Anders Lidén sent in another encounter story from Sweden.

My first memory of being taken came in a regression session that I had with my former boyfriend, who was a therapist, healer and acupuncturist. The year was 1995 and in my daily life I had no interest whatsoever in hi-tech. During this specific session he worked with his acupuncture needles all over my body and I was in a deep, almost hypnotic, meditative state. Before this, I hadn't had any memories of aliens or spaceships.

In the middle of the treatment I started to remember, and we had to stop the session. I asked for a paper to draw the scenery and memory that I was in contact with. I drew a picture of inside the spaceship. It was an extreme hi-tech and futuristic environment, the room was round and open with a high rounded ceiling. In the middle, there were about three beds of steel, and a glass dome on the side. There were eight or ten big smooth flat screens with a screensaver of something that looked like soft steppingstones. The chairs were swivel chairs with high, smooth, back support. It looked clinical and futuristic.

The memory that I got hold of in this experience of physical ET contact goes back to when I was between five and eight years old. It was in a period of traumatic experiences that I was taken onto this particular space ship. At the time, I lived one kilometer outside a little village in a forest with my parents and my two sisters, in the middle of Sweden. My parents were both artists. In this period, my father started drinking and became an alcoholic. At the same time, he started to abuse me sexually.

It is worth noting that my father was very interested in outer space and science fiction like Star Trek. Some of his paintings were inspired by Harry Martinssons Aniara.

In that phase I learned how to shut down my feelings. I believe that my extraterrestrial friends were interested in my emotional experience that caused the trauma. 

An example of how badly I was affected emotionally was that when I came to my room after an abuse situation. my ability to play and be in my imaginary world didn´t work. I couldn´t play.

It became a pattern: after an abuse situation, I would have an encounter with the ET at night.

A blue bright light in the middle of the night flowed into my room and that was my sign. The sign that I should go down and take my wellies, put a warm sweater on, and go and meet my friends in a little glade in the woods. That was the meeting spot, just near our house. They were the grey ones from Zeta Reticuli. They were just my height and we communicated through the non-spoken words, telepathically. They were my friends and I was never afraid. What they did to me and what happened was our mutual agreement and the most natural thing for me. 

The spacecraft was about 400 meters away from my house on a field and they took me aboard. I was either laying on a steel-bed or standing in glass dome. In both cases they put electronic devices on me and did their research.

I remember thinking for myself, "why do the take me when there are so many children in Lundsbrunn?" (the little village nearby). But in the same way I knew. At the same time, I knew through my intuition.

Later on in life, my mother told me that a neighbor had reported spotting an UFO over this specific field.

I didn´t have any memories of my trauma until I was about 23 years old. And as said earlier, the memory of aliens came later.

Today I´m not in contact with the ET on a regularly basis.

In the Summer of 2011, my husband and I spent a week traveling in England, and visited several crop circles. That is when it did get very much activated and I felt in contact.   We also met some interesting people that told their stories about ET contact. After that trip we had a lot of activity in our home in Sweden. Mostly on an astral level at night they showed themselves very clearly. One night I also saw the blue light outside our window at night and knew it was them.

On a trip we made the same year in October to New Mexico in the US we both had strong feelings of ET contact and activity. We also sensed it up on a mountain called St Antonio Mt, which we independently strongly felt was connected to UFO activity.

Some weeks ago we were traveling through the country, when we discovered several clouds in formation like UFO disks for at least 45 minutes. See the picture below: the picture is taken by me and is not edited, of course.

Photo of UFO taken by witness
Photo of UFO taken by witness

I haven't had any calling of what to do with my experiences. And if there is a meaning for me to come out, I guess it will stand clear for me in the future. I do feel open to attend gatherings and tell my story if that is helpful for someone or something.

My relationship with what happened with these experiences is very neutral and natural for me.


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