A Look at Ourselves from an Extraterrestrial's  Perspective
By Barbara Lamb. M.S., MFCC

When embarking on a process of psychotherapy with a client who suspected she might have had lifelong disturbing experiences with extraterrestrials, I never guessed that the ensuing year of weekly sessions would bring forth material which expanded and turned my perceptions of our human race and reality upside down. In addition to hypnotic regressions to relive and release the trauma from my client's abductions, we discovered that on separate occasions she was channelling information from an alleged extraterrestrial male being from the Antares star system. This being suggests we call him Ohana, which (coincidently?) is the Hawaiian word for 'extended family', and is currently used frequently on the island of Maui as the name of a chain of banks and other facilities. He says he does not really have a name, in keeping with the ways of his planet, but he is conforming to our human need to identify all people and things by name.

We 'followed our noses' from session to session, asked questions of interest to us. and received from Ohana a substantial outpouring of material from this extraterrestrial's perspective, much of which reflects on us as human beings. Enough information has come forth to fill a book. This book may eventually be written by me, by my client, by her close friend who is keenly interested in this channelled material, and by Ohana himself … a four-authored book written with the mutually cooperative spirit and respect which Ohana continually encourages between all races in the cosmos. The following material is a compilation of thoughts about how he and his extraterrestrial friends see us humans, extracted from the larger body of channelled material. Reading this may help us reappraise who we are and what is our place in the cosmos. The sessions are continuing and more material will be coming forth: an 'intergalactic work-in-progress'. It is up to each of us readers to have our own reactions and draw our own conclusions. No official pronouncements are being made here about reality; simply the passing along of perceptions from a faraway source, an unusual (for us) point of view.

Ohana's essential message is that "we are all from the same Source many of you humans call that creative source God) ... we are all brothers and sisters...and as such we are all one body. Even though we look and behave differently and live differently, we need to try to understand each other, work together for common good, and learn from each other’s experiences over eons of time. We are each souls surrounded by Grace. It is always there. It is good to avail ourselves of it, enjoy it, even revel in it. It's a gift.

We all get born and we die and we reincarnate in many lifetimes: on the same planet over and over, or on each other's planets in the corresponding life forms, or in different dimensions as non-physical but fully alive and conscious beings. We can even live as non-physical beings on physical planets which you on earth would consider uninhabitable. (It is solely an earth concept that some planets are uninhabitable). Sometimes we souls incarnate as ‘masses of energy’, bright spheres of light, looking like energy balls. Did you ever think of yourself as being any of these forms? Or as living somewhere else in the cosmos? Or having a totally different perspective? You probably have and you probably will. It is up to you.

Between incarnations we all, from wherever we have just lived in the cosmos, reside in the spirit plane, and can even come to know each other. We do not notice the differences between us unless we happen to identify where we have come from. We are all the same, in spirit. This pure spirit in between lifetimes is the ideal state of being, the highest state, and is often more useful than working in any kind of body. We can ‘go anywhere instantly and impress our thoughts on anyone we wish. We can often be more effective this way. To be in human life on earth involves forgetting all these other kinds of experiences you have had as other forms of life, and assuming that your present earthly form is 'all there is'. Is this what is meant by 'the human condition'?

There are certain things we notice about you humans that amaze us, and we would like to share them with you so that you might think about them. We mention these with all due respect. Firstly, most of you seem to have a strong resistance to recognizing that we "other kinds of beings exist, and that we come to earth and interact with you in various ways. We have been doing this for many thousands of years, and as civilization has ‘advanced’ people seem to be less open to accepting our existence. We think we are being quite obvious and noticeable in approaching you. We fly around your skies in our crafts, we have left crashed crafts and even bodies on your earth, our crafts are photographed and filmed (and the analyzed films are deemed to be genuine), our craft sounds are recorded. We leave small scars on people’s skin, we insert implants in people's foreheads and ear areas, which have been retrieved and laboratory tested and magnified (and found to be of non—terrestrial substances). For several years now we have left large designs in your crop fields all over the earth, which are tested and found to be 'genuine' instead of 'man-made'. We also show you our bright spheres of colored light bobbing over your crop fields, and large horizontal rings coming down into fields just before 'crop circles are made. A few of you have witnessed and heard large banks of unusual sounds and vibrational sensations moving over your fields, stopping, swirling near ground level and forming crop circles. Some of you have experienced interacting with these sounds, noticing their speeding up when you are visible to them and slowing down when you are hidden.

