Editor's Note: this is part 1 of a 2-part interview Paola Harris conducted with Enrique Villanueva on 16 August 2015.
The interview was conducted in English with Enrique who is Spanish speaking.
It has been edited for clarity / readability.


Paola Harris with Enrique Villanueva
Paola Harris with Enrique Villanueva


PH: We are in the San Fernando Valley, and we are going to be interviewing Enrique Villanueva. This is part of a series where people who have had encounters, especially in Latin America, have volunteered to give me some information and to tell exactly how they lived through this very unique experience.

First of all, Enrique, you were born in Peru. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

EV: Sure. I was born in Lima, the capital of Peru. I had my first sighting when I was seven years old, playing with friends outside my house. We saw this light coming up, and then there was a very bright flash - I was very impressed. Days later, another shape, I was closer to my home; I saw all of the adults running toward the avenue. We were the kids at the time, so we ran after them, trying to see what it was. Then we noticed this thing that looked like two plates touching. And this thing moved so fast, and then so gentle. And I remember the adults mentioning that it was an alien invasion or something like that. And we were kids and we were saying, “What is that, what is an alien?” A UFO in Spanish is Ovni, Objeto Volador No Identificado, unidentified flying object. So I think that was the first time I heard of aliens. My father was always interested in paranormal phenomena.

PH: So it was your father, in your family, who was interested. What did he do for a living?


EV: He was a doctor. He worked for the police, and he was very interested. He was part of the Rosicrucian order for much of his life, then went into the Gnostics, then joined the Freemasons. He was exploring many different fields of awakening, of consciousness. When I was born, the library was already filled with all these books. When I had my first sighting, I asked my dad. He just pointed at the library and said, “You have many books. You can search.” By searching for information about UFOs, I found information about yoga, about astral projection... I was very curious. I remember that I had my first astral projection, at twelve, spontaneously. I was standing outside of my body, somewhere else. In the beginning, I was afraid of it. I didn’t know how to control it. Later I studied and learned some techniques. But I realized that the astral realm is actually near to this one. So I decided that if I was going to open my consciousness, it was going to happen when I was experiencing my physical being. So I kind of got away from the astral projection and experiences, and I just concentrated on meditation and trying to understand what the reason and the meaning was of being here. From twelve to sixteen I was on that search, and then at sixteen I started having the sightings. Every time I went up to the roof of my house, I saw this light on top. I was not sure what it was. Maybe a UFO? But it was too high, more like a star moving. In meditation, I sent this idea of “I’m looking for a friend out there. I feel so out of place on this planet, and maybe if you are interested, we can talk about it.” (Laughs) I had some astral experiences with them. They called me first. I was resting one afternoon when suddenly I heard the phone ringing. I asked, “Is anybody going to answer that?” but nobody else was home. I ran to the phone and lifted it up, and this voice told me, “You asked for a friend. We are in the solar system. We will meet with you soon.” I was like, “What?” I was expecting something in my mind, some kind of telepathic communication, not a call on the phone. Then I hung up, and the phone was still ringing. I realized that I was not really there, that my physical body was still resting, and the phone was still ringing. So I jumped up, in my physical body, and lifted up the telephone, but there was nothing there. Still, I had this strong feeling that the communication was real and that they were using the symbol of the telephone to let me know that they were going to get close to me, and I was open to the experience. Then the Rahma Group appeared in the channel 4 news, at the time. This is a contact group that started in 1974. They started with six people who were having sightings, and then the contact came closer and closer until they had the opportunity to meet these beings, and then were even invited inside the spaceships. Then the whole community of Rahma started having contact experiences at different levels.

PH: And the beings are people?

EV: They are people. They look like people. At this point, Paola, I have more questions than answers. I can tell you what I experienced, what I understood of it, but I am not one hundred percent sure about their origins. And I still question some of my own experiences.

PH: You received this invitation, and it was an invitation, then you saw Rahma was in your vicinity. Then what happened?

