Often the inspiration for these panel questions comes from conversations I have had with experiencers. This time is no exception. I was talking to someone recently who said she felt blessed by her contact experiences because she felt they were always around. It made her feel safe. She never needed to feel lonely because there was always someone to watch over her.

It reminded me of other experiencers who shared a similar sentiment that they were never alone. But they didn’t like it, and felt their privacy was being violated.

The phenomenon of "often or constantly feeling the presence of the visitors contactees interact with" is fairly common. What seems to greatly differ is how people experience it, as the two examples above demonstrate.

We asked our panel members for their thoughts and/or experiences.

Someone to watch over me
Artwork by Scott Browne


Thomas Minderlé

I remember as a 3 year-old feeling constantly watched by something malevolent.

This was during a time when I was being abducted on a weekly basis. I didn’t put the two together at the time since the alien entities I knew were tangible beings while whatever was watching me was invisible and felt omnipresent.I didn’t know that aliens were capable of monitoring from an invisible state, or that my frequent ear ringings at the time were a side effect of that.

Later when my mother told me about God and how he was an invisible being that watches over us, my little mind made the connection. I concluded that this observing presence must be God. Except, why did it feel hostile? Was God a punishing, vindictive, controlling power? That created a lot of cognitive dissonance and misplaced resentment in me.

Of course, now I know that it wasn’t God that I was feeling, but something non-human, cold, and calculating. Perhaps alien, perhaps something on the occult spectrum. But it made me feel from an early age that privacy is an illusion.

If you add in the MILAB phenomenon, the concept of alien and military brain implants, remote viewing, invisibility, astral visitors, dream manipulation — it is a given that as an abductee you don’t have much privacy, not even in your own head.

The only question is, who is monitoring and toward what end. There doesn’t have to be only one source. It can be many, each observing for its own reasons.

If they are benevolent, whether friendly alien groups or even guardian spirits, departed relatives looking in from the afterlife, our Higher Self, God, etc. then it might make us be more mindful of our inner and outer propriety. We may feel comforted in life that we have allies watching over us.

On the other hand, if they are malevolent, then it can feel like a perpetual state of threat and violation, like there is no safe place not even in your own mind, that you’re being constantly watched and probed for weaknesses and ingresses.

I found that the best way to deal with monitoring by negative forces is not to try to limit one’s communications or talk/think in code in an attempt to throw them off, but to outmaneuver them by doing what they are trying to stop you from doing. That is, if you can’t hide, charge forward.

Another issues worth mentioning is that through screen memories, telepathic influencing, and posthypnotic commands, negative aliens can enchant an abductee into thinking they are the good guys and wanting more abductions. Not all alleged positive alien contacts are deception, but in my personal experience and research it is a legitimate concern.

So if someone is in contact with the Greys and believes they are friends, even though they are just front line pawns in a negative alien agenda, then their monitoring and abduction activity will be seen in a positive light and welcomed not resisted, which is the point of the enchantment. We need to be mindful of this.

For me, both friendly and hostile monitoring are facts of life. I do not feel offended or violated. I feel strategic and mindful. I’m as comforted by the friendly observers as I am made vigilant by the unfriendly “Watchers.”


Denise Stoner

Just like the old song – “Someone to Watch Over Me” – there are still many of us who are old enough to recall that tune and there are many of this age who fall in the group of experiencers, contactees, or other who feel we are being tracked for lack of a better word by “watchers”. Many have discovered small objects resembling pieces of rice or BBs under their skin that may have been used to keep track of our whereabouts and more. By our own “methods”, inner being, dreams, etc. we have a knowing of some kind and are convinced that we are watched by ETs, if you will, for either their own agenda or ours or a combination of both. Our thinking on this is definitely divided among us and if shown on a sliding scale or graph I would venture to say the positive side would be a percentage or number higher than the negative. Fear plays an enormous factor as to why this frustrates, annoys, and more a participant who may not have chosen to play a part in whatever this agenda is. We know something or someone exists that has the ability to track our location and actions but not exactly why, where, or how and we don’t know how we got involved. It is even possible we are asked to complete certain tasks but that is not something I claim any evidence of at this time. I just offer it as a suggestion because if these entities can watch us and cause us to "meet" them at their demand at times, what would stop them from doing the reverse by giving us tasks to complete for them.

