ET Contacts in Southern Peru:
Contactee Roberto Vargas de la Gala and the DNA Connection

(Part 3)

By Giorgio Piacenza

Editor’s note: this is the third and final part of our interview with Roberto Vargas de la Gala.
Part 1 can be found here: Giorgio Piacenza interviews Roberto Vargas de la Gala, Part 1.
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The interview was originally conducted in Spanish.

Roberto Vargas de la Gala
Roberto Vargas de la Gala


GP: Yes, I’ve heard about those accounts several times. Persons that have gone to those areas have met with villagers that see spacecraft. Even Linda Moulton Howe came from the U.S., and went to a high-altitude village near Cuzco. She claims that the community had friendships with beings that came down to them. If a U.S. researcher like her tells something like this, I imagine it is quite possible because the same is also told by people living in Perú, like our highly remembered (already deceased) Mr. Vlado Kapetanovic (probably the first non-Andean native, physical contactee who, in his book “170 Hours with Extraterrestrials”, brought information to light about a protective “Apunian” extraterrestrial civilization being quite active in the central mountainous area of Ancash, Perú).

RVG: So, there is something very interesting. The human part of our DNA would be 99% active, except for a specific 1%. That 1% is the expression of that (previously mentioned) “Ayin Kausay,” that Unconditional Love or, if you may, the “Real Feeling.” That 1% is the capacity of recognizing ourselves as spiritual beings in a material world. However, the DNA of civilizations situated on a more evolved 4th and 5th physical dimensional level is 99% active but it still missing that 1%.

The wise ones among them still need to activate that specific 1% but those that can be symbolically called the “retarding” or “delaying” ones (those advocated to retarding or delaying the evolution of other beings) would only physically possess that 99% and would have to create their missing 1%, a percentage which they lost or eliminated from their DNA.

So, if here on Earth, we are capable of activating that 1% which – among Andean cultures - is called “Ayin Kausay,” then we would be able not just of activating those codes in us but also able to replicate this and to activate it in those beings that yielded part of those codes. In relation to beings that are in the Light it will be activated through remembrance and, in relation to beings that are “retardants” or “delayers,” a sort of multi-transdimensional “vaccine” would begin to be generated in them along with the capacity of experiencing feelings and emotions and of remembering who they are.

That is the capacity which we possess!

GP: So, there would be a “reconciliation” of cosmic histories, of cosmic lives, including ours as key components for this to take place?

RVG: Yes and, for thousands of years this process has been natural but, interestingly, the new generations arriving to Earth need to find a human state of consciousness suitable to understand the message which they already bring within because the message which they bring is from the future.  So, at this moment we must have the capacity and the potential to activate those codes, to change our perceptions about life, and to activate that “real feeling” in order to be able to connect with that message brought in by the new generations.

GP: So you say that the beings arriving now are from our future?

RVG: Yes.

GP: And we need to have the capacity to understand them?  

RVG: That is so and it can be explained as follows: The beings that populate the cosmos in other realities, explain to us that our DNA is “multi-transdimensional,” meaning that we aren’t just located here but also in many realities. However, we have lost our awareness. And upon incarnating, we do it within that multi-transdimensionality but lose it or become disconnected from that factual reality through education, religion and customs.

GP: Also, according to other contact experiences, delaying or retarding beings don’t want humans waking up. But that would be like a contradiction because that would also help them, right? Aren’t they aware about this? I don’t get it.

RVG: As in everything about life and creation, there must be duality. Let me explain. When I recently experienced telepathic communications, I had the opportunity to ask for an approximate explanation about the creative process in us. This took place in November of 2015.  Then, the extraterrestrial guide called Godar from planet Apu, told me –in a way I would understand - that there exists anon-manifest reality. There would be non-physical beings in that reality but they would be associated with a material, manifested counterpart. If that material world didn’t exist perhaps they would not exist either.

And there is some kind of connection, perhaps similar to, let’s say, a black hole, through which they communicate and connect. This energy that we possess in our DNA comes from that unmanifested world, which we could symbolically refer to it as “spiritual.” But (Godar also said) that, while wise and retarding created beings would exist here in the manifest world, there would be a third group of neutral beings and that these group of beings would be the ones in contact with that unmanifested world.

