions, it is your thoughts that influence perception; basically the way you think, the way you feel and what kind of emotions you emit from your physical body all change the way you perceive. This has a profound effect on what you observe. Your state of mind as an observer can change the outcome of whatever you are observing, because the part of you which is responsible for your attention and intention is part of what you actually try to influence. You are intimately connected with the observed. So you as an observer and the observed are one unit. You are separated but on a certain perceptual level you are not. The important thing here is the ability to hit the perceptual level where everything is connected and united; here you can clearly see that you are not only the observer, but the observed too. 

We don’t know this because we are still trapped in duality, so we feel separated. While in fact what we are looking at mirrors ourselves; although partially only, I should say, because who or what is being observed is a proactive part of the experience that also influences the perception of it.

Julia: Everything depends on the amplitude, the intensity of the standing wave that you resonantly produce with what is being observed. It is your attention and intention, your emotional state which is important. And that’s the magnetic part. The electrical part is the part of the creation responsible for densification. The intention, attention, and emotion are all magnetic, and also what enables you to create a manifestation.

So, we co-create the experience, without realising it. And because it’s strange we consider it as paranormal. Without realising that, by doing so, we perceive some aspects of ourselves as paranormal.  Does that mean alienation? Because we don’t understand who we are and what reality is, in the first place?

Julia: We don’t fully understand reality and the nature of consciousness. Time, for example, does not exist. And just as there is no time, there is no location. You can travel out of the body and observe something at a remote location, which could be an object or place thousands, even hundreds of thousands of kilometres away from your physical location. So, if no distance exists in space and everything takes place at one place and one time, human spatial and temporal perception must be specific, individual, partial, and subjective in relation to the perception of human sense organs within the body. What an individual sees, depends on the mode of frequency his or her consciousness emits. When we are in the physical body, we see space as something that is separated by great distances. However, space might not be large at all, it might well be something that is, in some strange way, rolled up into one single point. This point contains what we humans on this Earth call dimensions. So, everything is everything else at the same time, and everything is located in one place.

I can’t stress enough the power of human consciousness in all this. Among other things, space bends under the pressure of human consciousness by willpower. Accordingly, a person can alter space-time. When in physical density, time actually progresses backward, from the future into the present. What happens when you time travel? Do you travel long distances or remain in one place? If human willpower can bend the space-time continuum, it follows that space bends toward an observer, not vice versa. So, observers do not move anywhere. They just enter another spatial dimension which is located at the same place as other dimensions but is invisible and inaccessible until observers change the frequency of their consciousness, which in fact is their perception. Movement then does not exist; it is just a holographic illusion.

How does this manifest in human paranormal experiences, for example inside your main field of research, the out-of-body experiences?

Julia: Well, this is an interesting topic as I have already indicated. OBEs used to be called astral travel, but OBEs are a specific kind of experience. During OBEs, when you are out of the body there is a clear sense of disembodiment in the sense that you know for sure that you have left your physical body behind on the bed or on the street still walking, or wherever your OBE happened. So you clearly are aware of the existence of the etheric body, the double body which is disembodied from the physical body. You understand you left your physical body behind, so to speak, and you know that you are disembodied. And this is what we call a full-blown out-of-body experience while awake. Astral travel, on the other hand, may be happening while you are asleep.

Now, this experience should not be confused with what in more scientific terms we call autoscopy and heautoscopy. When you see your physical body in front of you, like in a mirror, but there is no mirror, you see yourself in front of you without the accompanying feeling of disembodiment that is called autoscopy. But this is not an OBE, as you clearly feel you didn’t leave the body. Now, when you see your physical body on the outside and feel disconnected at the same time, this is what is called heautoscopy. Also, there is the phenomenon of a doppelganger, a double walker so to speak, which is your double existing outside your physical body, and it copies your movements. You pick up a glass, your double does the same, you walk, your double walks with you.

Moreover, full blown OBEs should not be confused with OBE-like experiences, which can be created by the virtual reality settings. They are like you are watching some virtual reality movies and now you feel like your hand is not your hand but is somebody else’s. Even scientists don’t know the difference between the two, but if you are experienced with OBE then you can tell the difference.

Speaking at conference

The out-of-body and other paranormal experiences certainly overlap, to some extent, with the experiences of a non-human intelligence contact, don’t they?