As with all matters ET and their possible agenda, there is so much to share and discuss. We need to be certain that all sides are covered in order to support those who look for information and are not dismissed out of the “strangeness” their stories impart. I will give two examples that are strong in nature but important to those who are seeking answers or research and also investigate this type of case on the positive side. I am also going to write about an ET event I consider negative that took place with me but will give you food for thought once you read it. These two cases fall somewhere between positive and negative because there is such a huge range of experiences to process then attempt to decide where you stand – if you can. You will at least see where those of us who research and investigate these topics, such as ET experiences, paranormal, and more can remain at a loss to come to any conclusion regarding these subjects. We are always asking for more stories, information including physical evidence, sightings, etc. to document and studies to do in order to see what commonalities there might be with other work we already have in our files and those we have shared with others.

First Positive Story – Let’s call her Ren. Back in the early 2000’s I received a call from this wonderful lady who was having experiences where she worked on a large piece of property. Working there, I believe, might have been a situation that helped bring back earlier events for her. She witnessed the opening of a portal for not only UFOs but ETs and visitations of possible spirits seen inside a house on this property. Her story was never anything that frightened her but filled her with curiosity and a childlike wonder mixed with a strong need for answers in a person who was also a scientific minded adult. She searched out those “in the know” to help her understand how our aircraft operated, what DNA was, and more. She discovered a family member was having experiences and began to deeply ponder the information she had collected and attempted to figure out how this might affect her religious beliefs. There was so much involved including an illness Ren suffered and survived plus a disease that eventually took her mom. Through it all she kept her faith and continued to search her lifelong events for answers. She has always considered them connected to DNA – ours and that of the visitors.

Ren delved into her own research to discover that her mom, and a sister had all been involved in this mystery with the ETs. She became more and more determined to find out as much as she could about the ETs she had encountered. These entities who communicated through telepathic methods on a craft that operated via means she had never seen or heard about before drove her “need for answers” further into her search.  During her research with others, including military officers, she found it was possible that musical tones had some connection to making contact with this craft and its “operators”. She ran an experiment to see if other trusted experiencers and friends together could “vector” in a craft or at least working together find a tone they felt had something to do with reaching their own personal craft.  In my own opinion that was successful because I was a part of that experiment and discovered the tones I have heard in my head prior to each “experience” happens to be the note middle C. Without fail, that is the tone I hear along with a sense of vibration in certain areas of my body. Each one of us involved in that came up with a note. Ren wrote a beautiful song that is meaningful to those of us who participated in her experiment. Perhaps we can, at least, reach the craft(s) we have visited or let’s say contacted in a peaceful way using these tones. More research needs to be done and it is up to us to do it.

Ren has taken away nothing but positive information from her “visits” to the craft and with the ETs on board. She has gathered both scientific information including a bit about our DNA. She feels that she has had been watched over – not spied on – in a protected way as a member of a universal family who would protect each other.  While writing this I felt I should ask Ren for a comment on her feelings regarding her experiences. I called her and she gave me a statement. She said her overall statement would be, “As a person with contact throughout her life, has experienced other species and crafts on a frequent basis, it has helped me be more open, see a bigger picture of God and the Universe, and have a more loving and caring outlook for others and our planet”. 

