Giorgio Piacenza interviews Monica de Medeiros, Brazilian Surgeon, Contactee, Author and Healer.

[The interview is in Spanish, with English subtitles. If the subtitles do not appear, please press the CC button].


Translation and transcription

GP: Good afternoon. We are with Mrs. Monica de Medeiros at the IV UFOZ Conference in Foz de Iguazú, Brazil in 2015. Monica is a well-known person in Brazil. She's a contactee and an author whose books have impressed me quite well. And I'll like to interview her for our magazine.

Monica, what is the role of the contactee, like the voluntary contactees we heard of in the 1950's? Like George Adamski? What role may such a contactee have today?

MDM: They are the ambassadors of a new Earth; of a new human race because their contact is voluntary, sincere and free with the extraterrestrials. And from them they learn to think in a way that which is vaster and more integrated, more respectful of the (animal, plant, mineral) kingdoms existing on Earth, but also more respectful of human beings. Their role is bringing the possibility of making a more amenable and harmonious life, freer from fears.

GP: Monica, and you have also had contact experiences?

MDM: Yes, I had contact when I was 5 years old and since then I have very close contacts with some specific extraterrestrials and I learned quite a lot from them. My life was quite led by the teachings which they transmitted to me.

GP: What do we need in this society for this contact to be more open?

MDM: A change of paradigms. We have to look after but not just for us or our problems and needs but in order to be well we also have to be with beings of goodness as well; beings enjoying health, truth, nourishment and free access to knowledge. So, for us to be able to admit a new form of life and to contact with beings who are more evolved than us now, we have to break up with paradigms which are backward and which unnecessarily possess us.

GP: Monica and your contacts have been telepathic or physical, or both?

MDM: I had both types. When I was a child the first contacts were physical because they would touch my body and move physical things in my room. But in 2003 I had a contact with the extraterrestrial (woman) that works with us now whose name is Shellyana and comes from the Pleiades. That was physical but nowadays it is only telepathic, just psychical.

GP: OK, and what have you learned from them about their exopolitical organization? How do they organize themselves?

M.D.M: There are many types of political organizations but in most of them there is a council of elders, the wise elected by their peers due to their wisdom, benevolence, fraternity, and for actions performed for the good of all. And these beings govern looking after the integral development of all society in harmony with all of nature's kingdoms.

GP: Good. And tell me, what variety of beings are they? How are they, physically speaking?

MDM: I see them as humans. They are Adamic Humans like us. Very similar but much taller than us. They have very serene faces and are very beautiful and ethically unquestionable. But there also are the grays and I also saw insectoids and I saw reptilians.

GP: Yes, and necessarily the grays, insectoids and reptilians have a less respectful predisposition towards humanity or not?

MDM: No. If you were to look at Earth's news services you would say that all humans are bad, that all are ruinous persons that do not carry on with truthful things. So, we cannot make a general judgment about other races based on the example given by isolated cases. There are good and bad ones in all races.

GP: Yes, so even in relation to the Adamic race there could be beings that do not behave too ethically?

MDM: Yes, unfortunately, yes. There are examples of these here on Earth which are intimately connected to the manipulation of the masses.

GP: What can you tell us about contacts that can be programmed and then verified through electronic means? Because, could it be possible for a group of civilians to verify this (ET) reality once and for all?

MDM: Look, today there's a portable device that measures electroencephalographic waves, and I participated in an experience in which I was by myself with that device registering my brain waves. Then, my brain waves during a mediumnistic trance process and then the same brain waves during a psychical channeling communion with Shellyana from the Pleiades. The traces are completely different in frequency and modality. Thus, there's a (physical) record and we are making this study with much help from several contactees. The shift in brain waves.

I used to mistakenly say that "the telephone" calls from 'there' to 'here' but nowadays there is evidence that it also makes calls from here to there. Thus, it is possible for civilians armed with such simple devices to be able to make contact with them recording and obtaining material prove of these beings' existence.

GP: Do the beings whom you know protect us from interferences on Earth?

MDM: Look, some do it, yes, but they also cannot interfere here. They cannot interfere with us but certainly they can protect us from interferences that are external to Earth if this is allowed within our programming.

GP: How can we prepare for a closer contact?

