ET Contacts in Southern Peru:
Contactee Roberto Vargas de la Gala and the DNA Connection

(Part 2)

By Giorgio Piacenza


Editor’s note: this is part 2 of our interview with Roberto Vargas de la Gala. The first part can be found here: Giorgio Piacenza interviews Roberto Vargas de la Gala, Part 1. The interview was originally conducted in Spanish.


Roberto Vargas De La Gala and his wife Kandy Segovia
Roberto Vargas De La Gala and his wife Kandy Segovia

GP: And do they conform with a simple contact with so few people? Why don’t they talk openly to humanity about these things?

RVG: Well, they are also already among us. Living among us. We are physically similar to them and don’t notice it. They are assisting humanity in some ways; not just recently but from thousands of years ago. It happens that we have not decided to observe them in earnest nor connected through that “real feeling” to be able to find them although they have been assisting us by connecting with different ancient cultures as those found here (in Perú) and in other parts of the planet.

But there’s something very important. When you are before them, you feel the energy and, if we really listened to that real feeling then we would be able to detect them, in the streets, in school, in business places, we would be able to.

GP: Does this mean that they are visibly among us?

RVG: Yes, visibly but we don’t make an effort to try to detect them.

GP: But, even so, why they don’t come out in the open in a way which everyone can recognize?

RVG: There’s another important detail about this situation. Just as we experienced in that first encounter, imagine the impact that that kind of energy which they have would mean to us (collectively). They have to lower their energy levels to get closer to us, just as we have to raise our frequency. But (normally) after we raise it and have the experience, we don’t normally retain the memory of it. Secondly, the DNA of persons directly involved in this begins to manifest and certain codes begin to activate.

During this first contact experience the fact that they didn’t touch the ground caught my attention in the first place. Secondly, that they had a technology embedded in their clothes so that when a beam of light stemming from them hit my stomach and chest area, it would produce in me such peace and quietude. In subsequent experiences they would explain to me that that type of energy came in through the solar plexus and that - by means of the nervous system - it reached the brain calming it down. This is why the cells ceased perceiving that sensation of fear at that moment. And when he said “Peace and love” I felt as if I had known this being for a long time although it was the first time I saw it.

So that kind of friendship or friendliness made the contact closer allowing us to continue with it.

GP: Are they human like us?

RVG: Physically speaking, they have the same structure, but they don’t have the same functions as we do. For instance, we need to eat in order to live but they are able to have everything they need with a pill and they also have chambers in which different energies allow them to repair or reset their physical and auric bodies, thus maintaining their stability.

GP: Did they shine or emit their own light?

RVG: Yes, they shone as a product of their own vibration and electromagnetic field and this is what caused something like a tremor in us. But, I eventually understood that, since my emotional frequency was low, by virtue of coming in contact with their higher frequencies rates, there was this reaction in my body. However, later on, this gradually disappeared.  

GP: Tell us more about how this contact unfolded. What happened next?

RVG: As I was saying, when that personage (Editor’s note: as the translation of the Spanish ‘personaje’, a person of a certain importance) came towards me, he crossed his hands placing them over his shoulders, gently lowered his head and torso like performing a salute and I was able to see on his forehead something like a bandana with a glowing spot. That is when I understood that, for starters, this type of being didn’t belong to our dimension. He would have to be very special to have that kind of appearance and that type of energy and, especially after that beam of energy fell upon me giving me that peace and tranquility. I was able to feel him as my brother; as a brother I had known a long time ago.

It was then that the telepathic information was able to come through much more clearly and it said that the purpose right then was to be re-born because there was a higher purpose located in our interiors and which we – as humanity - had to decipher and re-transmit. The information said that that message could not remain isolated within the confines of our group and that, for that reason, the contact had taken place, for us to be certain of it.

GP: So you received this message and have been re-transmitting it for about 22 years. 22 years have gone by during this time. Have there been other contacts or approaches?    

RVG: Yes, but I would like to add another detail. That night in the zone where the contact took place it was completely foggy. When the experienced happened and I open my eyes for a third time and see the spacecraft there was something that looked like a glass bell, and the fog that came in passed by over it not coming into the place where we were. And the brightness of the (spacecraft) object was so intense that it could be distinguished through the fog.

When the experience is over and the being begins to leave while I don’t see him stepping on the ground he passes through that energy field and disappears. And the spacecraft begins emitting colorful lights and to rotate and rotate lifting up as the fog above us opens up along with another spacecraft that had also been there.

