ET Contacts in Southern Peru:
Contactee Roberto Vargas de la Gala and the DNA Connection

(Part 1)

By Giorgio Piacenza


Roberto Vargas de la Gala is an auditor and accountant; the youngest vice dean of the College of Accountants in the city of Tacna, in southern Peru between the Pacific Ocean and an extension of the Atacama Desert. He is a balanced, responsible person who now lives with his family in the city of Lima still working in his profession. In the 1990’s he worked in a managerial and accounting position inside a major soda pop company and at that time he didn’t particularly care about extraterrestrial issues. Between 1991 and 1993 his company sent him for a training stash in Chile were one of the requisites was to enroll into a personal development course. Thus, he took the three levels of the Silva Mind Control Method also going back to work in Tacna.

Roberto Vargas De La Gala
Roberto Vargas De La Gala

In 1994 Roberto was driving his car when he was hit by a minivan. The car he was driving was completely destroyed and two other passengers in it were harmed but he didn’t even suffer a minor scratch. As the accident was happening he saw the roof of his car acquire a triangular shape and, even while making an emergency maneuvering, he simultaneously saw his physical body driving from a position floating above the car. That body was also surrounded by something which looked like a protective golden cushion.

The Roberto that existed before the accident had been changed by that odd experience and he began to look for answers until he was invited to attend private gatherings with Dr. Luis Pimentel, a well-known dentist who was well versed in metaphysical and esoteric matters. Dr. Pimentel told him that he was meant to start a new life.

Those gatherings were frequented by several individuals, and among them two arrived who would soon experience a physical close encounter next to Roberto. These persons were Fernando Bendezú and Antonio Cisneros who, in June, 1994 began experiencing a shared recurrent dream along with Roberto and in that dream they were told to go to a place called “Chuschuco.”


GP: I understand that in “Chuschuco” there are very old petroglyphs?

RVG: Yes, certainly. In Tacna there is an area called the “Plain of Miculla” which has petroglyphs dating back some 8,000 to 10,000 years, more or less. These depict animals, luminous beings various scenes and perhaps space craft and is one has to cross this place in order to arrive to “Chuschuco,” which translated into  Spanish means “the place where the light passes by” and is a place where at night time colorful lights sometimes pass by, being this a normal occurrence for locals.

Petroglyph Tacna
Petroglyph Tacna

GP: So, how did events unfold on that day of the first contact experience?

RVG: After Antonio, Fernando and I had coincided two days earlier on going to Chuschuco (while no one else in the metaphysical study group with Dr. Pimentel said anything about this), we agreed that I would pick them up with my car on Saturday, November 26th at 3 O’clock. As we were leaving, “Rosario,” my friend’s girlfriend showed up.

GP: You had been previously telling me that NASA teams had cordoned off parts of the same Chuschuco zone for almost the entire month of November.

RVG: Yes, they did this with the help of the Peruvian Army first in order to observe the 1994 total Solar Eclipse (the last Total Solar Eclipse of the century) that would be clearly visible from that region in early November and remained there for a longer time. Then, interestingly, the Peruvian newspaper “Ojo” published an article about Chuschuco being a UFO airport. So, they (NASA) measured that areas’ electromagnetic fields and determined these weren’t of terrestrial origin. 

GP: So what happened?

RVG: Some 20 minutes into driving away from Tacna, my car’s engine began to fail until it came to a full stop and we had to leave the car close to a bifurcation next to an Army base located between Miculla, a road to a local hot springs and a dirt road leading to Chuschuco. But we decided to go on foot in spite of it all and of not being properly prepared for the evening’s cold. As we walked on the difficult terrain, it began to drizzle and, a heavy fog soon formed around us as it gradually got darker. As we marched on, there came a point in which we could not see each other but kept in touch with each other by shouting out loud.

And we continued marching on conversing about life, about a deep spiritual feeling motivating us and the purposes that we shared.

Petroglyph Tacna
Petroglyph Tacna, UFO in top right corner

GP: So the contact began with a spiritual purpose rather than a spiritual purpose showing up later?

RVG: Yes.

GP: And?

RVG: And a series of flashes of light began falling from above and the sudden brightness was such that it left the four of us astonished. And we walked until we arrived to a water spring next to a small hill which we passed over to finally arrive to the plain of Chuschuco, reaching it by 5.45PM. 

GP: So, what happened? Did you have a physical encounter experience with ETs?

