Some years ago, I did an informal survey among approximately 100 fellow researchers. I asked what the question was they were asked the most. The reply was 'Are the extraterrestrials good or bad?' The question is of course a 'bad' question in that it starts from an unwarranted generalization. Can you say people belonging to a certain race, religion or country are bad? Or is mankind bad? There is no correct answer, as one has to take into account cultural differences as well as individual differences. So we rephrased the question and asked the members of our panel: "Overall, do you view the extraterrestrial presence as positive or as negative, and why?" Here are their replies, in the order that we received them.

The ET Presence: good or bad?
The ET Presence: good or bad?

Helen Littrell

One thing we are mostly agreed upon is that beings—from other planets / dimensions / wherever—are really present on Earth and have been here for a very long time. However, until fairly recently it was neither politically correct nor personally safe to speak about them in any but a disparaging manner which, sadly, was an attitude adopted by the majority of the general public. It made no difference to our peers whether we may have been repeatedly abducted, seen ships in the sky or as they landed, or had personal face-to-face contact with “others.” I know from my own experience as a child that any mention of the “others” was strictly forbidden and resulted in very real threats of punishment by commitment to an insane asylum, courtesy of the family who raised me. So, wisely, I didn’t speak of these entities for many years, but my interactions with them continued as a young child and I looked forward eagerly to my only companions, the little blue orbs which appeared nearly daily and spoke telepathically to me.

The controversy regarding whether alien presence is a negative or positive force in our society is ongoing, with the general population still vehemently divided and all too eager to label those of us who choose “positive” as “woo-woo”, “crazy”, and “off our rockers.” I’ve been called all of the above and more, plus experienced job loss, and ostracism by friends and family.

In my own personal case which includes encounters and abductions since early childhood, I can truthfully say that I have never once been harmed by “others”: instead, I consider each situation a valuable learning experience. I have willingly accompanied “others” inside their ships, and shown the navigation and guidance systems which brought them to Earth. I have learned how they propagate their young using sperm and ova extracted from humans combined with embryos from “others”, the resulting fetuses then raised in what appeared to be nurseries, each fetus nurtured in a nutrient-rich liquid in an individual aquarium-like tank through infancy. I’ve learned that the ultimate result is entities called hybrids, that some are sent here to Earth in conjunction with ultra-secret joint agreements with our government. The desired objective is that they will “pass” as humans, looking like us and acting like us. Over the past 20 or so years I have recognized several hybrids seemingly passing in ordinary human capacities in ordinary human jobs. These hybrid entities, although usually reserved in nature, usually seem friendly and knowledgeable when engaged in conversation.

For as long as I remember, I’ve known firsthand that alien presence on Earth is an undeniable, definite fact of life, here to stay. It has been a critical, driving force in my life to the point that several years ago I wrote the book, Raechel’s Eyes, dealing with my experiences and those of my daughter with a hybrid being, Raechel, who was part of a very, very Black Project in conjunction with the U.S. government. We knew Raechel personally and stood by as she struggled to integrate herself into regular human life as a college student living as my daughter’s roommate, attempting to meet the expectations of both our government’s Humanization Project and her home planet.

In closing, I reiterate my belief that alien presence here on Earth is definitely a positive thing, based on a lifetime of personal knowledge and experience as well as the distinct privilege of my deep involvement with the “others.” An infinite amount of knowledge is available for us humans to learn, if we will only take off our blinders and open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts. The “others” are here to teach and help us, but it is up to us to demonstrate compassion and a willingness to learn.

Thomas Minderle

There are positive and negative aspects. Overall, I view it as positive and necessary so long as we handle the negative parts wisely and therefore use these as stepping stones instead of obstacles. Let’s first take a look at what makes the alien presence positive.

For one, the alien presence functions as a catalyst for our social and spiritual evolution. Aliens influence us from top to bottom, and this influence whether hostile or benevolent is a form of novelty from outside our sphere of experience. Hence it is an influence from beyond that stretches our boundaries psychologically, spiritually, genetically, technologically, and socially. If it stretches for better, then good; if for worse, then there is novelty in battling and overcoming it. Either way leads to transformation.