And after that we stood up and began asking each other, "Did you see that personage? Did you see that thing? Did you see the light?" And right then, from a distance of about 70 to 100 feet a ball of light begins to manifest and to approach as I told my companions to look at it. This ball of light of perhaps 3-4 feet in diameter began circling around us. We didn’t know what it was but it got even closer, emitted a flash and took off.

There’s a picture of us with unique expressions on our faces due to the emotion of the encounter experience. The following day we decided to return early at 6AM using a different route by walking across the desert but by 10AM we had run out of food and water except for salty, fried Andean corn. Notwithstanding this, even at 12 noon with the Sun in all its splendor we weren’t thirsty. Nor did we feel the heat or sunburned. And at about 11AM while we were walking one behind another (Antonio in front, I in second place, Fernando behind me and Charo last), I don’t know why I felt the need to look up to the mostly clear sky with only one small cloud in it and when the cloud moved a little we saw like a silver bell. It was a UFO behind that cloud.

The hours went by and we weren’t able to arrive to a known water hole where there was a kiosk with fresh drinks and other people. And we walked almost until 3 o’clock with that spacecraft following us until we heard a dog barking, a bull bellowing and said “OK we are close to civilization now.” And in that instant the spacecraft began to rotate and took off. This also gave us further certainty that what we had experienced was not a fantasy. Upon returning we didn’t comment about these happenings too much since we didn’t know if they happened in other places.

Now to answer your question about what happened afterwards. I had a managerial position in a soda pop company and (soon after the contact), upon getting close to a computer and touching it, the device shut off and when the technician came to check it out he found that there was no program or information left in it. Then, after a team tried to reestablish the information in it, I approached once again, place my hand over the computer and once again it turned off and the information was lost. When the technician returned and found no information, I felt that the one responsible for this happening was I.  So, I quietly sat on my desk, said nothing. Touched no equipment and simply waited to meet with my companions until 6.30PM, feeling that it had been the longest day of my life. They had also altered electromagnetic equipment physically. For instance, Fernando and Charo walking in the streets past electronic home devices in downtown Tacna turned them off and walked a few times before them observing the same effect. Our other companion (Antonio) leaned against a new refrigerator which then stopped functioning. 

Later on we found out that the type of energy we had received had these effects, which lasted for about 72 hrs.     

GP: And did you feel energized by your contact experience?

RVG: Yes, because that day when we returned to the city on a Sunday we got together and remained talking with each other until late at night, knowing that we had to go back to work early the following morning. But none of us felt tired. We didn’t have hunger, thirst… anything like that. All we wanted was to keep talking in detail about what we had experienced. And only on the following day we got together again to share about the other anomalous effects we had experienced.

GP: Very well. Now, do you have any other kind of evidence besides the testimonies?

RVG: Well, during those days NASA had cordoned off the area and brought very sophisticated equipment to observe the solar eclipse that took place. And they remained for a month in the area and by taking measurements with very sensitive equipment they determined that in fact the entire area where we had been possessed a type of energy that wasn’t typical of that zone and that it wasn’t generated by earth-based technology. Besides this, the local newspaper “Ojo” came up with an article stating that that area, Chuschuco, was a UFO Airport.

GP: OK. And afterwards have you had more contact experiences?

RVG: We have continued but I would like to advance this narration in time and position myself in the year 2004. From the original experiences as a starting point and after the information being received I started to walk along the Inca Road system or “Capaq Ñan” with my companion Kandy Segovia and on January 29, 2004 we were invited to hike all the way to the Can Lagoon located at 4,400 m.a.s.l. (meters above sea level) because we had to arrive at a lake and a mountain called “SAWASIRAY” located at 5200 m.a.s.l., where there would be an entrance to the intra-terrestrial world where there would be extraterrestrial technology related with agriculture, health, communication and with the environment.  

G.P. And after your contact experiences and the anomalous electric effects of you and your friends, how did the sharing of information start?

RVG: Well, naturally, for an entire year, the four of us went out to the countryside every Saturday. And we also started a healthier eating process and meditation exercises until I telepathically received that we had to disseminate the information. But before starting doing this I requested a compelling evidence; that they allowed sightings to be photographed but by other persons, not me.

GP: And that telepathic reception was like the first one in Chuschuco? And is it a voice, a thought? How is it?

