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Interview with Julie L. Shepard

Julie Shepard maintains the ETMENA blog, which focuses on abduction accounts in the Middle East and North Africa. (http://etmena.blogspot.com).

As we start this interview, can you first tell us bit about yourself?

I am Dutch and Native American. I follow Native traditions, including work with Spirit Guides (do not use the word "belief" here as they are very matter-of-fact for Native people). Natives such as the Navajo believe they once lived underground with the "ant people," who had large heads and eyes not unlike the Zetas. My tradition is Haudenosaunee, which is Seneca, Iroquois. My mother was a holocaust survivor and so was my father; so there was trauma on both sides of my family. Because of that I grew up very early feeling like an outsider and also, it made me multicultural and interested in cultures from a very early age. I saw little green aliens on my roof when I was about five, and since then I have seen craft mostly far away, but also less than 500 feet above me at one time.

I began early on working with the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and I was a medium and healer at the Spiritualist Church. I am empathic, I can read energy, and I have used these skills to help immigrants and refugees with job training, cultural bridging, and empowerment, and ascension training. I have worked with foreign cultures my whole life and presently live in Agadir, Morocco.

UFO in the desert
UFO in the desert

What is your background and how did you get into this field?

One day I was meeting with a man to discuss spirit guides and he said he could see them. When I got to our meeting point I had asked my guides to come with me to see if the man was "safe." I was not aware of how literal the guides are when I ask for protection, but I really used to ask them to stay with me far more than I do now. I just didn't realize they really were following along until I parked at his house. He asked, "Did you ask ALL your guides to come?" Then he started to name all of the twelve I normally used at the time. That is, up until the time he described that I "also" had a "Grey alien" who had overlaid upon my hand to reach out and shake hands with him.

I was appalled. How dare an ALIEN be there without my knowledge, and especially one rumored to be as dangerous as a Grey? I went home to meditate and speak to this hijacking Grey taking advantage of me and to know about his intentions. There I learned that not all factions of Greys are dangerous or manipulative, that he was a healer who had always been assisting me with my work, and that his name was Bashar, which others of his species may also call themselves (Daryl Anka's Bashar is not the same as mine nor my friend's, who also had her own Bashar at the time).

At that point I wanted to know which other species of aliens were out here and I wanted to know about their cultures, since I am a cultural bridging and linguistics expert. I slowly, over a decade, began meeting, astrally and telepathically, a Reptilian, a Pleaidian, an Orion human, a Martian human, and others who also became my guides. I can call on them at will, they assist me in answering questions, and they all help me to understand that I am a First Contact, and that my job has been far more than just healing and bridging, because I also help humans to understand these living DNA donors.

How long have you been active in this field?

I would say that at five years old I began to ask why they come. They only give you a glimpse of who they are, but it is enough to open that door, and you can't un-ring a bell. So I began to realize after so much time had passed, that I was a Starseed and that my abilities are not common in the general population, but they are very common among other Starseeds, and also, that I could help others to realize their gifts and use them to help themselves and others to realize their potential and find their Highest Excitement. Because I began to work with guides and then alien guides over a decade ago, I won’t even go into my Earth age, because I don’t age at the rate of other people and I find "how long" questions less than relevant. But I can tell you it has been most of my life now that I have had this passion, and others would call me obsessed by my alien and holistic medicine studies, as well as my love of cultures both terran and non-terran.

How would describe yourself: researcher, therapist?

Oh, I wear so many hats. I have several websites that range from International English teacher to cultural bridging teacher, to holistic practitioner and Reiki Master healer, to alchemy student, and also, I do alien abduction research. So much of this is all interconnected that, for me, I can't really break them apart. Pleiadians work with energy transmission and healing arts, and my Lemurian relatives, whom I feel a connection to, brought early gifts to me and gave me some very rich DNA. I have tried to grow my gifts and practice them as often as I can, and to help others do this we well. So that makes me part teacher, healer, shaman, and of course, my doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice plays a role here. Social Justice means leveling the playing field and disclosure to me. Humans have been lied to for way too long. We deserved far more at this point in our development.

What methodology do you use: conscious recall, hypnosis or other altered states work, ...)

You know, I use it all. I can switch methods depending upon who needs what. I don't do hypnotherapy in a traditional sense, but I can do past life regression, create a trance state, and help the person to meet their guides. I can't take them back to abduction scenes, but I do ask them to tell me when and if they recall more information. And I keep in mind that meeting your alien "relatives" does not count as an abduction. I can tell you that MUFON wanted to start me off by taking soil samples and staring at craft, but I have never believed that what they drive makes them a better alien. So I leave the machines to mechanics and I focus on the beings and their cultures. I help people as much as I collect data, so I don't ask cold questions to put people on the spot without telling them why I want that information, and I tell them that there are others like them, or how many times I have heard a particular abduction scenario. It is just good etiquette and ethics to me to be upfront. I don't need the protocols that people use when they say I would "influence" an abductee. They have already BEEN influenced, so what. They need to understand what will happen next, or to see the pattern of what has happened, and to find support with others who understand them. They are not flies under a microscope.

How did you end up doing this in Morocco?