RVG: When we reached the place we were supposed to arrive at, we decided to ‘camp’ on a small mound which had a circle inside and to leave our backpacks inside that circle sitting around it roughly positioning ourselves along the geographical cardinal points. We didn’t know what else to do but, since I had taken the Silva Mind Control Method, the group decided that I would lead a meditation.

GP: Interestingly, other contactees I’ve known, among them my uncle Taddeo Barchitta, had taken that course before experiencing telepathy, psychographic messages or other forms of contact. But by using intuitive methods, different persons may think that they and not others also using such methods are receiving the right information. How can you tell which one is genuine?

RVG: There are objective elements, for instance shared specific communications or experiences. For instance, in that occasion, the three of us had the same dream. Thus, intuition played the role of a “trigger point” but it cannot be rationalized because it also included a profound, meaningful, spiritual feeling, which (in our contact groups) we call “The Truthful or Real Feeling.”

GP: So, what happened next?

RVG: As we were meditating, I perceived an intense flash of light landing on my forehead twice. Everything was completely silent and continued getting dark and I continued with the relaxation and meditation practice and, suddenly, a second flash of light occurred again. Upon opening my eyes, there was nothing unusual and everyone was still sitting on the desert floor with their eyes closed but, just to be sure, I stood up, took everyone’s flashlights from their sides and continued guiding the meditation.

When there was a most intense third flash of light I opened my eyes and saw that to my right side there was a brightly lit silvery “bell” emitting yellow and red lights. As I was absorbed in that experience, not knowing what was transpiring, I could observe that from the top part of this “bell,” a beam of light spectrum came out, falling some 60 feet away from my left hand. Then, for the first time, I was able to appreciate how a field of pulsating, brilliant, luminous energy with the shape of a half Moon gradually formed. 

However, right then I could also see how from that same light, a being began to emerge. First the foot, with some kind of boot; then the ankle, the knee, the thigh, the hip and, progressively, I could see the rest of the body, such as the trunk, the shoulders, and the face of a person with a presence that began to move forward towards me. An interesting feature of this being is that he didn’t step on the ground. He seemed to be floating above the ground.

Thus, I saw this person coming out of what also looked like brightly lit fog and I was able to clearly see his physical structure, presumably over 8 feet tall, wearing a shiny, tight-fitting outfit. And soon after him, another being came walking out. Then, due to emotion, my body could not remain relaxed, I was shivering and my teeth began to chatter.

Then I saw how one of them (called Antar) came closer to me and that, from a sash with some kind of ‘buttons’ around his waist, a beam of light came out and hit me on the solar plexus and stomach area. And, at that time, I felt much peace and tranquility.  

Drawing face ET Chuschuco
Drawing of the face of an extraterrestrial

GP: Did your friends Roberto, Antonio and Rosario also saw the same beings?

RVG: Well, Fernando and I saw them. The others lived their own personal experiences.  These beings names are Godar and Antar and, when I asked them their names and where they came from, they told me that they came from a planet called “Apu” in the Alpha Centauri Constellation, some 4.2 light years from Earth. And they told me that they came here with a “purpose” and, at that very moment I was able to feel within my own being a peace and stillness and, for the first time in my life, I was able to feel like the awareness of The All, and a special kind of love that words cannot describe which, every time I recall makes me feel re-energized. In fact, if there would be a way to communicate this feeling it would be as when I held my newborn son in my hands for the first time.

GP: Was it a love which they also felt or was it one that they produced in you to feel?

RVG: It was the latter. It was that type of energy that first tranquilized me and then made me feel conscious of everything…as if I were inside everything. And – if we were able to interpret and synthetize that All - I understood it as love. One of them approached my friend Fernando who began having his own direct experience. The one that came closer to me crossed his hands over his shoulders and bent slightly forward as making a salutation. Then, he extended the palm of one of his large hands and, above it, there was like a floating and sparkling pyramid. He was also wearing what seemed to be a headband on his forehead. He had a serene gaze that went through me and – interestingly - I started feeling him speaking telepathically to me.

He told me that human beings only learn by imitation and that they came with an objective and the purpose of contacting us to explain to us that there was a higher purpose for humanity and that that higher purpose motivated them – under the assignment from other evolutionary hierarchies known as the “mentors” – to get closer to humanity.

GP: Are they excessively ‘mental’ or are they also able to feel loving expansion of universal consciousness which you felt?

RVG: At that moment I was able to understand that only in our human phase of development we are able to have that experience of feeling active and that, somehow, they have forgotten it or pushed it into the background and I was able to understand that the objective of this encounter was to remember.