Some of you have sensed a 'mental connection with us, the ‘circle makers', when you wish for a certain design to be made and notice that very soon thereafter that design (or very close to it) has subsequently been made. What about the many thousands of accountings that have emerged from therapeutic hypnosis sessions involving visitations, trips, and procedures carried out by non-human beings? What about the great amount of material being channelled to humans from extraterrestrials with a very different point of view?

We are gratified that some of you ardently study, visit and photograph crop circle formations and are eager to understand what they are all about. We have been trying to get your attention for centuries!

This making of formations seems to be one of our most effective ways. We like tantalizing you from year to year with new designs and new locations. We like to keep you guessing about who or what is making this phenomenon, how we are achieving it and for what purpose. We deliberately do not make our pictorial messages obvious or give you all the answers. There are no designs which are clear 'giveaways of information'. We want you to wonder about them and interact with them, and consequently with us. We are careful not to let you see us making these formations...we like to stimulate your thinking, your wondering, your paying attention... we keep the mystery alive. We let you see only some of our energy balls which scout about in your crop fields for suitable locations and conditions, and only occasional glimpses of our crafts flying over the fields. We dazzle you with our moving banks of sound-energy, another anomalous mystery. We will continue manifesting these formations in hopes that you will "read' them in sequence, with each season being like a chapter in a book. Then you can have your own impressions and intuitions, derive your own meaning, and expand your awareness of us.

You earth people seem to have a widespread need to deny our existence and block communication from and with us. From our perspective it appears that you are absorbed in your three dimensions and impressed with your human abilities, and are convinced that is all there is. It is amusing to see the explanations and excuses many of you make for the unusual phenomena mentioned above, in order to keep your understanding of reality the way it already is; as if opening up to recognize us would somehow be threatening to you. You seem to put great importance on maintaining your 'comfort zone' of understanding. It is, on the other hand, rewarding to us that some of you do stretch beyond the teachings and conditionings you grew up with and recognize a larger framework of possibilities. It is purposeful and gratifying that currently many earth children are being born with willingness to work with us and are having no fear of us. We are training them in skills with which they help humanity and the earth.

There are some outstanding differences between us non-humans and you humans. We are very expanded in our outreach. We work with beings of many kinds all over the cosmos, both physically and telepathically from our own home territory. We can be, in consciousness, wherever and whenever we wish. The only place where we have difficulty getting through is with people on earth. We often combine with beings of different types and abilities from other planets, for doing certain projects. We aid and abet each other's natures and skills. You humans, on the other hand, are so sure there no other life forms to cooperate with, that you'd have no outreach beyond those of your own planet. Perhaps the current alliances and banding together to bring about peace and stability will prepare humanity to eventually work with beings from other parts of the cosmos. Considering the difficulties some of your races and ethnic groups are having with each other, it appears as if it will be a long time before you will be able to trust and work cooperatively with people who are not even human.

We have very different lifespans than you have, usually much longer than yours. Then we simply drop away (leave our bodies for good) without any long or severe process of dying. It is a rational decision. We continue in one lifetime until our chosen mission for that life is completed. That mission might take a short time or hundreds or thousands of years. You humans also end a lifetime on earth when your mission is over, but you usually are not aware of it. Very often you are not even aware of what your mission is, or the themes you have chosen to work on in a particular lifetime.

We have overcome the need for sickness. You could be free of it too, but you tend to use your free will (even with awareness) to make choices which harm your bodies, lower your immune systems, cause illness, and accelerate the onset of death. You do not have to make these choices, but you continue to do so.