EV: I lived close to Rahma. It was a closed group at the time; they did not want me to participate with them in their encounters because I had not had the necessary preparation. They said I would need at least one year with them in order to go for an encounter, a specific event. I was a rebel at the time, so I decided I was going to go anyway. I told my dad, and together we traveled to Chilca on the specific day, but we got lost in the middle of the desert and we never reached the point where the experience was supposed to happen. When we went back, entering the city, the whole city was experiencing a blackout. No lights at all! It was common at the time, because we had terrorists, and we often lost power due to their attacks. So we entered the city, and I remember going home, putting my candle beside my bed, and then I heard this low vibration, like a buzzing sound. It was so strong to me and I realized that the dogs around the room were listening to it, too, because they started barking a lot. So I went to my brother and I asked, “Can you hear that?” but he couldn’t hear anything. So I told him that maybe I could hear like dogs or something, because I was sensing something. I went to sleep and that night I had a very strong experience, meeting these two beings, very small ones, and they took me inside a rather small spaceship. We went up and they showed me like a space behind the moon, or maybe the dark side of the moon. And from there they explained many other things about the solar system and extraterrestrial bases in our solar system. It was so much information that when I woke up, I felt like I was in shock. I could not believe that I was going to talk about this with my family, with my friends. I definitely needed to be with people that understood a little bit of this. So then I decided that I was going to be part of the Rahma group. I went to them and explained many of the things I experienced. I explained about dreams I had with this strange weird big book with many symbols, and they told me, “yeah, we know about that, we have received that information many years ago.” And they explained about the Akashic Records and how that was related to the history of humankind and the planet. I confirmed some of the information I received from the Rahma group and then I became part of them. I found out that some members had kids who were my age. Some weeks later, we had the first sighting together, me and the new members of the Rahma Group. With these people, at Chilca, on the twelfth night, we saw these lights coming that were at the level of the mountains. They were in formation. Some went down, some went up, some were moving to the sides. One of those ships came closer to us. Now, in our group, there were two girls, and one of them got really afraid and nervous. She started crying and the thing stopped near her and started coming down, I would say maybe fifty meters away from us. I felt like running toward the thing but my instructor at the time told us not to get close.

PH: Was this at night?

EV: At night, yes. This was the first time with a group. Later, the sightings became something normal. Every time we went into the desert, we had sightings. I became a little bit bored with them. I wanted more! So I really dedicated myself to follow all the directions of the training we did. I meditated a lot; I became a vegetarian; I did the breathing exercises. Everything they suggested, I did. I just wanted to be more submerged in the experience. One day we were having a sighting, and that was the first time that I was trying to “predispose” myself. [Editor’s note: predispose, as a translation of the Spanish “predisponer,” in the sense of “assuming a particular attitude,” here more specifically mentally preparing to become the communication channel]. In my group, we didn’t have an “antenna,” because we were the new guys in RAHMA. The “antenna,” in RAHMA, is a person who can open the telepathic channel and can receive information in order to guide the new group. In my new group, there was no antenna. So I thought maybe I should predispose myself to receive this information. Maybe I am the antenna. So I got my pen and paper...

PH: It’s like an automatic writing, but you can also draw designs, right?

EV: Exactly. You feel an impulse and then the idea is in your mind, and you feel like writing. I had never done this before, but I knew how to do it. So I sat there with my pad and paper and just waited for something to happen in my mind, cleared my thoughts and everything. I waited for fifteen minutes, but nothing happened. Just a little subtle energy running down my shoulders. That was it. The next day, I tried again and I wasn’t sure whether I felt somebody’s presence. I looked around, but again nothing happened. On the third night, it was about eleven pm, and I thought, “This is the last attempt I’m going to do. If it doesn’t happen tonight, it’s not going to happen for me.” So I sat there with my paper and pen, closed my eyes, cleared my mind, and then I felt the energy running again. I felt the presence of someone again, and I thought, “That could just be [in] my mind.” But then I felt the presence, very strong. So I opened my eyes and looked around, thinking that it was my father or my brother - maybe they woke up or they were going to the kitchen. Nobody was there. So I grabbed a pen again, put it on top of the paper, and then I felt a clear presence of someone behind me, approaching me with their hands like this. It was the weirdest thing, because I could see his hands approaching me, even though my eyes were closed. I saw the hands getting closer, and then I saw the energy coming from the palms of the hands and running through my skull. Then there was a sound like an explosion in my forehead, and I opened my eyes. The guy was standing on the other side of the table. I was really in shock. I didn’t expect that. I was expecting some voice in my mind telling me something, but this guy was standing on the other side of the table and I was ready to run.

PH: Was he solid, or could you see through him?