Julia: In the FREE survey of Dr Edgar Mitchell’s organisation the participants were asked whether at some point during their contacts with a non-human intelligence they felt like spirits floating in space, and whether they felt like they were non-material, like being pure consciousness. Some of the respondents replied that they felt they were separated from their bodies. Only some of them clearly felt that they had left their bodies, which means they felt the disembodied part of OBE. You have different levels of experience during an OBE: first, you are separated from your body and you feel it, second, some feel the separation but are not 100% sure they have left the body, and third, some lose awareness of their physical bodies entirely. At a very high level of an OBE the body continues to function as normal, even if the person has “left” it. I’ll give you a perfect example: one of the OBE experiencers that I know personally was drinking coffee and suddenly he would leave the body. But guess what. He continued drinking the coffee. Now, when I was observing his physical body at the time of his OBE, I could tell that the body, his movement, was slower, very robotic and somewhat different from ordinary. But it was still able to move. Even if you’re out of your body, you just continue doing what you were doing at the time you left it. But again, this depends on the level of the out-of-body experience that you go through.

Where is the focus then? 

Well, take this as an example. An OBE experiencer continues drinking coffee but his consciousness, while out of his body, ended up on Mars. And there is no visible transition between the ordinary and the OBE state, you do not see the person leave the body and end up on Mars, so to speak. You get there instantly, at the speed of thought, while your awareness stays both here on Earth and there on Mars.

This is what more highly developed beings can all do. Relatively independent of their bodies, they can leave them, change their density, etc. They perceive the paranormal as normal, and humans, while awakening to their true selves, will gradually also rise to this level field, a common ground for future contacts. No Xendras will be necessary to adapt the frequencies and open up our minds and hearts for higher understanding. We will feel lighter and brighter, with less density and weight to carry around that slows us down in every sense of the word, with a more acute mind and other things useful for our earthly lives, as well as for our cosmic connections.

Julia: Let’s talk a little about the theory behind paranormal experiences. There are theories that link the experiences with the right temporal parietal junction (TPJ) which is in our brain. So, there are certain hypotheses claiming that OBEs and NHI contacts are caused by the TPJ. Michael Persinger, who was a very good Canadian researcher, even speculated that, you know, religious experiences, including mystical perception, spontaneously occur in the temporal lobe within the healthy population. So, you are totally healthy, there is no pathology, and suddenly you go out of body, and they figure there is a disturbance in the temporal lobe, a disturbance that caused the OBE, mystical experiences or religious perception, or even the perception of abduction.

Michael Persinger, interestingly, also claimed that all phenomena, including consciousness, spiritual experiences, and paranormal ‘events’ can be explained by universal physical mechanisms and can be verified using the scientific method; he further claimed that the structure and function of the brain determine the boundaries of human perception of the universe; and his research showed that quantitative differences in energy are responsible for dualities. Was he saying that the more energy we can gather, the higher our frequencies, and the more we can embrace the spiritual concept of oneness?

Julia: This is really interesting and important, because there were also other studies done which would link the temporal lobe disturbances in the brain with experiencing paranormal states, including abductions, mystical experiences, NHI contact, OBEs and things like that.

Hearing voices, for example, may mean auditory hallucinations, but otherwise you are perfectly normal, and there are many, many research papers talking about this. So, we need to be careful about what is an NHI contact and what might be something else. You know, there are different changes in levels of sensory intensity that can cause you to see things that are not there. Different sensory experiences from unexplained sources. You see shapes, you see lights, you see different colours, you hear noises or sounds when there is nothing about to explain them. You detect certain smells which do not seem to come from your surroundings.

So, we can speak about a presence, an unidentifiable presence of something being around.

Julia: You feel that someone is touching you but there is no one around you. You experience different tastes that are unexplained. A taste in your mouth can also be a form of contact. You experience contacts from an outside source, but it could also be from the inside, so it is both inside and outside!

A lot of contactees with NHIs would tell you that they sense a presence. The sense of presence is a scientific term, and it is frequently associated with orbs and different forms of energy that individuals are able to detect. It is real, and scientists attribute it to a temporal lobe disturbance.

There are also other anomalous experiences, such as distorted sound, or distortion of place and time, that the contactees report experiencing while with NHIs. Seeing lights, colours and orbs is really a very common feature, here. It is common phenomenology: people see a brilliant, very brilliant light, for example, and they are able to enter a different reality, a different world of existence which is not of this world.