We have overcome the need for war. We and many other planetary civilizations are older than yours and have worked through the 'enemy' mentality, the 'us vs. you' dynamic. We all learned the hard way, through bitter experience, trial and error. The earth is a relatively young planet and your civilization is just getting started, although i5 seems old from your perspective. You are evolving and making progress and you will progress more. You are not stuck. But you do need to more actively oppose the life-threatening actions that are occurring in the world Wars, greed, selfishness, domination etc. have gone on wherever there is life. It is part of the process of learning, but it can be overcome.

Our planet is a binary star. It has physical manifestation and we are physical beings very much like you. We are a center of learning and knowledge, almost another level of consciousness. Anyone can incarnate in this system if he wants a mental learning process, and can pass through briefly or stay as long as desired. People can also come here by meditative state or in deep sleep states for learning and for inspiration. This is different than your earth planet, where souls incarnate to learn in more experiential and emotional ways, and in mental but less conscious ways. We also have more direct access to the non-physical 'network of knowledge and information,' which exists in the cosmos, in which learning and knowing are almost immediate. You usually need the assistance of one of us 'extraterrestrials' to gain access to this source of learning, and you experience this in the astral state. When you are taken there by one of us, you frame it in your minds as a ‘place', a familiar type of setting like a school or a library, so that you do not feel overwhelmed with disorientation. But this network is actually non-physical. We notice and have compassion for your more time-consuming and laborious methods of studying and learning.

We notice that you have a capacity for sincere empathy, which you use now and then, some of you more frequently than others. We also notice you employing a hard-heartedness when you feel threatened or when you lack understanding or for other reasons. Your assessment of things and responses are often very emotionally subjective. We have the capacity V for empathy too, but for us it is a mental activity, and is not experienced through feelings and emotions. Nevertheless, we have a deep knowing of what you experience.

Most of all we marvel at the range and intensity of human emotions and moods. These are your greatest blessing and your greatest curse. Your emotions influence your reactions, choices and actions, individually and collectively, far more than you can imagine. It can get in the way of logical decision making, and it can lead you into crime, killing; waging war, torturing, being selfish and greedy, and it can lead you into acts of extraordinary selflessness and caring. It is, on the whole, in our opinion, a great blessing. It is notable that this is one of your qualities which the ‘little grays' as you call them, are trying to breed into their race with your sperm and eggs. We ourselves feel things in a minor way, but we mostly distinguish, assess and appreciate things mentally.

You actually have more fun than anyone else in the galaxies. You have the unique ability to experience humor, and you enjoy laughing and participating in entertainment. Your laughter provides several different functions for you, including giving release for your uncomfortable feelings when you hear of extraterrestrials existing, visiting your earth, and interacting with you in various ways. The more someone squirms and laughs at new ideas, the more those ideas are touching a core of truth which he unconsciously knows inside.

You gear much of your lives around romantic love and pleasure: the hopes for, the pursuit of and the loss of this state of being. You create vivid dramas around this and fill countless songs with this. You also have some genuine, abiding love which you give and receive. We, too, feel love for each other, yet the love is for all souls. It is not so personal and particular as you experience it on earth, and not nearly as intense emotionally. But then our allegiances are not as likely to change over time, as yours often do. We do not experience pleasure the way you do. We eat and ingest food because we need to, but we do not experience it as a pleasure. We wear clothing because it is essential for protecting our skin, but we do not have the need for variety, and wear only one or two garments.

Your capacity to see and appreciate beauty in things stands out to us too. It is a capacity that only you have. It is why you have so much variety. The beauty and the variety you have would be wasted on those of us on most planets. Because your aesthetic sense varies so much from person to person you have an amazing variety of tastes to choose from. You would be terribly hoped with the simplicity and sameness that most of us are perfectly content with.

We notice, for instance, that you see beauty in trees, and you like to have trees around you for your aesthetic pleasure, and often overlook their regulatory function. For us trees are simply utilitarian instruments necessary for maintaining life on earth, the equivalent of a wire that generates oxygen. You see beauty in crop circles, and make a big feature of their designs and symmetry and aesthetic appeal to your senses. In contrast, we see them as 'carriers of information' and as strictly practical. You are the only species in the cosmos that appreciates beauty and variety so much. Your feelings and sensitivities are envied throughout the universe!

