Editor's note: this is another case submitted by Karel Rasin, and described in his book.

This is a story of a possible UFO abduction released by Project Alfa UFO files. Project Alfa is a Prague-based, non-profit group of researchers in the Czech Republic. Most of project Alfa members are also members of Exopolitics Czech Republic.

Case facts: witness: a woman, named Petra Lachova, age 29, living in Prague, married, not addicted to drugs or alcohol, one child (5 year old daughter).
Case explorers: Karel Rasin, Dana Rasinova. Date: 2012

Petra with TV staff
Petra with TV staff

It happened about 2 years ago (2010) in her Prague flat. During the night, she woke up and saw something strange coming from the wall just next to the door. It had a grey cloud-like shape and was crawling along the bedroom towards her bed. Then it appeared over her body and was making the same crawling movements. These events repeated several times during the year. With every new visit, the entity became more and more like a figure, like a being. There was a paradox though, physically it wasn't possible to see the door whilst lying in the bed because the furniture blocks the view. Yet she saw the door while lying in the bed! When the being appeared, she would be paralyzed and she found herself in very strange "altered" state of mind and all her senses had been very sharp. The being had the power to move her body, and wherever the being looked, she moved. The man from the wall turned her in the bed to the right, to the left, on her back, on her stomach just by his eyes, and she couldn't do anything about it. When the being appeared, it just stared at her eyes for a long time without doing anything. When the being came next to her bed, it started to talk in a very fast way. His mouth moved rapidly and his mouth looked like it was made from plastic because the rapid talking sort of deformed his mouth. She never understood what he had been talking about, but it reminded her of some codes. This happened many times.

Situation sketch, bedroom visitor
Situation sketch, bedroom visitor

Daughter shocked

Once, her daughter woke up during the night in a stark terror and burst out crying. She was lying in bed next to her mother, and it was a hysterical crying. The mother switched on the light and went over to her. "What´s happening to you?" And little girl answered: "Mum, mum, there was something watching me just right by the door". Mother: "Who was watching you?" And the girl said: "Next to the door, something was standing there! It looked like a gray cloud or gray big beetle, I am scared to death!!"
She took her daughter to her bed, hugged and comforted her until she fell asleep again.

Detailed "Man from the wall"

Sexual harassment

Sometimes, when the man from the wall appeared again, there were changes to the events. After the normal long staring sessions, the being may suddenly appear face to face. She described his facial details, his weird suit (like fur with silver sparks coming out of it and the three big button-like things on his clothes). Face: very narrow mouth (rapid talking like an animation), two big, absolutely dark eyes like black holes, something that resembled a short haircut, an undistinguished nose, humanoid appearance, tall (2-2,5 meters), and very broad shoulders (like soccer defender). She didn't see his feet. She noticed his thumbs being very long (protruding).


Silver "dots" coming from his mouth

She found herself again in an altered state of mind. Suddenly she became aware of being on her knees, kneeling on the bed, facing against the wall. She started to feel sexual satisfaction by an oral method from behind. (Her husband wasn't home at that time). When it finished, she talked to herself, asking for him to leave, which he did, then she fell asleep.

Operation theatre

Operation room scene with a detailed sketch
Operation room scene with a detailed sketch

One of the last encounters happened around the end of April 2012. She woke up during the night with a strong feeling that the man from the wall was there again. When she saw him, she become paralyzed and found herself in a changed state of mind again. The man from the wall stood very close to her – face to face. She was lying on the bed with her daughter, and her husband wasn't there. (As far as her husband was concerned, he’s never felt anything strange even if he had been present on many occasions during her encounters).

Suddenly, she felt the man from the wall is on her bed and interested in her daughter. She was very afraid and started to say to herself for him to leave her daughter alone. She described his face in detail and added that his neck had been very strange as if it had been assembled with small circles. The being was kneeling on her bed and all of a sudden, a strange (30cm) long silver stick appeared in his hand. It reminded her of a "railroad dispatcher with a signal disk allowing the train to move". Being afraid of the silver stick, she realized it may have been a sort of scalpel. She held onto her daughter very tightly.

Then the whole scene began to change. Behind the being, the wall changed into some sort of big hologram, like a film screen. She saw a room and she began to see some details. There was a very strange yellow-white light shining from the ceiling in an unusual way which she couldn't describe easily. It wasn't the kind of light you switch on when entering a room, like a normal light, this light was "directed" and only lit up the space below. She saw something like a bed in the scene and the back wall of the room was made with a type of strange material, like some kind of tiles. It was a glass like, bluish material, glowing with a cold colour. From the ceiling, there was something resembling a heavy stove pipe with folds in a brick like colour. The man from the wall was standing inside this scene.

Suddenly she was horrified, because she realized that she’d been there before! It was an operation theatre, definitely the surgery room, and then everything just stopped.

bedroom scenebedroom scene
bedroom scene

Sexual harassment number two

Then, she noticed the man from the wall coming again, but this time he wasn't alone! A younger being appeared by his side, smaller, but exactly the same as the man from the wall. Both figures stared at her for a long time without any motion. She couldn't move and stayed in her changed state of mind again. Suddenly she began to turn on her bed with her bottom facing them, in a position ready for sex. She was feeling sexually aroused as if someone was satisfying her by hand. After a while everything stopped and she fell asleep.

Picture of two men
Picture of two men
an experience with intercourse
an experience with intercourse


Scene on board their ship
This is a scene from on-board their ship. She had been brought into a strange room with many beings, all looking the same as the man from the wall. On a table she saw a being which resembled with other beings standing around. This one was ill or without a soul or perhaps somehow dried. The tubes shown in the picture were in both of her arms with a black liquid being taken from her. She felt the being was going to die and she didn't know why they brought her there. The beings just watched to see what she would do.

This is a summary of Petra’s story, and the case investigation is still ongoing.