This also applies at the individual level. Those who are personally being contacted, abducted, or manipulated by aliens are undergoing a spiritual curriculum of discernment, self-mastery, and discovery—either directly because their contacts are genuinely benevolent, or indirectly if the individual succeeds in overcoming suppression and deception. This curriculum has subtleties and complexities that cannot be found in conventional human experiences, therefore it offers something unique to the soul.

Further, individuals under the conscious or subconscious instruction of positive aliens are being educated, trained, and guided to affect humanity in a beneficial way. That includes disseminating key knowledge that helps attune one to the divine framework, gets one thinking and acting in context of bigger cosmic issues rather than just petty local concerns, and offers clarity and thus immunity against the deception and manipulation methods of negative alien agendas. The aim of these positive efforts is to support humanity’s veracity of belief, enhancement of freewill, capability of discernment, and sharpness of mind — everything that enhances conscious evolution through self-determination and discovery.

Lastly, as suggested by our ancient myths and modern abduction literature, aliens in general seem to have an interest in propagating our species to the other side of any planetary cataclysms that might otherwise cause extinction. Some might do it out of self-interest like a rancher looking out for his cattle, while others might see our potential and do not wish to see that snuffed out. Contactees and abductees of negative alien, positive alien, and shadow military forces alike have been given indications from their experiences that what is being carried out by these forces is being done in context of an imminent major discontinuity. Thus we stand at the cusp of another round of cataclysms, and if aliens can ensure the survival of enough humans to prevent complete annihilation of our species, then overall that is a good thing.

So what is negative about the alien presence?

One problem is the alien disinformation campaign that has been priming the public toward enthusiastic acceptance of negative alien groups masquerading as our friends and saviors. For example, through the use of falsified screen memories, an abductee or contactee might “remember” a positive experience that was actually a traumatic mind control session or implantation procedure. One giveaway is when the memories don’t match the after-effects of an abduction, such as having impressions of a peaceful experience but the body showing bruising around knees and ankles from struggle against restraints, or scars, scratches, pain in the uterus, total exhaustion and soreness, etc. indicating something darker actually happened. Further, what the abductee is shown and told in such cases carries all the signs of psychological tricks, subterfuge, sales tactics, ego hooks, and outright lies, with the aim of turning that person into a groomed vector of disinformation who can vouch for these aliens and thereby influence public perception of them.

An even bigger issue is the collusion between human shadow military and negative alien groups. Thanks to alien technology and information, the first has become a so-called “breakaway civilization” with sophisticated control over the rest of the planet. Military abductions, creation of sleeper agents, remote viewing and psychic remote influencing of blacklisted individuals, the biasing of thoughts and feelings in the population through widespread scalar wave irradiation, abduction and mind programming of targets toward induction self-destructive behaviors, etc.—it’s all incredibly nefarious and tragic. Together with their alien overseers, they have engaged in the mass manipulation of human consciousness and world affairs toward totalitarian endgoals. The goal appears to involve turning chaos into order, a new world under lockdown and lead by human-alien hybrids who function as liaisons loyal to their negative alien progenitors, and all of that leading toward the genetic assimilation of the human species into a more servile, docile, and useful slave race.

This disinformation campaign exists only because the negative alien groups responsible must market themselves to us in anticipation of a pressing disclosure event. Something is forcing them to disclose their existence in the near future. If it were solely up to them, I’m sure they would prefer remaining safely in the shadows of our denial and keep things covert. Why the forced timeline of disclosure? Maybe it’s the impending cataclysm, the looming technological singularity of our civilization that threatens to bypass their cloaking methods, the growing possibility of man-made annihilation of their “livestock” through global nuclear warfare or an AI takeover, the end of some externally imposed quarantine or moratorium on contact, or simply the fact that we’re now advanced enough to be useful to them but not mature enough to see through them.

