I’ve mentioned elsewhere that UFOs have presented themselves as a modern, continuing mythological phenomena manufactured to be assimilated relatively painlessly by the common folk.  That myth is created by two factors:  First, the physical factor:  The UFOs are assumed to be of ET origins because they seem to be piloted craft that perform impossible antics in our skies and they seemingly are engaged in activities other than flying around.  Yet they remain unknown in all other salient aspects of their obvious existence.  That predicament for us is entirely contrived, not happenstance.  All we have are suspicions and indications as to who and what they are and their business here.  For decades, they have created, cultivated and sustained this perfect scenario of their own mysterious myth.

Second, for anyone that cares to look at the data and make rational judgments, the governments of the world, and especially my own, the U.S., have made a concentrated effort from the start to prevent people from recognizing the existence and then the intent of the ETs.  It is ludicrous for anyone to think that governments see nothing and know nothing of the UFO phenomena.  Such denials are not done for your protection, peace of mind and well being as much as done for control.  Some level of collusion between the ETs and world governments must be taken into consideration to form the complete, balanced picture.

The UFOs formerly known as “flying saucers” have been apparent in numbers since the middle of 1947.  According to social media across the intervening time to the present, there have been several distinct shifts in the manner in which the UFOs have further attracted the public’s attention.  Virtually all formal institutions and governments have attempted to ignore, deny and debunk the presence of ETs, let alone deal with the dramatically evolving myths that have grown around them over the decades.  Nonetheless, the phenomena endure and perhaps now even their intent and manner of operation can be understood in oblique determinations.

The primary question is simple and direct:  Is the whole UFO saga from 1947 to the present true to some degree or simply a modern myth of little or absolutely no substance?

As an airplane enthusiast at the age of nine, I was an avid reader of the newspaper accounts of private pilot Kenneth Arnold seeing a flight of unusually shaped craft swiftly moving near Mt. Rainer in Washington state in 1947.  That and other reports eventually morphed into hundreds of reports of saucers hovering, zipping across the skies, landing on roads and even on railroad tracks.  As time went by, there followed reports of creatures being seen around the landed craft.  The most common sightings were of small, humanoid figures dressed in one-piece suits.  They soon became the joke of the early decades.  Everybody in the modern world became aware of the Little Green Men (LGM) in the flying saucers that the governments claimed didn’t exist.  What else to do but make jokes about a myth?

During the early1960s, a darker undercurrent appeared.  Abduction accounts began appearing in the news.  The public’s concept of the LGM lost much of its humor.  The cartoons and jokes about the pint-sized visitors had run their course as the factor of fear entered into the equation.  The general violations to the typical abductee combined with the often outrageous horror of the so-called “medical exams.”  The undercurrent of fear was evident in the new term that appeared to replace the LGM tag.  The ETs became known as the greys.

As the years rolled on, even more frightening accounts appeared to notch up the fear factor in what was yet still a myth according to all officials.  The typical abduction story was advanced with a new twist.  Human females in the first trimester of pregnancy were being robbed unknowingly of their fetuses at bedside.  They would go to bed confident in being pregnant and wake up in the morning with the fetuses gone.  Then another chapter appeared, stories arose of some of these women being abducted from their beds and taken to ships where huge nurseries held hundreds of babies attended by alien females.  There the mothers discovered that their children were hybrids, alien to a large extent in body and features.  The often distraught mothers were told that they were up brought to bond with their children.

That shocking phase of the myth also seemed to pass from reports and a lull apparently has ensured to some degree.  Although UFO sightings still seem to happen, these days they are sandwiched between our own super secret UFO-like craft, CGI videos and photoshopped images of UFOs.  For all we know, genuine UFOs may have left our planet.

As far as the public knows, the entirety of that so-called UFO history does not contain a single, proven real UFO event.  Rather, UFO "history" has been merely a sequential building of layer upon layer of mythical events heaped upon the original account of Arnold’s sighting in 1947, and even that event can be suspect to a skeptic.  Interestingly, the entire affair shows a clear, logical (if weird) progression until it finally arrived at the “cliff hanger” of the unanswered questions about the alien children.