MDM: By growing up intellectually and morally. Inasmuch as we are a race attached to matter, a selfish race, a superficial race, it will be very difficult for us to have contact with beings that are more evolved than us. But we can take this step if we become more attentive and caring about the needs of other beings, human and non-human.

GP: Do you have photographic or video evidence of these contacts you've experienced?

MDM: No, I don't because I'm always involved in a process. But we do have videos of spaceships that very frequently appear over our institute headquarters in Sao Paulo, over the place where we work with them.

GP: Where is it? In Sao Paulo?

MDM: Yes, in the City of Sao Paulo where in 1992 I created a philanthropic organization called "Casa do Consolador" in order to help persons and animals with physical and moral suffering supplying them with food, including nourishment for animals and clothes for people living there and spiritual attention also for those that need it. All of this free of charge because one cannot charge for this type of work in which extraterrestrial beings work with us.

GP: How good! I congratulate you. And, can you explain to us more about your books?

MDM: Sure! This is the second edition of Contact Project which I wrote with Margarete Aquila who is also a contactee. Margarete! (calling her). Look here! Hi! Hi. She is a contactee as well.

This second edition is a compendium on ufology from its beginnings in archaeo-ufology until the contacts and the type of work which the extraterrestrials conduct with us. Now, in this other book (showing another book), I speak about the new Earth and about the new inhabitants that will live here, including the extraterrestrial's work geared to make the new race on Earth with modified DNA.

GP: OK. And tell me, is the government here in Brazil in favor of this? Or does it interfere?

MDM: The government does not interfere but what is very important is the declassification of the military files of which today we have thousands of pages including the verification of contacts with testimonies, videos and photographs. So, the only thing which the government officially does is to declassify files.

GP: Do you believe there might be a segment of the government which gives information to perhaps either the U.S. or perhaps to another international group?

MDM: The signs indicate that, yes. It seems to us to be so, but only as information we can deduce in-between what is said here and there. I believe that the CIA might still continue doing this. For example, "Operation Saucer" in the Amazon region remaining until today not led by Brazilians but by CIA.

GP: What else could you add to what you've commented upon?

MDM: Well, we have vast possibilities to once again make mass contacts with extra planetary beings. But for this to remain possible, it is necessary for us to open up our minds in order to see that about which we are blind now. But above all, it is necessary for us to open our hearts in order to feel the need for harmony and the need to live in a fraternal way. That is the teaching that the extraterrestrials bring to us.

They are very near, very close and I strongly believe that this contact will be common as soon as humanity understands that war, social injustice cannot remain, that we have to free ourselves from these things that attach us to a past that cannot live any longer. In the moment when we make this transition, we are going to be sitting like now face to face, exchanging ideas with our extraterrestrial brothers.

GP: A further question: When an extraterrestrial is near us, is there a different physical sensation?

MDM: Yes there is, quite different. We mainly feel - in relation to the spinal column and due to a movement of an energy called "kundalini" - we clearly feel a pressure and an electrical impulse. So you feel as if it were a chill. You feel a vibration mainly in the spinal column but it is completely different. (You feel) there is no ethics in those that aren't benevolent and the good ones are highly ethical.

GP: Why do both types of extraterrestrials intervene? And have they coordinated or agreed upon themselves?

MDM: No, no. Look, there's a genuine war between both factions but it is our affinity which gets us closer to either side. In truth, it is our affinities which direct us to what group we are going to tune in.

GP: OK. Monica, what is the role of the healing work with which you are involved and why?

MDM: Well, I'm a physician. I'm a surgeon and I perceived that they have much interest in my medical knowledge. Our first work together starting in 2003 began like this, healing persons and animals with ailments, that is, with pains and with serious illnesses. And they began to work once per week performing 150 surgeries.

Yes, we speak about surgeries and they speak about "transdimensional contacts" which is the correct expression because the name of the malady doesn't matter to them. What matters is the energy field and if it is weak or without energy. And they act directly on the atoms related with this field connecting it with a very intense energy potential which shifts the electron spin and changes orbital levels.

And persons immediately feel a great wellness. They feel strong and cured. And if they maintain an adequate thinking, they'll maintain this energy and, in fact, remain cured.

