When the idea was first conjectured that aliens were not simply gliding by planet Earth for a look-see, but instead might be performing hands-on experiments on humans; the concept was astounding. No longer were we pondering whether UFOs were "real," and whether the occupants were "real." No, we were way beyond that. We were thrown into a realm of speculation over whether these experiments, that seemed to be of a reproductive nature, were indeed taking place.

From the earliest reports of abductions, we had farmer Antonio Vilas Boas in 1957 claiming he saw an object land in his field, was then dragged onboard and later forced to mate with an alien woman with a pointed chin and catlike eyes. This report was not given wide publicity at the time. Fast-forwarding to 1961, we learned that a New Hampshire couple driving back from a vacation in Montreal was buzzed by a strange craft and ultimately taken up into it. The wife, Betty, was subjected to an intrusive examination, involving a long needle being inserted into her navel which was very painful. The aliens described this as a pregnancy test, similar to a procedure now known as amniocentesis. Meanwhile, her husband Barney endured a strange cup-like device placed over his groin area. The purpose of this procedure was seemingly to extract sperm. Later Barney developed a circle of 21 wart-like growths where the device had made contact with his skin. They were each 3/4 of an inch long and Barney ultimately had them removed.

Betty and Barney Hill
Betty and Barney Hill

The Hills' abduction account was elicited under hypnosis therapy performed by a skilled professional, Dr. Benjamin Simon. Unsettling dreams and mental images were taking a toll on Barney's health, and the doctor felt regressive hypnosis may help resolve his issues. By 1965, Betty and Barney had spoken to small groups, the Air Force and local UFO investigators. A local newspaper got wind of the story and published a partial article on the Hills and their abduction. The Hills realized their privacy was now gone. Grudgingly, the Hills chose to cooperate with author John G. Fuller to get an accurate account on the record. The book "The Interrupted Journey" was published in 1966 -- and the UFO research field has never been the same.

The Hill abduction made a deep impression upon me as a child, and is the main reason I began to research UFOs. To armchair skeptics, it's expedient to simply dismiss these abduction accounts (and the thousands that have followed) out of hand. They sound just too far-fetched. But if you spend some time actually listening to these witness narratives in-person -- you'll find a consistency and an earnestness in their stories that's hard to deny. If alien beings are truly taking human eggs and sperm for breeding experiments, are they creating hybrid beings? For what purpose? What's the endgame?

I'm sure the reader is familiar with Budd Hopkins (now deceased) and Dr. David Jacobs -- the two revolutionary investigators who have explored this concept in detail. I'm fortunate to have considered them both close personal friends. As outlandish as their claims may appear, the problem is that every time they've told me or written about a new phenomenon taking place within abductions, that's the next thing I hear among our own abductee cases. This pattern has repeated over the course of the last twenty years. Their abductees report gynecological examinations, removal of small fetuses, and seeing a gallery of fetuses being nourished in liquid incubators onboard. Ditto for our abductees. Their subjects report holding odd sparsely-haired infants and teaching toddlers how to play. Ditto. I had one woman detail an experience where she was expected to teach these children how to play in snow. She realized that she couldn't form a very good snowball. The "snow" didn't adhere to itself properly. That's when she realized it was synthetic snow created onboard. The details may vary, but the commonality is overwhelming. These beings are called "hybrids," as they seem to be a crossbreed between the species -- and they are being trained to deal with things on earth, including social interaction and nurturing; something the aliens seem to know very little about.

Early on, my friend Dr. Michael Swords wrote that it's highly unlikely that crossbreeding could occur, due to the presumed differences in the number of chromosomes and in how alien DNA itself might be structured. Yet we must deal with the "damned data" as it is, not as we'd like it to be. Just as scientists refused to believe the witnesses that claimed rocks fall from the sky, today we understand that meteorites do indeed fall from the sky.

Non-human intelligences from other galaxies or dimensions are creating hybrid beings. They are certainly alien to our ken, so the word "alien" is appropriate. Jacobs believes their hybrids are being raised onboard huge spaceships, biologically equipped to interact on earth, yet with their identities and allegiances firmly alien. They are infiltrating human society little by little, even renting apartments. The logistics on how this could be accomplished seems daunting. Yet, Jacobs has so many of these cases that to him it's a forgone conclusion. His latest book, "Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity" details how alien hybrids have moved into your neighborhood and workplace and are assimilating. I have not run into this particular narrative in my cases, but perhaps it's only a matter of time. I urge all serious thinkers to read his book. Jacobs' theory is chilling and sketches out a time when the alien takeover of earth will become a reality. As Jacobs warns, it may already be too late.

It is undeniable from a mountain of testimonial evidence that hybrids are real. Whether the full scope of what Jacobs outlines is in the offing for planet earth, only time will tell. The aliens do not seem to have our best interest at heart -- that much is clear. It is indeed a chilling scenario.

Susan Swiatek