The UFO story can’t end with alien-human hybrids babies lying in spaceship nursery beds.  That is an unfinished narrative.  Is there another chapter yet to surface in the UFO story?  Is a climatic finaleto eventually emerge?  We are led to accept that thousands of human-alien hybrids were purposely created with a tremendous amount of forethought and logistics.  What happened to them?  They would be adults today, some middle-aged.  Where are they?  Did they ever exist?  Are they phantoms in their own myth?  …Or is another shoe has yet to drop to complete the tale?

Were they ever real flesh and blood, returned to a home planet as a revised breeding stock for a dying race, as some abductees have been told?  Were they to be biological interfaces, emissaries, on Earth between the ETs and humans, as others are told?  Certainly, we don’t see their unique visages among us.  Could they be kept confined in secret places studiously working with various areas of our governments to change the world toward goals that their alien initiators have set for us?

Skeptics may think that the whole UFO situation has gotten totally out of hand.  That it is and always was bogus and now has settled into being a persistent, modern-day myth making its way into every mind and home via modern social media, dwarfing the old folktales of Frankenstein, vampires, etc.  That assessment would be true.  The entire modern world recognizes the “UFO” in term and form and even the cartoon image of an alien with huge, dark eyes.  But thanks in part to this myth, individuals can ponder for themselves this yet unexplained mystery of the universe without a word from some certified professional (that pretends to know better) telling us the “facts” of the matter.

We can further wonder, did the rash appearance of UFOs in 1947 and subsequent talk of aliens help ignite our quest to access space and the planets?  After all, without them, all discussions about space exploration back then would have consisted of dry, technical stuff because space was indeed utterly lifeless, totally lacking in stimuli to stir the imagination.  Would the average person be so interested in what is out there without the LGM making their questionable appearance?

The ratcheting up of interest in ETs is no longer confined to science-fiction, as it was in the old days.  These days, there is a definite preoccupation of science at many levels to seriously think about and investigate the possibilities of what forms of life we may encounter as we search deeper into the heavens.  Still, we have the curious situation where virtually all of science has not been allowed to look at the situation at hand where what we seek is most evident.  So strange of a situation as to be “most illogical,” as Spock would intone.

As an observer on the world for almost 78 years, and having experienced a typical UFO time-loss abduction in 1964, I can tell you that the “modern myth” of UFOs is at least partially true, at least, up to the abduction episodes which are at the crucial juncture where the unsubstantiated part of the UFO myth departs from basic facts.  The ET agenda is clear:  The physical abductions of ordinary citizens were absolutely necessary to set in motion the single, overall goal of the ETs.  That goal was to alter the DNA of the abductees and through them all of humanity.  That was the true reason behind the so-called “medical exam” that virtually every abductee received.   

The only unreal part of the whole affair is anything that happened beyond the genuine abductions.  The later reported cases of missing fetuses and visits to space nurseries are false memories precisely fashioned to be a thinly veiled cover story.  The myth of the human-alien kids was pure propaganda, specifically, disinformation.  The tales of the alien UFO kids are an allegory on the true nature of the events.  Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an allegory “…as the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence.”

There well may be aging, biological mixes of the greys and humans walking around somewhere.  But we don’t witness them.  What we must realize is that there are generations of abductees’ children that are quite normal in appearance among us having DNA tuned to a desired outcome.  They harbor DNA gained from at least one abductee parent or antecedent.

The parent abductees, such as myself, changed in the notorious medical exams, were most likely chosen from modern nations that had a potential for making a greater influence in world affairs than individuals from less advanced societies.  Thus, their affected offspring would be better positioned than most other citizens in the world to eventually bring about the subtle changes sought in human nature as they spread their seed and deed far and wide.

As the children of abductees proliferate normally in a society, some unknowingly will connect with children of other abductees.  Their offspring will be even more inclined to be in the desired fashion.  What is the desired traits on which the ETs would expend an incredible amount of time and effort to bring about?  In general, we can suspect the targeted goals as two areas, a lowering of aggression and a heightening of compassion, in a word, sociability.  Given the complexity of the human animal, no doubt other related characteristics were also affected and impinged upon by the changes as biological traits and urges influence thoughts, philosophies and abilities.