When I was still in California and only talking about going to Morocco, and I was talking to Moroccans and befriending them, I would tell them what I do research on. Those who did not gasp or change the subject would usually pause and then say "You know, there was a time when..." and I knew immediately I had an abduction case on my hands. I was already on the team with Extraterrestrial Cultural Center, so I began contacting Ed Komarek over there to tell him about these cases I was collecting and he asked, "Are you documenting these reports?" And that lead to my making a format for recording the accounts more formally, and then after that, they became websites, blogs, and Facebook pages.

I also found that the resources to help and train people could be uploaded and organized. So in all my spare time I began to organize my materials and workshop training courses. One format was for Starseeds, another for Moroccan populations, especially when my African friend told me no reports were documented in Morocco and they never had anybody to turn to who cared about Moroccan accounts. Since my passion is for Tuareg and nomad culture, I was especially curious if the nomads were having encounters with beings, and to my amazement, they began to tell me their stories, when I had the guts to ask.

Asking these questions can be tricky, since Muslims only know about djinn, not spirit guides. But they do know about angels, so I use them as my reference point when I have to bridge cultures. There is a passage in the Holy Quran which states, "All the beings on Earth and in the heavens worship Allah." I ask them, what do they mean by ALL the beings? If there are beings not On Earth, then do they interact with us, and who are they to us? In fact, they are our cousins, and some even feel they are our parents and kin because their cultures are older than ours.

I feel great affiliation with the people here in Morocco. What I do is a work of love and I am so well received. I get great feedback and so many people tell me I make a difference. There are many Starseeds here, and in the ages of 20-30 many people here speak English and take in foreign cultures and ideas willingly. They have a huge thirst for knowledge and they are more open-minded than even I expected. So while some outsiders have Islam-o-phobia, I do not. I do focus on these younger ones who speak English, and I do have key questions I use to target and refine my search now. Usually if I can see somebody is a Starseed, I want to know about their DNA. As soon as I ask these questions, I can pretty much tell if they have had encounters, or perhaps their parents were already genetically altered. My research has now branched off into blood type studies as well, and I am tracking the various Berber dialects and the genetic looks of these people who make up the Sahara regions. I do chase my highest excitement every day. It is definitely my passion.

How many cases have you investigated?

Since my original work was in past life regression, I believe I had people make references to aliens and I brushed them off. Those are lost. However, from the point that I began to record cases, my web site now has cases not just from Morocco, but also from Algeria, Bosnia, and Jordan. My website is called ETMENA, which means Extra Terrestrials of Middle East North Africa. However, I also have cases involving interdimensional aliens who are not exactly off world, and there are also beings who live inside our Earth, such as my reptilian guide. There are 20 cases posted here: http://etmena.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_5.html

How do the encounters you've investigated compare to the ones, e.g., in Europe and the States?

That is a great question. The cases are all unique and each encounter is atypical. However, there are patterns, such as seeing a blue traction beam coming down from a ship, or feeling your skin become electric when they are nearby. I also look for nose bleeds caused by implants, missing time, or nausea caused by radiation exposure. Daryl Anka's Bashar says the aliens are territorial, that they have divided the Earth into areas that they oversee. Even then, most people seem to see reptilians or Zetas (Greys) more than anything.

Which aliens do people encounter?

Here in Morocco, and also in Algeria, it is almost gone to folklore level that a female reptilian puts young males in a trance state and seduces them and has her way with them; then sits outside their tent or hangs around. If they awaken to see her, she is reported to only show them her back and her long dark hair. They seem to always report a problem with her lower body or legs seeming to be "not quite right," and they can feel instinctively that she is "not human." They feel creeped out, in great fear, and some run away and feel that she pursues them and laughs, making a game of their fear.

What experiences do they have?

They have been on ships, some have been in training and exposed to classroom materials. Others find they have had surgery, and others have had sexual encounters. Some feel their presence, others just see them briefly, such as when they are put back in bed and taken out of trance, and all they remember is the orange light the being is holding before he walks through the wall.

What stands out for you thus far?

I think I am appalled by the reptilians' justification that it OK to use these beautiful men as they do. They have no ethics, and they have no problem imaging that if you can block a human's memory, then go ahead and have your way with them. I can't rationalize this for them, nor give good news that the visits will ever stop. But I do try to focus on the upgrades of the human race, and the idea that some of the aliens, and some humans, do benefit from good things that aliens do, and that not all are here for bad purposes.

Do you have any favorite case you'd like to tell us something about?

You know, all the cases are amazing. However, the saddest case for me was my ex-boss’ wife who has missing pregnancies and severe abdominal pain. When she met the criteria of an abductee, I was so sad for her. Because some of these women never conceive and she was hoping for her own child. I really wondered if they would ever let her keep any of the ones they were probably taking from her every three months. I don't even know if I documented that case. Some slip through, others back up. I have some cases in progress, and others who are ready to talk but did not begin yet. Still others are dragged over to me by contactees who say "Here is another one for you." And my favorite is the guy who contacted me to say. "This nut job won't shut up about seeing little aliens in the palmary so I knew I have to give him to you because you talk just like this guy."

If people want to contact you, how can they do that?

On Facebook, there is a way to contact me. Go to https://www.facebook.com/etmena.blogspot/and send me a message. I screen people, but cases that I feel are authentic, I will take. I focus on their culture and techniques, not their craft. I want to know more about their beliefs and I do respect diversity, even in its non-terran forms. I try to keep an open mind.

Thank you for this interview.