That group of neutral beings are coming to Earth now and making contact and this is why - in this reality - there are many individuals that do not personally connect with religion or spiritual schools or anything like that but, rather, live in a different kind of world because they know that they have that connection. And that type of children are nowadays deemed as excessively “hyper active” or as having mental problems when, in fact, they are being that come with a different capacity, with another type of connection and do not identify themselves with our reality. Nonetheless, we are trying to control or align them with our way of thinking.

GP: Yes, we’re trying to align them. Now, what kind of DNA activation work do you and your wife Kandy perform?

RVG: Well, there is an interesting one called “reading of the akashic record” and another one is the “aura reading.” By login in to information available in other planes of existence, the person is partially allowed to know about his or her history, who he or she is, what other lives has he or she had. And by means of the aura, chakras and their energies, the type of energetic experience they have and how they might be helped to benefit from unblocking these energies or from being able to use them.

GP: Is that the way to activate that 1% you previously referred to that would connect the worlds?

RVG: Let’s remember an interesting detail. That 1% is that capacity of being aware of that “real feeling.” That real feeling will allow us to reconnect with our consciousness belonging to that non-manifested world. Thus, we have the conditions needed to connect with that reality. But to have that 1% active this also entails a way of life in the physical, mental and spiritual planes. It has to do with life styles, behaviors, attitudes, eating, and also with types of thoughts, emotions, and reactions. It is an integrated whole in which working with the akashic records is just one part. Another aspect is to travel to special places situated along the Capaq Ñan (or Inca Road) route where the type of energies found allow the possibility of manifesting that activation. And that is something which we do when we go there we and, furthermore, it is sometimes possible to witness the presence of these beings coming from the cosmos.

GP: Thus, it entails a gradual kind of work because most of humanity is disengaged from this knowledge and practices, although many persons also have their own kinds of spiritual practices. But, when do you believe humanity in general will be ready for a clearer and more definitive encounter?

RVG: Well, actually, as we previously mentioned, they already are among us. What happens is that we still cannot perceive or distinguish them as per their true magnitude. They might be as a peasant, a child (or others) but what is certain is that today’s children are telling us about dreams and experiences with beings not belonging to our present time. Children today come with that natural condition and they can even see and dialogue with them.

It would be us who would have to change our perceptions on an unconscious level, our ideas, many imprinted ways of thinking, in order to see them since, in fact, they have always been with us.

GP: Can you please tell us more about the DNA activation practices in the Capaq Ñan?

RVG: Well, we have summoned people to visit the Capaq Ñan eight times already. Another meaning for “Capaq” is “the path of the fair or just.” This path is situated on a 45O angle, basically running north and south, was observed by the ancient Andean people and is represented in the “Chakana” or “Andean Cross” symbol. Thus, we invite individuals to participate on an initiatory journey there for all of us together be able to receive the energies and preparation and, as a consequence of this and, in particular geomagnetic and electromagnetic places, activate our DNA’s solar codes.

These DNA solar codes are important for this period in time because they are going to allow us to become aware of reality, to remember who we are and also to recognize the gifts or talents that came with us in this lifetime. (Gifts such as) telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, speaking in tongues, bilocation, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, all exist.

GP: If this is a walking journey through the Capaq Ñan, the Inca Road, the Path of the Just, what places are visited?

RVG: Well, in the upcoming 8th occasion we will visit the Salcantay Peak, the most important Apu in Cuzco. We have also gone to “Choquequirao,” an important pre-Inca citadel, as important and energetic as Machu Picchu and I would also consider it complementary to Machu Picchu. Arriving to this place requires four-days and three nights and it truly was a particularly special place for energy-based initiations.