Let’s look at the FREE survey from Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s organisation. I used a translated version of the survey in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Plus, there are thousands of experiencers that took the survey both in America and Spain. In the Slovak version of the survey experiencers report missing time, arriving somewhere much later than expected and other anomalous phenomena. Some experiencers would say they missed a period of time that lasted about five minutes. But others would say they had a time gap that lasted three days! And you see similarities with other studies. People report feeling a change in the sense of time, as well as space distortion, which have also been reported by people who meditate. They report feelings of timelessness and spacelessness, which means they enter some random place where there is no time and space.

There was a study done by Ohana which looked at the neurophysiology of meditation, I think it was Zen meditation, and it is really interesting because the study reported people experiencing time distortion, place distortion… it’s like they entered a totally different natural reality, a different dimension where time does not work the way it does on Earth. They also reported body distortions, or the separation of consciousness from the body and ‘floating’ in space as pure consciousness.

The contact feels very real. Sometimes it feels like it is a dream, sometimes it feels like a half-dream, and sometimes it feels like it is a conscious, waking dream. Sometimes it feels like you are in a hypnagogic state, when you are falling asleep, or in a hypnopompic state, when you are waking up. The experiencers reporting their memories say these are real events with very high emotional content. So basically, it feels real, or more than real, hyperreal.

As part of the survey the contactees were asked whether they have dreams or real memories of flying or passing through windows, ceilings or walls or buildings. Based on the responses, the respondents were able to pass through closed windows, and this is the case also in other studies. In one study the respondents reported that they did not feel a sense of borders or limits. They were passing through all the obstacles that were in front of, behind or to the sides of them.

A few years ago I was writing a case study on a frequent experiencer, who when out of his body was able to pass through solid objects such as walls, windows, doors, pieces of furniture, ceilings, buildings or different objects, and had 360° vision, so they could see all around. Apart from 360° vision, I myself have experienced 180° inversion, which is while out of my body I was able to see things upside down. 

During an OBE when you are able to pass through walls, for instance, the body stays where you left it physically before the OBE stated. If you were sitting on a chair the body will be sitting on the chair, so what leaves your body is the etheric or double body which is part of the consciousness and passes through the walls. It is part of your consciousness and your consciousness is part of it, it is like fluid and the fluid can pass through objects. It is more or less like plasma.

You mentioned temporal lobe disturbances. Are they at the basis of all such experiences?

Julia: No, you see, you have so many theories out there when it comes to experiencing anomalous phenomena. The temporal lobe disturbance is only one of them. To tell you the truth, I don’t think that currently there is any theory that could 100% tell you what causes these experiences or give you the neural correlates thereof. I think that in the near future we can only guess whether it is temporal lobe disturbance or changes in the activity in the back/occipital part of the brain, as suggested by other studies.

What we do know is that temporal lobe disturbances basically account for changes in the level of sensory intensity, and thus for unusual sensory or distorted sensory experiences. The changes come from an unexplained source, they are accompanied by a distortion of space and time or even sensory flooding. Sensory flooding means that you experience a form of anomalous perception when all five senses are involved at the same time.

Automatic writing sample 1

Automatic writing sample 2

Automatic drawings and writing – 1- Triune aspect of energy flow - flow of energy: dielectricity – vibration /oscillation–hourglass 2- Clockwise/counterclockwise dynamics - hexagon/cuboctahedron/equilibrium -superposition principle/standing wave/quantum entanglement/human body/superposition

It’s a flood of information, whether it’s your vision, your auditory sense – your hearing – tactile sense, or your nose, which is responsible for smelling different odours. The information comes from all five senses at the same time. There’s research which says this has something to do with temporal lobe disturbances. This can also cause echoes, hearing your own thoughts out loud, and this also happens during contacts, with temporal lobe being responsible for the sense of presence felt. It is the same with the sensation that your limbs, arms or legs might not be your own, or might not be properly connected to your body, and also with the feeling of floating. Overall, disturbances in the temporal lobe seem to be the main trigger for experiencing the abnormal or paranormal.

What if all this is caused by an intelligence manipulating certain frequencies?

Julia: You know, this is really a hard question. You receive information from many different sources, including yourself, your deep Self. And most of the time it is difficult to differentiate between the sources. Sometimes you may be talking to your other Self, thinking it is your Guardian Angel. Every physical being has at least twelve other beings residing within them, within the person. So it’s complicated to work out the sources of information.