We are confused, though, by your need to own the things you like, the things you deem beautiful, valuable or useful, and keep them for yourselves. We do not understand the concept of ownership. We are accustomed to sharing what we have, because we see each other as equally important.

We think you have very little idea of how unique you are as a species and as a planet. You may think your uniqueness is due to your being the only highly intelligent form in existence, which you are not. Rather, it is because your planet contains a phenomenal variety of things and aspects. You are the only planet that has this variety. To begin with, let us look at the variety among you people yourselves: many different races, each with their own skin color, skin type, physique, facial features, types of hair, ways of moving and scents; whereas we are quite homogeneous on each of our planets, and are different only from each other's planets and races.

You have many cultures, languages, customs, beliefs, philosophies, subjects for learning, subjects for books, entertainment, music and foods. You wear an incredible variety of clothing (colors, patterns, styles, shapes, fabrics, jewelry, decoration, etc.) which you wear for a huge variety of activities and events, whereas we wear one basic garment with only one or two colors. You continually select from an enormous choice of objects designed for many purposes. Even objects designed for one specific purpose, such as automobiles, come in a large selection of brands, styles, sizes, colors, types of motors, and electronic gadgets. In preparing for a meal most of you have enormous supplies and varieties of food to choose from to please a large range of preferences and tastes. It is mind—boggling to hear the variety of music you have, the many forms of entertainment, activities, sports and interests to pursue. We see the diverse relationships you have, and see you going from one to another for a lot of reasons. You earth people have the most luxurious planet in the cosmos, with more varieties of land forms, geography, bodies of water, patterns of weather, flora and fauna, than all the life forms in the cosmos put together. We have far less variety in everything on our planet. We would not have the capacity to appreciate even a tiny portion of the variety you have, because we do not have such a developed aesthetic sense or the emotional needs. We see things in a practical, mental way. Everything is much simpler. We could not handle the complexity which you live with.

You have such an abundance and variety on earth that we would be absolutely overwhelmed if we were to try to assimilate into your world. The author had an experience along this line. She entered Denver airport with the sense of seeing through the eyes of an extraterrestrial coming to earth for the first time. The shock was enormous: of seeing all the differences in the way people looked: different races, faces (with bare skin or facial hair, facial types, eye colors), body sizes and shapes, hair colors and styles, varieties of clothing, shoes, handbags and briefcases and suitcases, facial expressions, types of movement, sounds of voices and accents, different languages, and scents. To her they looked absolutely bizarre, even though she was one of them herself. She was almost bowled over. Each person looked distinctively different from each other, even though each were members of the same human species. The earth, from our point of view, is an intimidating, astounding place with all of its variety. It is also a dangerous, frightening place, with people ready to panic and defend themselves from anything new. No wonder we do not land in droves on your planet!

We have only a few species of plants and animals on our planet. Our plants all have a particular purpose. We treat our animals very differently than you do. Whenever breed and raise animals to provide a source of food or clothing. We never do laboratory tests on them or kill them. That would be like using our brothers and sisters in these ways. They live along with us in an equal manner. We never capture and confine them, as you do. We were shocked and dismayed to recently see the dolphins and whales confined to small tanks at your Sea World in San Diego. Their lifespans are shortened considerably. When creatures from the wild have their programming interrupted, they cannot fare well. So, dear humans, we do notice these things and we do care, and we do want to bring them to your attention. Your planet is precious, and is not duplicated anywhere. We are distressed to see you abuse it and each other, when there are other possibilities, better ways. We are not permitted by the Universal Code of Ethics to interfere with people on earth (although not all groups from elsewhere in the cosmos subscribe to this) or to change your will, but we can bring certain aspects into your awareness and state our opinions. It is very deliberate that we lay patterns in the fields, in the earth itself from which grows 'the staff of life'. We keep doing this year after year now, in hopes that you will be inspired and take actions to preserve life on earth.

This is simply how it is, as we see it. The rest is up to you.

With greatest and sincerest regards, Ohana"