Whatever the case, negative aliens and their human shadow collaborators have rushed things, seeded alien technology via the military-industrial complex into the public domain to take us from horse and buggy to supercolliders and supercomputers in less than a century. And because of this rush, not only has society begun to crack under the strain of artificial modernization, but as a civilization we have not advanced with equal measure in our wisdom or experience in order to handle disclosure as responsibly as we could. Hence our planet is like a naive teen being solicited by some old dirty creep just waiting for her to turn legal age. It’s a fast way to grow up, and could turn out well if we pass the test of discernment, or it could turn out horribly if we fail and become subjugated and assimilated.

Therefore, the alien presence has its positive and negative aspects, and the negative can be turned positive if we do our part, but that is no guarantee. It is a risky gamble with potential for reward. One thing can be said for sure, however, which is that without the alien presence, life on Earth would be predictable, repetitive, and mundane…perhaps to the point of redundancy.

William J. Konkolesky: who let the dogs out?

The question of whether the abduction phenomenon is a positive or negative is essentially the same as another question people have been asking for years, “Has the domestication of dogs been positive or negative for our four-legged friends?”

Yes, we are being domesticated. Generations of humans have been taken, trained, tweaked, and bred for the benefit of a more-advanced extraterrestrial species. They are toning down our wild natures through technology to be tamer and more useful.

This observation isn’t necessarily intended to be negative, merely recognition of what is being reported.

For those who would point out that some abductees indeed receive positive attention from the extraterrestrials, this is certainly true. Apart from the high volume of stories of duress at the hands of extraterrestrials, some ETs have actually acted as guardian angels, helpful doctors, and spiritual guides for some abductees.

That being said, this is much in the same sense that we have benefitted dogs by providing them food, shelter, comfort, healthcare, and even purpose. In other words, don’t necessarily mistake benevolence for equal partnership.

And this relationship extends beyond just those being abducted. Our governments and cultures exist by their grace. We run freely in this kennel called Earth, without even realizing how much we are actually being monitored and quarantined.

Beings far more advanced than us are likely just awaiting some sort of trigger to step in and broadly assert themselves. Perhaps this trigger will come in the form of some sort of natural disaster, perhaps we will be about to extinguish ourselves at our own hands, or perhaps the ETs will simply feel their hybridization project has come far enough for them to be successful in their infiltration, take-over, and management of us for whatever purposes they have planned.

As their program now proceeds in earnest while much of our population denies it’s even occurring, one day, the currently covert domestication of our species will be complete and humanity as we know it will be as much a part of the past as roaming wolves are to modern French poodles looking out apartment windows.

For the time being, we’re being held back until we’re properly trained, as the ETs aren’t about to let a pack of wolves out into the cosmos.

Nadine Lalich

When I consider the vastness of the Universe and some of the important discoveries that science has made thus far, I cannot help but conclude that a great variety of non-human races must live in the cosmos. To consider the negative or positive impact of those alien races that have been visiting for eons, I turn to Earth itself for answers.

Among Earth’s 6.3 billion people, there are 196 different countries, 9 major religions and 10 major languages. The result is a tremendous variety of philosophies and customs that can promote, in extreme cases, vastly different views and behavior. We all recognize how different the actions of extremist religionists can be when compared to more traditional religions. As for customs, if we compare a person raised in a sophisticated society to someone from New Guinea, for example, we also see radical differences in agendas and behavior. Yet, they are all members of the human race. With Earth as an example, it would seem logical that such differences would also exist among the many non-human races living throughout the cosmos, including those visiting Earth.

Whether the impact upon our planet would be positive or negative would depend upon a number of factors: Which races are visiting the planet? What is the stage of their physical and technological development? What are their customs and agendas? Additionally, considering human variables, whether the alien behavior would be seen as positive or negative also depends upon the cultural, religious and psychological development of the person perceiving the alien activity. For example, at first glance, some might see the presence of any alien race from a positive perspective as a spiritual opportunity, or from a negative view as a terribly evil presence. Others might investigate and consider the matter more fully (yet, inevitably filtered through their own conditioned perspective), and come to a mixed conclusion that the visitors’ intentions are to uplift humanity, exploit humanity or both. Ultimately, I believe the effect upon humans and our planet by the alien presence is potentially both positive and negative.