RVG: Yes, the reception was like in Chuschuco. In my mind there appears a series of… In principle it is a type of energy that predisposes you to a special state of consciousness, of silence and inner peace and some ideas begin to arrive. They are brief, not extensive; as words that I can hold in my memory then; words that indicated that the time to disseminate the information had arrived. This is the reason why I asked my group gathered in that moment that we were going to begin that phase of activities. I also told them to be attentive because sightings would take place and that the person that would be able to take the photo in the City of Tacna during daytime should please tell me because it was a sign that we had to start sharing the information. And it took place just like that.

On a Sunday, during a family oriented day in a school called “Santana,” in the midst of a dances and sports festival when children were present, Mrs. Esperanza Catacora took the picture, although she didn’t see it in the sky at that time. Quite simply the sky looked normal. And, in order to verify that the event was a real verification, another photograph like this was taken on the following Sunday during another activity with children. In it, three silvery objects can be clearly seen.

GP: Did the person who took the pictures already know you or the group?

RVG: Yes. Due to the experiences we had had, several persons like that lady came close to us. And when this person who had the opportunity to take the pictures went to develop the film the technician noticed something strange in them, observing that they were UFOs. It should also be noted that these photos have been studied with highly sensitive equipment in several places outside of Peru, and all of the reports say that they are genuine, not tricked photos.

So, that was the sign after which we decided to go public in order to share about the contact experiences which we had in the Department of Tacna, in Chuschuco. And it was like this that we were able to communicate about the contact experiences in addition to the information we had received. Now, this situation with the children is symbolic because, later on, in 2004 we would receive information regarding keys in the DNA code and pertaining to kids.

GP: Who received this DNA information related to children?

RVG: It was in March of 2004 during the change of seasons when Kandy Segovia and I were in a place called the Cave (or Grotto) of Carañawi located beyond 3,900 m.a.s.l.  Before that she had invited me to travel with her along the Capaq Ñan (Inca Road) but since the journey coincided with a pending work assignment I had previously requested a highly visible confirmation sighting. And two days before the journey, right after leaving an office where I had conducted an audit in Tacna’s Industrial Park, another accountant that was with me pointed up to the sky and said “look, look at that which is moving!” It was a UFO the emitted yellow, red and blue lights. It was not higher than 3,000 feet and was hovering and circling above us.

We followed it with my car for about 20 minutes. I left my colleagues in their homes and the object continued hovering and moving for more than two hours above the City of Tacna. On the following day, the news came out in the local newspaper and that was the reason why I travelled to Cuzco.

So, when I arrived at that place called Carañawi, Kandy and I started meditating. I began to feel the energy and there is an important detail: There is a heat and pressure sensation on the forehead and on the neck, a sign that the electromagnetic fields in the area are not the typical ones; thus, that some event is being readied. So, we began to ascend towards the cave which, interestingly, was closed with a metallic fence and had water on the floor. However, I reaffirmed that a clear sighting had been confirmed, and, somehow, Kandy was able to climb over the fence and get in. Then, so did I. And then inside the cave we received the information about the DNA.

GP: Are you conscious of having been implanted with an extraterrestrial device perhaps during childhood?

RVG: Well, my mother told me that before and during her pregnancy there was a special energy and that, unlike her previous gestation, she had to be more careful this time. Also, a few days before departing from this life on Earth, my mother told me that during her pregnancy she had received a special hint that something special would happen in my life but that she hadn’t told me about it so as not to be psychologically influenced by that.

However, in December of 2003 when we were in the Temple of Fertility (in Puno, Perú), an extraterrestrial female being called Anitac from Planet Apu told us that crystals were placed (in us) in the astral plane; that these emitted a type of energy that protected us from the interferences of other kinds of beings and that these devices were placed here inside (pointing to the top of his head) but on another plane of existence.

GP: Now, going back to this journey to the highlands, how is it that it begins to relate with DNA activation and children?  

RVG: Inside the Cave of Carañawi previously referred to, in March, 2004, during the change of seasons a being with the name of Immatel presented herself to me. She was of intra-terrestrial origins and told me she was related to the Atlanteans. She looked like a 24-25 year old person. She was very pretty, with undulated, almost blonde hair and baby-like skin, measuring about 5’3” and wearing a beautiful, French-style, medieval-looking, laced dress. It was she who began talking to me and at that very instant when she began to speak, footsteps on water began to be heard and, when I was able to look at it, they were small humanoid beings, like little children approaching us. And, in order to look at them Immatel and I briefly stopped communicating.