Digging deeply into abductee accounts, we know that most abductees are usually strongly affected by their experiences, if only internally.  We suffer from such handicaps as PTSD and other emotional ills caused or compounded by the experience.  Beyond those afflictions, many of us come away with a whole healthier view on the universe, not so much a “me” perspective anymore, but more intuitive and understanding.  Some of us gain an “at one with the universe” frame of mind.

If a modern, knowledgeable brain can accept the over half a century of evidence that UFOs give the impression of being of ET origin, then it is a short step to accepting that they are not here as part of an interstellar sight-seeing cruise but here with a purpose.  A decent brain should be able to deduce that as a superior and capable species, these forces work at levels far above the usual levels of earthly conventions of science and thought, but yet may be physically discernible to us.  This evidence the ETs have given us.

As we incessantly poison ourselves with chemicals, radiation and wicked ideologies, it takes no stretch of imagination to see that they have been compelled to introduce their own solutions to our world.  Tailoring human DNA to a different, if outside standard, is a relatively painless solution to usher in a stable population on this planet.  That would be a thoughtful solution.  That is far more palatable to everyone than the rash act of an outright termination of human life.

The change would be gradually, well on its way to dominance after a hundred years.  Integration problems will develop, of course, but recognized as part of the process for the evolution of humans to a more reasonable way of interacting.  For a time there would remain a patchwork patterns in some areas that would remain resistant and or isolated from the spreading gene pool.  Those areas would have to be dealt with in some manner.  Not out of old forms of aggression, but out of wisdom.

The real UFO kids, as I call the offspring of abductees, are no longer kids.  They are adults, some approaching their middle ages.  In outward appearances, they are no different than ordinary humans.  They were born within a particular bracket of years during the usual child-bearing years of their abducted mother or father.  When the ETs started their abduction process in earnest is vague.  Maybe they have been going on since 1947?  Certainly, we know that by the early 1960s they were well underway.  Barney and Betty Hill were abducted in 1961.  The case was widely reported in 1965.  My abduction happened in October of 1964.  At some point, at least by 1991, abductions shifted from typical car abductions to more gently done bedside procedure.  Generally, we can posit that the abductions program covered at least three decades.  (The early car abductions can be seen as a rather crude manner of doing the business, almost a gangster type of operation, whereas the transition to bedside abductions is a far more sophisticated technique with less collateral damage.)  We can slate 1960 through at least the early 1990s as the period for the greatest amount of abductions.  (I’m sure some researchers will have a better determination of that particular period.)

If I claim that changed DNA passes to the next generation, I can generalize by taking my own 1964 abduction date and produce a mature, DNA changed offspring coming into maturity by 1984 or even much later granting a later birth date.  Actually, in a span of twenty years, these young, offspring of abductees could be having DNA changed children of their own.  It would be a snowballing effect.  In about twenty or thirty years a large segment of the population in a heavily attacked area of abductions would be showing indications of a new type of citizens.

The semi-official classifications social scientists and writers have deemed for individuals born from 1965-1976 is the “X” or “Me” generation.  Next came the Millennials born from 1977-1993. Perhaps many of those individuals are the indirect result of UFO abductions and that explains their somewhat different attitudes toward many aspect of a formerly standard and conventional society?

These individuals are very different inside.  They possess a common core of disenfranchisement.  Some will find it hard to adjust to normal society (as is frequently the case with actual abductees).  Many discard the values of their parents and other social influences as they matured.  Not going “bad,” just off in their own world.  We can even look back and wonder if the hippies of the later 1960s were early representations of altered DNA from abductions in the late 1940s that went unnoticed and unreported.

At an early age many of these affected young people start reacting to their situation and reaching for their potentials that differ from the common herd.  Their perceptions of the world around them came through an altered lens, sufficiently different enough to display various signs of faults and fractures in the status quo.  “Faults and fractures” may occur individually in some of this special population also, perhaps autism and other weakness.  These legitimate UFO kids want a whole new order in the way humans address life and interactions with one another and government. 


This is work does not pretend to be scientific in any form.  It is a highly personal effort and why I have inserted myself into the narrative at times.  As a generalist and observer, I have presented what I see as part of the on-going puzzle and argument about the UFO and the beings those ships represent.  (Don’t try this at home.  Your actual mileage may vary.  HH)