EV: I couldn’t see through him, but around his body there was this contour of light. It was not an aura. It was something else.

PH: Was it like a hologram?

EV: It could have been. I didn’t touch him at that time, but I saw this light around him. He was very tall, maybe six feet two inches?

PH: What was his hair like? What was he like?

EV: His hair was long, close to his shoulders. It was straight.

PH: Was he blond?

EV: It was kind of white.

PH: White?

EV: Yes, like an elder, but he was not elder at all. He was in his twenties maybe.

PH: Platinum blond, maybe? And his features?

EV: Like an Oriental, Mongol maybe? His eyes were like Chinese, and his cheekbones were a little higher, but very human. Very beautiful, exalted beauty. His body was impressive because even though he was wearing this kind of silk tunic or robe, I could clearly see the form of his athletic figure. His shoulders were very well pronounced, very athletic.

PH: What color was his tunic?

EV: White.

PH: So he was white, he was dressed in white.

EV: Yes. He was standing there, and I was not expecting that. I was in shock. I felt like if I continued like that, I was going to collapse because I already felt my heart pounding. I was just waiting and because he didn’t say anything, I opened my mouth and said, “Are you going to say something so I can write it down?” I was trying to break the ice because it was really uncomfortable and the feeling was awful. He looked at me and then I felt this energy coming from him so strong. I couldn’t see that energy. Even though I was seeing the contour of light, I couldn’t see the [energy], but I felt it embracing me. And I felt a sense of fraternal love, so strong that my brain immediately translates that feeling into “little brother.” Those were the first words. I felt that, and I felt that was my brother. There was no doubt about it, the feeling was like, “I’m not going to harm you, I’m not going to do anything bad to you, just relax. I’m here to embrace you.” I relaxed completely, and the weird thing was that I couldn’t articulate all the questions I had for this being. I was just blank and waiting. Then he told me, “You have to come down, because you are not the antenna of the group. You need to go back to the group and explain what happened. Tell them that this is the way to predispose for the communication. We will be ready. Among you, there is already one who has an open channel. We need him to be ready for this. Just go back, tell them how it happened, and you will see.”

PH: Did they name who it was?

EV: No, they just told me to go to the group. Then he told me “Every time you predispose yourself, with the intention or the will to serve your group, we will be ready to assist.” There was a moment of silence, like he was waiting for me to say something, but I was in awe. Then he smiled at me, and he became brighter and brighter, and then he collapsed into a tiny spot of brightness. Like how the image goes on those old TVs? Just like that. And I was like, “Did that really happen?”

PH: When he was talking to you, did you see his mouth move, or was it in your mind?

EV: It was the feeling that my brain was translating into my own language.

PH: Did it sound like your own voice, or was his voice different?

EV: It’s not actually a listening; it’s not a sound. Even though you can identify the voice with a sound because you are used to talking with yourself, there actually isn’t any sound. It’s more the feeling and your brain translating that into words that are familiar to you.

PH: Because he was speaking in Spanish?

EV: I was speaking in Spanish. He was speaking in feeling. (Laughs)

PH: This communication is interesting because it’s been happening worldwide, in different countries. It doesn’t mean these people go to school to learn all these languages. They have a way of communicating what they’re thinking and feeling so that you receive it in your language, no?

EV: Definitely. I think that is telepathy. If not the transmission of just words or thoughts, I think it is feeling. And the feeling, I think, is a deeper level of thought. A thought that is so universal that it embraces all the living things.

PH: It’s a very important communication technique. If we had that kind of communication on this planet, we would not lie, we would not have misunderstandings, we would all be on the same wavelength, which would help eliminate all the borders of communication on this planet.

EV: We probably will understand in the future that there is no reason to fear your brother. He has exactly the same fears. If you could feel him or her, you won’t need to attack any more. Right? I was distressed because I was expecting an attack, because that was so unknown to me. But when he let me feel that, I was relaxed and accepting of his fraternal love. 

PH: So he told you to go back to your group, and you are not the antenna. What happened after that?