GP: Could it be that they want us to remember because they also need to remember and may be able to do so through our response?

RVG: Yes. In Fact, in this human phase of development we have the great possibility of being able to activate and connect with that truthful or real feeling not limiting ourselves to becoming mental creatures. However, it is not quite precise to say that they don’t have feelings but, rather, that with the passing by of their evolution, they gradually set aside their emotional aspect which, nonetheless, still exists in a latent manner and, at some point in time they may be able to recuperate. And that recuperating can also be called, “remembering.”   

They told me that this would be the first of other encounters only as long as we decided that to be so and if we decided to end with that night’s encounter, it would be the last time we would see them.

GP: That marks a difference with other contact-experiencer cases in which experiences happen to them first and after that they may eventually come to realize that they accept these experiences. In your case, they gave you the option to reject the contact experience from the very beginning.

RVG: Yes, and they directly told me this. And there and then I realized that nothing would have to be forced and that everything would have to happen in a natural way and that, in principle, they were respecting at that moment my state of consciousness but, above all, my emotional state because, until then I had had nothing to do with those kinds of experiences as I had been seriously dedicated to my profession.

One of the things they told me is that this higher purpose in us was very important; that they came to earth for that reason and that, for that purpose, I had to be born again. And he repeated a few times “born again,” “born again,” “born again.”

At that time I wasn’t able to understand those words as I do now. Next, he also began to explain to me that, as a by-product of the contact experience, there was a type of energy that was produced by combining their reality with ours and he said that if we were able to extract the energy that had been activated within us due to the contact experience, it would be able to supply the U.S. with electricity for an entire year.  He said that, through the contact experience, we would become conscious of the energy potential with which we have been created.   

Transcript of Antar’s Telepathic Message in full (Chuschuco – Tacna, Peru, Nov 26, 1994)

“Love and peace. Do not fear. Today a stage begins in your lives. We convoked you to share a message of life. This is the first of several encounters as long as you wish to continue. There is a higher purpose within your humanity and carrying on our task as messengers, our approach has the goal of motivating you to seek the meaning in your lives, its origin and destiny. We are materializing the assignment given by the mentors and ask you to open up your minds and hearts to the greatest of revelations which the universe expects from your humanity, because the time has arrived to be re-born, …re born…reborn. And, for that it is necessary to modify your concept of life, to be patient, tolerant, humble, simple, firm, which is that which humanity is eager about during these times.”

Note: This is the end of the first part of the interview with Roberto Vargas de la Gala.


It should also be known that Roberto’s contact experiences have continued in a meaningful manner. In September 1995 a physical encounter takes place in the ruins of Chichen Itza in Quintana Roo – Can Cun (Mexico) with an intra-terrestrial being called “Moon’s Mirror.” A seismic movement that would take place in Tacna was foretold to him and then he organized talks in preparation. Then, the earthquake that took place had a great intensity. The experiences continued but in these occasions they included the reception of information.

In 2003 Roberto co-authored the book “Memorias del Futuro” (Memories of the Future) with Fernando Bendezú. In 2003 and 2004 he began a series of journeys along the “Route of Wiracocha,” Inca Road or “Capac Ñan.” During those journeys, on January 31st, 2004, an encounter took place at the peak of the Mount Pitusiray, a place close to where the Can Can Lagoon in Calca, Cuzco is found. Here, a contact with Antarel, an extraterrestrial being coming from Alpha Centauri also took place.

In March 16th, 2004 with the presence of several witnesses (a few days earlier he had requested a sighting) and for more than half an hour, the sighting of an ET vehicle at a distance of 1000 meters approximately took place during plain daylight, confirming the adequacy of a telepathically received appointment for journey to the caves of Karañawi.

In March the 24th, 2004, in the caves of Karañawi, Cuzco, an encounter took place with Inmatel, an intra-terrestrial being of Atlantean origins who gave Roberto extensive information about the DNA molecule and its role in evolution.  

Roberto Vargas De La Gala and his wife Kandy Segovia
Roberto Vargas De La Gala and his wife Kandy Segovia

In May, 2004, Roberto published the book “El ADN en la Evolución” (The DNA in Evolution). In recent years, Roberto and his wife Kandy Segovia have been sharing ways to activate the human genetic potential by taking individuals to various temples along the sacred sites of the Inca Road. They have also been offering assistance to children and adults in Lima and also impoverished children in rural areas also helping them awaken their human potential through exercises that stimulate psychic development.

Continued in part 2: Giorgio Piacenza interviews Roberto Vargas de la Gala, Part 2