In the next upcoming occasion we will also visit the palace of Inca Pachacutec’s wife, mama Janahuar/mama Anahuarque and activate the DNA codes. This kind of work is important because it allow us to recognize once more that we indeed are multi transdimensional beings with the capacity of changing our health, our thoughts and, even, our destiny; recognizing ourselves as beings with a spiritual consciousness and who have come to this planet to live a “splendid” existence. We can also change the conditions of life in our reality and plant the seeds of peace, justice, liberty, respect, imagination and creativity for this new period, also becoming witnesses of this change through our own lives.

And, evidently, upon reconnecting the codes in the DNA, we are going to recuperate those faculties that remained asleep in time and, this being so, we are going to come into contact with the intraterrestrial beings as with the beings that inhabit the cosmos and, then we are going to be able to identify ourselves with that “real feeling.”

The reason why beings from the cosmos come here is because there would be something in humanity which interests them, that being the Ayin Kausay or “real feeling,” that 1%.

GP: So, if I understand you well, there would be a feeling or way of feeling that is of enormous importance for those cosmic beings. Would it also be the main reason why humanity was constituted?

RVG: Certainly! That was one of the objectives, right? That we regained the capacity to re-connect with that unmanifested universe and from this reality to truly recuperate our essence and lineage as multi transdimensional beings.

GP: Does this way of feeling correlate with any of humanity’s spiritual teachings?

RVG: Well, it is somewhat known as “unconditional love” or as “The Christ,” but peasant farmers know it as the “Ayin Kausay” which is an energy of splendid existence.

GP: I suppose that persons who live under this feeling can harmonize themselves with all of life?

RVG: Well, if we travel around these high altitude Andean communities, we will see that people flock to their rituals on certain times of the year and we have seen that may persons ask for their health or other needs and receive benefits. Not only that but many have the opportunity to transform their lives and understand why they are here on Earth.

GP: And, in these ceremonies do they ask benefits in a selfish way just for themselves or also for the good of the whole planet, creation and all of existence?

RVG: The level of consciousness is measured by how selfish one is or not. When one asks for the benefit of all of humanity it will definitely manifest.

GP: How old or ancestral are these teachings?

RVG: According to some of the latest communications which we have been able to know, some special quipus (knotted colored threads that contained information) have been found in caves found near (the citadel of) Ollantaytambo, in Cuzco. They would have been hidden before the arrival of the Spaniards. Among them there would not only be regular quipus used for accounting of, for instance, in agricultural production and harvest, but also gold and silver quipus, some of which date back 1to 00,000 years and describe how the Earth was populated and people lived back then.

During our upcoming journey we will not only contact and commune with some of the local inhabitants but also visit sites where part of our knowledge, part of the “libraries” we left behind in previous lives are safeguarded. And this is why one has to physically arrive to this place. And, naturally, the purity and energy quality of this place will allow us to reconnect once again with that ancestral history.

GP: Why do you guys touch the rocks in these ancient sites with fingertips and/or foreheads?

RVG: In the DNA there are “codons” and, one of them pertains to the capacity for dermal optics, one of our “talents.” For instance, by touching the so called “chullpas” of Sillustani, large Ayin Kausay energy-receiving towers located in Puno, but also along the Capaq Ñan path on a 45O angle (from true north) one can connect with it. The most important sites in Perú (like Sillustani, Machu Picchu, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo) are aligned with this angle but there is another line at 22.30O intersecting the Capaq Ñan. It is called the “line of truth” or the “Pachatusan” line and is related to sites “where the Sun is tied” or “Inti Watana.”  This latter line represents Earth’s previous axis that was more adequately aligned with the cosmos. Designated sites where built along this other line to remind future generations about this knowledge. Interestingly, both of these lines are found in the “Chakana” or “Andean Cross” (a geometric symbol) formed by a series of squares and concentric circles.

Chapaq Nan symbol
Diagram by Javier Lajo, researcher of the Chakana and Andean wisdom


GP: Any final message regarding the extraterrestrials?

RVG: Dear friends now sharing this moment with us, we feel the need to share what we gradually came to understand in time and, it is that within us as human beings, there exists a very important inner capacity. We can live in peace, justice, community. We can share the Earth, the air and relate with each other well. But the most important thing is that this message pertains to the preservation of the environment, of the place we inhabit. We need to avoid contaminating out planet earth, the rivers, lakes, harvests and we also need to leave a world as equal as or better than what our parents bequeath to us for the new generations. Because, as per its current conditions, this world might be in a conflictive situation. But the hope and opportunity exists for us to generate the necessary change based on our own interior change.