EV: I went back to the group. The kids were there. They used to play ping-pong in the place, I remember. They didn’t feel like practicing meditation and I was insisting, “Guys, we have to go back; this happened.” Most of them didn’t believe me, they were like, “That doesn’t happen. An antenna doesn’t experience a physical visitation in the middle of their living room. That’s impossible.” I said, “Maybe it didn’t happen in RAHMA before, but it happened to me. It’s real.” Then this guy, Victor Benitez, arrived. He had been away from the group for two weeks because of his job. So, he came back and he was the only one who was picking up on my talking. He said, “How did you do it?” I got my paper and pen and showed him, and I said “This is the way. Just do this, over and over. The third night I tried this, this happened. I cannot tell you it’s going to happen to you, but just try it, and see what happens.” He tried it. The second day, when he was on the bus to get to his job, something happened to him. He started feeling these ideas in his mind and he couldn’t control them. He grabbed a piece of paper, I think it was a napkin, and he started writing on the napkin. He couldn’t control it. His first two weeks were like that. Any words he starts receiving, he starts writing, anywhere, even on his hands sometimes. Later he was more in control of the thing, and he was the antenna of the group.

PH: How long were you with that group?

EV: For the next two years, we practiced together. Through Victor, we received many invitations to go to Markawasi, a very high place in the Andes. We had some sightings there and some communication with beings near to the Nazca lines, south of Lima, and many different places that are known for the high energy they have. I guess these aliens, these extraterrestrials, use these special vortexes in order to move around the planet with their ships.

PH: It’s like the planet has a grid, and they need these vortexes to move. Did they tell you where they were from?

EV: As I told you, I didn’t have the opportunity to clear my mind so that I could ask questions. Sometimes, I did ask them questions but I did it in a different context. Like, sometimes during my meditation I could see the theory. And I was ready to question them. I did kind of accept the idea that they were coming from bases in the solar system. Some of the RAHMA group point at different locations in space. Some say they are colonies of Orion, some are colonies that have their bases on Venus. Not that they would originally be from there, but that they created an artificial life on Venus. I wasn’t sure, I just kept an open mind. About two years after I chose to leave this RAHMA group, I encountered one of these beings in one meditation. His name is Sordaz. He is supposed to come from one of the planets in the Alpha Centauri star system. That’s what we know in RAHMA, but those are things I cannot verify. It’s common knowledge in RAHMA. So that’s who was in front of me, and I had so many questions that I couldn’t express at the time, and I was a little frustrated. I remember I told him, “I got it. You came from that system, and I’m here, and I’m supposed to believe everything that you guys are bringing, and I am not sure that you are what my whole group is saying. I’m not sure that you really are these extraterrestrial beings. Maybe you are not even a being. Maybe you are some kind of holographic image, maybe you are part of a mechanism of control that is guiding us through this imagery, guiding us through a new kind of mythology. I don’t know.” I was questioning myself about everything. So I told him, “Maybe you are part of that system.” And then he told me, “If you think I’m not real, use exactly the same judgment that you apply to myself, to yourself. Ask yourself how real you are.” I did, and I realized I didn’t know what the hell I was. And I was glad he answered that, because he put me in the right position for the real question, “Who I am and what am I doing here?” I accepted his answer. I don’t need to know if he really comes from a planet in Alpha Centauri. I just want him to be wise.

PH: But you also, I think, want to wake up. Because the people who are the most awake can get the truth faster; and the clear truth, not the truth that’s wrapped around all the illusions on the planet. In all of your communication, did you get messages about what your role is, and what you yourself are supposed to do?

EV: They don’t answer as straight as we would like them to. RAHMA is one mission of contact among many missions. That’s what we have learned from experience. But then individually we come with our own backgrounds. When I went out of RAHMA, I had some experiences that, in a way, give more sense to the experience of RAHMA.

PH: I understand because I’ve talked to several contactees or people who have had contact, and they all feel the same way. They get more answers when they’re on their individual level, to do whatever it is they’re supposed to do. That’s why I questioned you about being here in the San Fernando Valley in California. Can you answer me the way you did, because it was so beautiful the way you put it, about the locations of the people who are trying to get to the truth and wanting to unify humanity so we can have contact with the cosmos. Why are you here? Why are you in California? I mean, you’re from Lima, Peru, you have that culture, that culture is definitely more open and less a distraction than here in the United States. Why here?

EV: Through the experience of contact and a personal level of understanding, I feel that I’m raising my consciousness, as you say. In a way, you’re pulling your whole community with you. But then, after a very hard personal crisis, I was very close to drowning, I realized that my mission was right.

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