I sometimes hear a voice in my head and then I don’t know whether this is my subconsciousness talking to me, my higher Self or if it comes from an outside source.

It could be an outside source, it could be from some non-human intelligence, from a discarnate human entity, but also from within yourself. In this case, we would basically need to distinguish between channelling and direct vibrational cognition.

These are called communication modalities, aren’t they?

Julia: Yes. Channelling means the information comes from an outside source. You get information via electromagnetic radiation when you channel. Electromagnetic radiation means oscillation, as it’s really electromagnetic waves, and with these you get information from the outside from various levels and dimensions. Direct vibrational cognition, however, means that you get information which is vibrationally based. A vibration is a mechanical longitudinal compressional wave, so to speak, which communicates differently than an electromagnetic wave, which is based on oscillation.

In simple terms, vibrations are sound based. We have normal sound, infrasound, and ultrasound, which are all mechanical longitudinal compressional waves, and this is something totally different from EM radiation.  Electromagnetic waves are oscillating, moving up and down. Longitudinal waves are vibrating, but diagonally, not vertically. They are moving out from the source and back to the source. It’s a different motion compared to electromagnetic radiation, as it’s pulsing. What I’m saying is that when you get information from within yourself, it’s vibrationally based.  But when you get something from an outside source it’s electromagnetically based instead. And that’s the difference. To the best of my knowledge all channelling is from the outside, and you never know who’s channelling. Sometimes the channels or entities introduce themselves to you via telepathy. However, when you hear a real auditory voice it could be from within, it could be direct vibrational cognition. The voice usually comes from your head, but sometimes you can tell that the voice is coming from within your chest area. If it’s coming from your head, you have to be careful. It could be anything. It could also be outside electromagnetic radiation through which you could be downloading information, and this is channelling as opposed to being direct vibrational cognition.

You say we have to listen to and trust what comes from our heart, which means our feelings. 

Julia: A feeling is a vibration, while an emotion is electromagnetic radiation. A feeling is different. It’s yours, coming from within your own body, your heart, each cell within your body which contains a memory. In contrast, an emotion does not have to be your own, it can be attached to you, and if someone else attached it then it may be sucking your energy. When they’re negative, emotions are like vampires. But feelings do not drain you, because they are intrinsic part of your energy system. Feelings can thus give you energy, while emotions can take it away.

So emotions and feelings are not one and the same, with feelings based on vibrations and emotions on electromagnetic waves. It works like this: To get rid of a health problem permanently it should be dealt with at the level of primary vibration feelings, at the level of primordial vibration, where you become automatically connected to the so-called direct vibratory perception. The process is similar to the process of implosion. At this level, people are able to receive, understand, and explain any information on any topic. A person who is connected to this resonant space of the all-knowing immediately knows the answer to any question, similar to the concept of Akashic records.

As one of the co-speakers with Raymond Moody at a NDE conference in the Czech Republic
As one of the co-speakers with Raymond Moody at a NDE conference in the Czech Republic

In the quantum world, you know, all physical laws as we know them are broken. When you leave your body and act on the level of pure consciousness you go into the space of antimatter, which is different than the space of both dense matter as well as the dark matter. Imagine that your body is capable of vibrating at such a high frequency that it gradually lowers its body mass, its density. You start to levitate, float upwards. Gravity stops working at a certain frequency. It changes to a different type of physical force. Your dense body itself, under the influence of higher vibrations based on co-resonance, undergoes molecular, atomic, and nuclear transformation and transfiguration as it gradually changes into jelly, a glow, light, liquid light, vapour and plasma. Finally, the whole body evaporates, it dissolves into great potential at the zero point, which is the vacuum or anti-space.

Moving to the topic of NHI contact, the extraterrestrials and other non-human species know all this and can use it, and they know where we humans stand in this sense, what we can or cannot do, how awakened we are, how broad the range of our communication field is, and our ability to understand and to respond; these factors are the criteria for selection of contactees and selection of the contact modality, aren’t they?  Why they choose certain people and not others, and how they decide to communicate?

Julia: This is not so much my field of research, but again, a very close member of my family, in my book I called him John (a pseudonym), has been in touch with non-human intelligent beings since he was born.