GP: In an essay which I wrote about the mechanism and process, I think that the ETs utilize the energies from the astral in order to create transdimensional effects physically.

MDM: That is correct.

GP: Thus, I also use the same term.

MDM: Yes, "transdimensional" and it is the same term used by them. They speak about a "transdimensional communication" regarding the work they carry on with us.

GP: Yes, and I'm going to send you the article for you to read.

Yes, please, I would like to read it.

GP: What I would like to know is where is your institute (exactly) located?

MDM: Yes. The "Casa do Consolador" is a philanthropic institution which I founded in 1992, 23 years ago. And we attend 7,000 persons and animals in need of spiritual assistance every month, giving out 4 tons of food and necessary things for homeless persons, the poor, and we hand out 1 ton of rations for persons with street animals suffering mistreatment from other humans.

GP: And is that in Sao Paulo?

MDM: In Sao Paulo, that is correct.

GP: And how is this activity maintained materially?

MDM: By means of donations. But not of monetary donations because I don't accept it. I don't allow that. Only rations, foods, clothes.

Inside the institution we also have a bookstore where you can purchase books for only 2 or 3 reales (BRL). We have a bazaar where donated clothes in good condition can be purchased. And we have a diner where you can eat when you go there. And this is what keeps the work in operation.

GP: Very interesting! Some time ago in Perú, a relative, called Taddeo Barchitta also had contact experiences and was guided to help other persons heal and was given this information by beings from the Planet Apu.

MDM: Apu, yes.

GP: He was given instructions to heal using colors.

MDM: Well, we also work with chromo therapy or healing with colors. When Shellyana is performing the healing she uses my hand, both of my hands which vibrate so fast that if you don't look carefully, it seems as if my hand vanishes. I cannot manage to make my hand move that fast on purpose but people feel as if my hand goes inside their bodies and there extract what may be wrong.

GP: Yes, quite interesting. Tell me, may I be able to briefly film an image of the green transdimensional effect while healing?

MDM: Off course!

GP: Then , let's move on to that.

MDM: This green illumination which you see occurs exactly on the moment when the extraterrestrials arrive astrally to work with. It alters the room's temperature which becomes 5 or 6 degrees lower from where it was before. And the green illumination remains with this strange hue because we have no way of producing it with the lamps which we have in the house. This image shows the exact moment at 7.40 PM when the transdimensional communication was starting. Now, these are the energy waves which we feel and perceive inside the room during the procedure. And, here, during the healing...look at the rays which are wrapping up everyone.

Green illumination, photo 1
Green illumination, photo 1
Green illumination, photo 2
Green illumination, photo 2
Green illumination, photo 3
Green illumination, photo 3
Green illumination, photo 4
Green illumination, photo 4

GP: And this was photographed by the doorman?

MDM: By the doorman using a very common and simple photo camera.

Margarete is our President. She's also a contactee and Shellyana works with her through her singing through music. Yes, her voice is excellent. I heard it in the morning. She woke up a person out of a comma by singing and this person had been comatose for 3 months and came out of the coma when Margaret sang the Ave Maria.

GP: Yes, and what is the role of the Virgin Mary in this subject matter?

MDM: Well, they say that Mary is an immensely important extraterrestrial who has an immense love and has a great potential for love and who is Planet Earth's patroness as if she were our Great Mother.

GP: Good. And what about Master Jesus?

MDM: Definitely, off course, Jesus.

GP: What activity does Master Jesus have with these extraterrestrials which you know?

MDM: Well, they speak about Jesus as a great reference, saying that he is the example to be followed by all those that want to be happy and therefore free from any negative attachments.

GP: Well, do you have any final words which you would like to add Monica?

MDM: Well, that we have much hope, a great positive perspective because we can indeed free the Earth from all that which is not good and free ourselves from fear to be together in a much more joyful and less dense manner which give us all more opportunities to evolve ourselves as beings.

GP: Well Monica, many thanks, 'obrigado' ('thank you' in Portuguese) and may God bless you and have great luck in everything that you do.

MDM: Many thanks and I say the same to you. Your work is very important because to spread the truth in the world is the role of a great initiate.

GP: Thank you. God bless you.