What can I give as a negative aspect of this great mystery? I will use a controversial figure and that is the Reptilian. I strongly dislike the fact that we are not truly knowledgeable enough about these entities yet to know if there are more than one Reptilian race. I suggest there are. We have wrapped them up as one related race and really have no idea at all who or what they are. Some of us have said they are cold and calculating, have intent to harm us, handle us in a rough manner, and take full control over us making us feel like true captors. Many of these Reptilians have also been witnessed in underground tunnels wearing some sort of military style jackets with no collar insignia matching human military like jackets on humans in the same tunnel. They are carrying out various agenda we don’t seem to be privy to but it is an unpleasant experience in many ways. We are forcefully taken to “meetings” with these entities, your memory wiped out, and you are left with a feeling of fear and great concern for the earths near future and who will be in charge of it along with those of us who dwell here.
I am one of those humans who has had an encounter with a Reptilian. I was reading in bed one evening with my husband asleep next to me. Our bed faces the door of the master bathroom and it was open. I heard a slight rustling sound and looked up from my book to see a lizard as tall as the door standing there looking at me. Lizard shaped eyes were looking directly at me and a reptilian shaped digit was gesturing toward me to come to him. I just knew it was male. I felt fear and a mass of negative energy in the room surrounding this entity. It was not that of a demon at all but of an ET. I had no problem telling the difference after years of being taken, researching, and investigating both the ET field and paranormal. I looked away and with as much strength as I could muster I told this visitor that I would not go with him and he was to leave my room. I continued to repeat those words and did not make eye contact with this creature. I instinctively knew that part of the reason this particular ET could not take me was the fact that I did not look into his eyes. He could not draw me to him. I could feel the pull of his energy but did not give in. After approximately 6-8 minutes of keeping my eyelids lowered, I glanced up enough to see where this creature was and witnessed him fade through the wall next to my closet door across from the one he had been standing in front of. I felt relief and was comfortable knowing I was able to let him know I was not allowing him to take me that night.
However, that was not the case a few months later when I found myself on a path of one type we have here in FL (with my husband) that travels through various wooded areas we call Spring Hammock. The floor is wet and spongy and fresh spring water often comes to the surface in places keeping the ground moist and mucky. There are many palmettos, wet land, and moss growing in these areas so walking off the pathway is not encouraged. There are sections where wooden pathways have been built so people can walk and learn what nature has to teach us.

Well, I found myself and my husband each sitting on some sort of small craft with orders to lean forward in order to make these move. They floated above the path and had no sound. We followed the – I assume ET on a craft in front of us and there was one in back – through the tall palms and brush in the pitch dark. Soon we came to an area where the wooden path split to make a platform. On my right side were two perfectly round tubs that appeared to be made of pure white marble. They came above my waist in height, had what looked like bars of soap and a liquid on the edge. On the other side, to my left was a desk with a woman reptilian in a dress jacket – it could have been military – sitting with paperwork and clip board. She asked our names and then directed us to remove our clothes. We were to enter the white tubs, completely wash including our hair using the bar of special soap and liquid. When I entered my tub, I felt that I was not in normal water. It felt amazing. There was such comfort in the feel of the liquid itself. The temperature was perfect and the density was slightly thick like jello that had only begun to firm up. I could roll around effortlessly and had no desire to get out. It was as if I had been in a spa for a day. Finally, a tall ET stepped to the edge of the tub with a beautiful white robe and asked me to step out.

My husband and I were then escorted into what had been at the end of the platform. It was an old Airplane Hangar covered with vines and Kudzu broken through holes in the metal walls. The door was no longer there that I could see. I was aware that at one time there had been a couple of Air Force bases in FL that closed down and this must have been a remnant of one of those places. I am absolutely positive that this exists.

When we entered the hangar there were long tables with folding chairs set up on my left. I was surprised to discover there were a few other humans already seated down the length of the table. No more than 20 of us. Now as we waited a tall well-formed reptilian came into the room through the door wearing a military style jacket. It had no insignia on the collar to indicate which military branch he belonged to or what rank.  Suddenly through the opening in the disintegrating metal roof a huge UFO hovered above, the bottom opened up and through a beam of some sort two human military men dropped down near the reptilian speaking to us. They said nothing at all but stood nearby and observed.