They started to visit him when he was very small and he still remembers them from this time, is in touch with them and they’ve been guiding him all along. They tell him to do things and give him tasks, homework or missions. He talks about three distinctive beings of light and colour. They are not human-looking, and do not have a physical form or structure.

So John calls them “ITS”, because they have both female and male qualities. Their colours are golden, greenish blue and violet, three distinctive colours. As I said, they don’t have physical forms, but are like pure forms of energy, with geometrical forms attached to them. They also have different kinds of sound and vibration attached to them, and change shape. He communicates with them, telepathically of course, and they appear as fast moving, bright colours.

They are very similar to a spider web substance, plasma like, and when they communicate with John he feels he is part of them and they are part of him, similar to what happens in the observer-observed relationship that we talked about earlier. Communication with non-human intelligence beings of colours and forms, colourful bursts of plasma, might be called a form of direct consciousness within the unity consciousness that we all belong to.

No separation then.

Julia: Correct. And the telepathic language they use is instant, it’s like full thought transfers. They are merged.  Sometimes they pull him out of his body and sometimes he doesn’t want to go, like if he’s at work doing something important. Part of John’s mission is that sometimes they tell him to transfer a specific energy frequency to a specific place. They say, hey, you go there and stay there for two weeks and transfer your energy into the ground.

This is because the physical ground has energetic grids inside the Earth, and it’s all connected. He is basically doing different transfers of energy on his special missions. He doesn’t like to talk about it, because he would say, oh, people would think I’m crazy, but I know he’s not making it up and he’s not the only one. He remembers being chosen for this kind of mission prior to being born. I think you have to be born with special faculties. It’s not that you acquired them during your life. It’s your mission. And you have to deal with it, you have to take it or leave it, you have to embrace it and understand, ok, this is my mission and I’ll do my best.

The role of non-human entities – higher forms of intelligence – is that they are responsible for different parts of the overall architecture of the universe. They transmit information and instructions with respect to the future processes of our planet and the whole solar system to select people on Earth. They transmit information in the form of waves of a specific frequency. It attaches to our bodies and adheres to it, and we get information not only by our brains but the whole surface of our bodies.

The intensified senses that you mentioned are an accompanying effect of altered states of consciousness, experienced for example as circular vision, hearing voices from a too distant place, smelling roses, vanilla, chocolate… which are, as you say in your book, nothing more than pieces of information getting to us via sense organs as a thought, word, or symbol.

Julia: Skin especially functions as an antenna that detects electromagnetic radiation as well as mechanical vibrations around us and transforms it into bits of information which are then decoded by us through an inner direct cognition. The skin is a very important medium, it contains important receptors. And all of our cells, too, that’s why we speak about cellular telepathy, which is when telepathic information can be received and transmitted between the cells, and all living cells have an instruction set for this information exchange.

The fastest and most accurate way of collecting information is direct cognition based on pure vibrations. Through direct vibratory cognition you immediately know the answer to a question, which does not come via a mediator or mediation process, but directly from within you.

Another way to receive information is through channelling.

Julia: Through channelling you receive information as well, but indirectly. Channelling is based on translating electromagnetic radiation/oscillations into information, while direct cognition is based on translating audible or inaudible resonant vibration from within your body into information. It can be received in the form of images and symbols. You can project them in your mind like a film on a canvas. Sometimes different beings of light assist you with the information you receive. You draw information from images shown to you. It is projected to you while you are in your physical body, so it’s like you are remote viewing (RV) the information.

Speaking at the Society for Scientific Exploration conference in the USA
Speaking at the Society for Scientific Exploration conference in the USA

OBEs, on the other hand, work differently compared to remote viewing when it comes to getting information. During an OBE, you leave your physical body and obtain information directly from the place where the information comes from. You are out of your body and directly watch what is happening on the scene. There is no real OBE disembodiment happening during an RV.

Speaking of John, the non-human intelligences have been around him all his life. They advise him and watch over his actions, and he is asked to lead the kind of life in which he will be able to fully exploit the quantum energy he was given to fulfil his predetermined mission.

If he sometimes refuses to do what the ITS ask him to do then something like ‘punishment’ follows, but it occurs automatically due to the way he behaved. He disrupted the natural flow of his energy, so the ‘punishment’ is nothing more than re-establishment of the balance broken by John’s disobedience with regard to working for the higher good.