GP: Who do you think they were? Perhaps extraterrestrials, fairies, elves, perhaps members of another humanity?          

RVG: Well, I physically saw them and they made noises when walking on wet soil, so I don’t think they were fairies or elves. They must be from some kind of civilization; some kind of beings that live in that area, which is why the farmers have much reverence and respect, and why they fear going into the cave: they think that there is life inside the cave and also a civilization that eats differently from them.

GP: So how did you get involved with the DNA issue?     

RVG: Yes. So this personage whose name was Immatel began explaining to us about the DNA. It turns out that there is a PLAN by which the activation process of a series of DNA codes is taking place. These codes come from 22 other races of both polarities from the Cosmos, those directly related to the Light, races of extensive love and wisdom and those that act as retarders or delayers.  And part of that chromosome has been handed over to humanity and this is why there is a code represented by number 2 2 2 or 22 + 2 in which 22 cosmic civilizations yield part of their chromosome and on Earth we have 22 chromosome pairs plus 2.

GP: so we would be speaking about 11 regressive civilizations and 11 progressive civilizations, so to speak?

RVG: Yes, more or less. And (these codes) are inserted in the DNA. And this is why there are codes that deal with peace, freedom, justice, imagination, creativity, love, kindness. But there are also codes that deal with anger, sorrow, sadness, depression, fury. Thus, we have both. When we are able to recognize this and be above this duality is when we truly recuperate our awareness of that True Feeling and recognize that we are beings whose biological DNA begins to reconnect with the Spiritual DNA, recognizing ourselves as beings of energy, yes, but of a spiritual consciousness.

GP: Who else saw Immatel?

RVG: Well, I was the only person that saw her because Kandy was next to me meditating. My eyes were open because I was the person responsible for Kandy’s protection because it was a dark, cold and difficult place to reach and there could be a series of animals inside. So, I’m the person to whom Immatel begins to speak and she explains to me how the chakras work, how the different bodies work, how the different levels of consciousness work and how the different DNA codes gradually align.  

According to our science our DNA would have 64 codons but, according to Immatel there are 144 codes in our DNA related with 3-dimensional, 4-dimensional and, even, 5-dimensional beings. So, those codes exist in us.

We have only transcribed in two books part of the information given by Immatel; one called “El ADN en la Evolución” and the other one “El Paititi y la Profecía Inca del Coricancha.”

So, Immatel, this being of Atlantean roots, remarked to us that, in effect, receiving these codes in the DNA is going to allow us to transcend that duality and to recuperate that spiritual essence. She said that we are energetic beings with the property of connecting the biological DNA with the spiritual DNA and, from this, recuperate our spiritual consciousness, knowing who and where we are. And she told me that there were three keys in our DNA: The key of remembering, in order to know who we are and where we come from. Another is the key of redemption; “redemption” meaning “red” (net or network) in action. And one of these networks is the Capaq Ñan or Wisdom Inca Road where an ancient knowledge from thousands of years ago was preserved for the times we are living now.

She also explained to us that the 144 codes in our DNA if arranged in groups of 7 would relate with different levels of consciousness, bodies and chakras. She even taught us ways and practices for activating these codes. And since we possess codes originating in beings ranging from 3-dimensional, 4-dimensional and, even, 5-dimensional levels, we are also able to activate our DNA up to the 5-dimensional level. However, as a by-product of different historical events and processes we’ve experienced, we have gradually turned off those codes. Notwithstanding this, the time has come to turn on these codes again and this can be done with new and upcoming generations.

Each subsequent generation is naturally activating two codes. Our generation is more activated than our forefathers and our children more than us. But what they also need is to recover their inner wisdom, which for them (more evolved beings) is called “Ayin Kausay” or “Splendid Existence” (in the Quechua language). This Ayin Kausay concept is part of an ancestral Andean Wisdom and also refers to that energy that is being activated today, an energy which also moves along the Inca Road or Capaq Ñan. Moreover, the Inca Road/Capaq Ñan possesses specific codes distributed in different power places with masculine and feminine energies around which UFOs are often seen also close to high altitude Andean communities, for whom that and even the presence of other beings is quite natural.

To be continued in part 3.