And our children now inhabiting the planet arrive with more active codons, including telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, precognition, bilocation, even pyro kinesis. However, along the years we have found that children with these qualities are being lost precisely due to a lack of developmental opportunities, eating habits, inadequate education. Thus, we want to spur each of your consciousnesses to plant a small seed beginning with us. If we can change, we can attain good results.

GP: Interesting and valuable message. However, many people think that you are part of persons adoring the extraterrestrials as the “new deities.” Others condemn the ET’s saying that they are here to invade us, Hollywood movie style. But your message is one of hope and of assuming responsibilities! One of improving as human beings. Of being more conscious. I think it needs to reach more persons. However, how important is it to believe that we are indeed being contacted by extraterrestrials? Is seeing UFOs or extraterrestrials really important?

RVG: Well, definitely, initially – as was our own case - the experience of seeing spaceships and ETs will leave a mark in your life. Having contact with beings that belong to another level of consciousness gave us the evidence and guarantee to transmit this information.

But there also are many persons that do not require these kinds of evidence because their world is one of sufficient balance and well-being and they are already doing their work. Therefore, for us to believe that the ETs have all the answers and that they are going to come save us is definitely not going to be like this.

GP: But why don’t they manifest openly once and for all and tell us what you have just told us? Could it be because they don’t want to interrupt our own process of becoming more conscious?

RVG: Sure, it may be because we are them in the future and they are us in the past and because in this timeline we cannot met with ourselves. Certainly, they explain to us that a part of our essence remained with them in that future time and that we have come to this past to generate the necessary conditions for acquiring the Ayin Kausay or “splendid existence” or “unconditional love” or the capacity of an awakened consciousness so that, upon returning to our origin, we do it with that capacity that human beings can offer in order to continue in the evolutionary process.

Once they told us in an instant that they live in an “eternal present” and that they have a past to which they can go but not modify. In fact, when confronted by this information we asked them “Does this mean that humanity also has a past?” And they responded affirmatively. “So where is it?” We replied. And they said “Humanity lives in an eternal future present.” This would mean that humanity’s past would be in the future and that from that future we have come here.

GP: Regarding the Andean tradition called “Tinkuy,” a tradition pertaining to the encounter of worlds, some of which might be in the future or in the past relative to each other. But I surmise that what is most important about it is the very fact that experiences encounter each other. And that would be more important than if those experiences are located in the past, present and future in relation to each other. The important thing would be the encounter of consciousnesses having experiences and that this encounter itself creates a new reality.

RVG: Exactly! What you say is correct. For example, as per human DNA codes, individuals do not have all their codes active in sequence, for instance, from 1 to 7 or from 8 to 14. Instead, according to his evolutionary state, a man forming a home with his mate would complement his active codes with hers upon integrating with each other and, in this manner, both would assist each other and acquire more consciousness.  And this is exactly what happens between us and ‘them’. There are codes which are active here (on Earth) and which they do not possess. And when this contact and encounter between realities takes place, we would simply integrate and recognize each other and that we have always been (one) and the same.

GP: Any other details to add?

RVG: Yes. As fantastic and extraordinary these encounters with extraterrestrials seem to be, for us it is a reality. And it was so real and impacted us so much so that many things began to change. We began to truly recognize who we are. Then, the need to approach others in order to serve was born and we finally understood that the genuine change was always available within and that it had to begin from within.

I also want to remind you that there is a very powerful energy which is called “hope.” That hope is located in the DNA and it only exists in human DNA, but not in extraterrestrial DNA. Hope is the most powerful and potent energy that exists in human beings as a capacity for change.

This has only been the opportunity for a personal testimony; a particular process that doesn’t necessarily have to be experienced by everyone. However, please become interested in researching and in seeking as I’m sure you will find the answers.

GP: Very well Roberto. Than you very much. And where can people find you?

RVG:  and