JAR Magazine was initially published as a newsletter in PDF format, and nine issues appeared.

To honor the memory of Elaine Douglass, the editors of JAR Magazine have decided to make the nine PDF issues of JAR Magazine available.

(*) Please note that for legal complications we could not make the original versions of issues 3 and 4 available. What you find here are versions in which one (issue 4) or two (issue 3) articles have been slightly edited to protect one person's identity. As we no longer had access to the original files from which the PDF was created, this has slightly impacted the layout in both issues. Our apologies for any inconvenience.


Elaine Douglass
Elaine Douglass

Elaine Douglass was on of the founding editors of, and driving forces behind JAR Magazine.
She also contributed many articles.

She passed away on 27 January 2014.