From that moment on I recall nothing. What was said is now totally forgotten even though I know it was something that is very important. This feels foolish to say but I know without a doubt information is deep inside my head from that event. I did not care for either the military or the reptilian who took us and lectured us and the information given to us was not something pleasant to hear. The entities gave off an air of coldness, had no emotions, and were just there to give us our orders for the future. I must add that this felt familiar in some way. Although I have no memory what was said to me, I am positive I have been in a similar situation at some time in my past. Why we were chosen, I have no idea and wish it hasn’t been a hidden burden for me and I suspect the others there that night. My husband has no memory of it at all. I have good memories of my other experiences and know those ETs are working for the better good of all. What I experienced with these Reptilians is not for the benefit of anyone. I am happy that only once do I recall this experience of the Reptilians capturing me and for some reason don’t feel it will happen again. My Escort has kept me safe, my Gray, the one I have known since age 2 ½. He has escorted me not taken me, kept me from harm, taught me about the universe and returned me to my home. I truly believe I have “Someone to Watch Over Me”.


Bill Konkolesky - a personal side to experiences

One of the most perplexing things that I’ve encountered in the already unusual phenomenon of alien abduction is the beings’ interest in personal lives and, while I’ve heard many other experiencers share their accounts of this, I have had quite a good deal of first-hand experience in the matter.  I will share a few examples.

On the topic of love life, a bizarre night in 1995 found myself and a woman I was dating frozen in place while a trio of gray entities inspected her.  She and I were stargazing on a hill in a secluded area of a large park in Southeast Michigan after-dark in the month of May.  While we were standing face-to-face atop the hill, we found ourselves unable to move as three small gray beings walked up to us and started looking her over.  They spoke telepathically to one another that they disapproved of her for me and walked off.  The instant that my date and I regained the ability to move, we raced to the car and sped off.  After I dropped her off, we didn’t speak the next day, but the day after she called to say that she was breaking up with me.  While I never said what had happened had anything to do with me, I suspect she knew it had everything to do with me.

Were the beings doing me a favor here or perhaps, curiously, themselves a favor?  That question is hard to answer but, with other related events in my life on the subject of whom I was dating (that I may share another time), I am of the opinion that they had my best interests in mind.

While I’ve been hypnotically regressed several times, there was one shocking session that was far stranger and more personal than any other.  I was at the home of the former Michigan MUFON State Director Shirley Coyne in 1993 for her to regress me on my abduction encounters.  Although in other regressions we covered very specific events, for this one, Shirley decided to ask my subconscious to pull anything up that needed revealing.  Surprisingly, after going under, I felt physically separated from time and space into an environment of pure white where a telepathic voice of the beings told me that my life would be just fine because they could see its entirety from their vantage point and they would be visiting me throughout. It did indeed have a curiously comforting effect.  In fact, so comforting that I no longer needed to sleep with a light on as I had for so many years.

On a related follow-up to the white space event, several months later in 1993, they reiterated their commitment to me as I was about to move out of the house where I grew up.  One evening, I awoke in bed after a nap and found myself paralyzed.  The room was completely dark, but I could sense them.  A voice said to me telepathically that I shouldn’t worry as they would easily be able to find me when I move.  Then, the paralysis broke.

One shared aspect of these events, and many others similar ones I’ve had, is that they happened in my twenties, a time of finding one’s direction in the adult world with regards to higher education, work, living arrangements, and love relationships. It was as if these beings knew that by them stepping in to my day-to-day life at this pivotal time, they could significantly shape the rest of my life.

Why would they care enough to do any of this?  In my opinion, some (I stress some) of these beings honestly form a connection to the experiencers with whom they have long-term contact.  They like us and wish to do us favors on occasion.

In the bigger picture, I often wonder how many times they’ve kept us from nuclear war.