Julia, you are an experiencer and a lay scientist/investigator. You first became an experiencer and then started to research these experiences, having published a couple of scientific papers on out-of-body experiences in peer-reviewed journals. I think these two perspectives will become crucial for the science of the future. Researching the deeper reality, one cannot be a scientist without also being an experiencer.

Julia: I think you’re completely right. But I don’t want to hurt the feelings of the scientists who are out there trying to figure out things without having experienced them first-hand. I would say that if you are not an experiencer, you don’t really know what’s going on, and therefore it is crucial to have a first-hand experience in order to know what you are talking about.

Is it possible to compensate for the absence of experience?

Julia: Do you know what a psychonaut is? There are scientists who take drugs or use other techniques to get into an altered state of consciousness in order to experience what the natural experiencers do naturally. I am against this method of gaining first-hand experience, because either you’re a natural born experiencer or not. And if you’re not, you shouldn’t force it. Do not violate your physical nature, do not rape your body because you want to achieve peak experiences by any means necessary. This is something that psychonauts don’t want to hear.

The key point is we need more testimonies from genuine, spontaneous first-hand experiencers. We need to learn what they know so we can work with their experiential evidence and evaluate it properly. Of course, if you happen to be a scientist and an experiencer at same time, then that’s the best combination. Still, whatever a person’s background we have to talk to the experiencers who are out there, and make sure that they know they are welcome. 

Speaking about the experiencers, you mentioned the cultural background. I think the cultural background should be one of the parameters included in the research on paranormal phenomena, the various types of experiences and different interpretations from one cultural group to another. Though the conditions for research are certainly different in different regions of the world, we can expect the same percentage of experiencers per number of inhabitants, which means a rich pool of diverse testimonies to explore, evenly distributed throughout the world.

Julia: Yes, when talking about different kinds of anomalous experiences we have to take the cultural context into consideration, too. Because what is normal in my culture may not be normal in another. So the culture, the anthropology, the religion, you know, we have to put it all together. Religion, science, culture, anthropology, neurotheology, semiotics, biosemiotics, epigenetics …  which means specific brain activities, the study of signs, codes, metaphors, symbolism and their interpretation, the characteristics of an individual resulting from interactions with the environment, and so on.

The concept of exoconsciousness has become very important in recent years. It is based on the premise that we all have an innate ability to gradually perceive as normal the much broader, interdimensional reality we are naturally a part of, and to connect, communicate, coexist and cocreate with other human and non-human intelligences that this multidimensional world or worlds are home to. Has this evolutionary state been reached by enough people to generate the necessary transition to all of us being exoconscious?

Julia: I’ll tell you, in America everyone knows what exoconsciousness is, but unfortunately in this part of the world, I live in Slovakia right now, people are not aware of it. Maybe in the Czech Republic there are some groups that are aware of it. It’s something that people in my country have no idea exists, unless maybe the younger ones who learn about it online. When you say ET or extraterrestrial, people may understand, but as soon as you say NHI/non-human intelligence, they have no clue. So the level of education regarding these things is somewhat low is in my country at the moment.

The situation is the same in my country, and, since this is the case, it is crucial to awaken an interest in these concepts which the general public never thinks about. And I noticed it is best to focus on us humans as a major factor in it all: in this newly emerging understanding of reality, of quantum reality which means all-possibility, in our full potential that has not yet been fully realised. It is our responsibility to share these ideas with regard to the existence of non-human intelligences and their presence among us, and to consider the possibility of natural, open interaction with them. Each of us would like to evolve, to become more than we can be right now, and if I share this idea with someone, at least here in Slovenia, then I can usually convince them, or at least attract their attention.

Julia: We entangle with what matches our vibration, and expanded states of consciousness are certainly our future human condition. In the future, an enhanced reality will open for us, increasing our subjective meaningfullness and sharpening the perception of the real purpose of our existence and our mission. There will be a direct, inner cognition of the meaning and purpose of it all, an interdimensional merging. The transformative potential of such experiences is invaluable.  See, everything is about intention, and it’s intention that creates. If human intention gets strong enough in this regard, then this transition will happen.

Since the hardware and software is there, as you say in your book, do we still need a username and password to enter the new reality? 

Julia:  No, we do not. The paranormal is spontaneously becoming normal. Further research on non-human intelligence contact modalities is thus vital, especially with respect to learning more on their phenomenology, semiology and etiology.

Thank you, Julia, for this comprehensive and revealing conversation.

* Speech at Yale University, USA,